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    Pretty please could someone tell me that I really don t like A.C Katt s writting style the next time I ll decide to give it a shot once again I still can t stop cringing at the sheer shallow stupidity of this book All of her MCs are so unreal and super perfect sweet, naive and caring bottoms and rich, powerful and dominant in a pretty weird psycho way tops that I always find myself hating them almost immediately instead of thinking them likeable We have a teacher here who is really very brutally raped and beaten but he s still concerned about his missing graded papers he has to send to his studentsa few hours after this horific ordeal Call him a saint I m a teacher too but I definitely wouldn t have been so proper about the missing papers right after a rape kit procedure.

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    Spoiler Ahead This was book 4 in the Werewolves of Manhattan series Kane Brady is a high school English teacher when he is attacked by members of the baseball team, because he falled two of the star players after the coach couldn t intimidated him into passing them Alpha Gabriel Martin of the Atlanta pack was returning to his Manhattan penthouse when he spots an injured man turns out the man is his mate Alpha Martin is the fourth most powerful Alpha and he has waited a long time to find his mate Kane is badly beaten, but he knows who is behind the attack Gabriel will do anything to protect his mate This was a good book turns out Kane is a human omega and when Gabriel tells him the truth about himself the other Alpha mates help him The coach of the basketball team is also arrested for putting the guys up to it and he wants Kane to pay for it Each of the Alpha mates have a few things in common they all have green eyes and have Irish decent Three of the Alpha have met their mates when they were in danger with Colin being in danger from one of the she wolves in Marc s pack This was a good book I liked Kane and Gabriel This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling like the other books in this series I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

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    4.5 StarsI have read every book in this series and have loved everyone and this one was no different I was leery at first because I don t like reading stories about rape but this all happened off page except for the students talking about it This was of a story about getting through the aftermath with Kane s mate Gabriel who turns out to be a werewolf I don t read many paranormal type books, only from a few authors and AC Katt is one This book had love and friendship which I would consider paramount in getting over rape I can t wait to read the next book in the series.I received a free copy of this book to read for Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.

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    Although I liked this book it was challenging for me I was glad I read it and I think the author did a good job of being as sensitive as she could be about gang rape without completely glossing over it I am continuing to enjoy to developing relationships between the characters as well as the romances

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    Yet another alpha finds his mate at the darkest moment possible There is so much pain to overcome The alpha mates really rally around and do all they can to reach out with friendship Also, with the Gabriel, his friends, and the gods themselves there is healing and promises.

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    A.C Katt amazing storytellingThe story slash series is very good A.C was a amazing gited storyteller The series makes me wish that world work as the series did Anyway A journey worth exploring.

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    2 I just didn t like this one that much.

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    Marking Kane is book four of the Werewolves of Manhattan series, and stands alone on its own In fact, I m feeling particularly interested in going back to reading the first three books to learn about the histories of the other characters The intensity of the love between the two protagonists was magnetic Add to that the structure of the world Ms Katt has created, and we ve got a recipe for strong family connection, lasting friendships, and a built in support system for alphas, betas, and omegas alike.The author chose to tackle the hard issue of a character suffering the brutality of rape at the beginning of the story She then allowed events to unfold in a way that remained sensitive to the trauma and emotional damage of that character a brave choice and one Ms Katt handled well The main love interest was extraordinarily compassionate at every stage, as were all of the supporting characters.Luckily, in a world building situation, the author can create a construct to help move the story forward, and therefore, she helped Kane overcome the physical and emotional damage caused by the rape through the help of the Gods I found myself wondering how actual victims of brutality might feel about this easy fix, but even after the healing, the characters still remained sensitive to the fact that an act of brutality never disappears from a person s life They learn to move on over time if they re lucky The second portion of the book focuses on seeking retribution against those who committed the horrid act against Kane or, rather, the main antagonist who instigated the event and the pace picked up considerably.In terms of the love interest, I know that in shifter stories the mate bond is fast, but in this story, the bond led to immediate love between the two protagonists, which kind of threw me Add to that the circumstances under which the two characters met, and there was an interesting dynamic going on, one I found myself a little wary of.To write an erotic romance with one of the main characters having been raped at the onset of the story can go either way in terms of reader reaction I believe Ms Katt handled this challenge with sensitivity, but I wonder if the same level of tension and angst could have been infused into the story without having the rape included at all But that is an opinion readers will have to form themselves We all have different histories and levels of comfort, so for some, this story may dredge up painful memories and ring too far from true For others, the story may hit the right chord, handling a tough issue and managing to still write a steamy love story with action and resolution.Reviewed by Taz for The Novel Approach Reviews

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    is the fourth book in AC Katt s Werewolves of Manhattan series and like all the predecessors it is an interesting book with very strong Alpha males and spunky but needy Omegas.Kane is a teacher only trying to do the right thing for his students In a way that is absolutely unbelievable, the very OTT and evil basketball coach urges his winning team to force Kane into quitting so that he won t fail the starting boys in his English class The kids are homophobic and apparently really stupid because they do absolutely nothing to cover up their crime Their crime is OTT violent full of homophobic raping and a severe beating that should have left Kane for dead The coach manages to escape the long arm of the law sufficiently to be the source of danger for the remainder of the book.Meanwhile, Kane is trying to heal, trying to pave his own way in the world and trying to make sense of Gabriel s world.Gabriel is trying to control his temper and at the same time woo his mate.The boys from the previous books all come along to help Kane acclimate and try to soften the blow of learning about werewolf society.On the one hand I really love this series because I like the caring and nurturing aspect and the fact that the mating is almost never the issue beyond the reveal of werewolf society.On the other hand I m always left feeling that the story is told in a way that is telling than showing, a bit outlandish and sometimes really over the top in it s story lines and a bit repetitive in the basic plot premise.I ve come to classify writers as good storytellers, good writers and good writers and storytellers I think AC Katt falls into the first category in that her stories are creative, complex and usually very interesting but her writing is a bit flat and unpolished.I will happily continue to read the books in this series because they are always entertaining but I am aware of their faults and have come to look those over in favor of just enjoying the experience.3.5 of 5 stars

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    I didn t enjoy this one as much as the other onesonly because I felt the characters were kind of.stilted They were very, very..formal in their speech, and after the horrible, horrible rape and beating Kane endured I expected so much angst The Alpha Mates are what s keeping me invested in the series though s.1,2 3 lol

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Marking Kane download Marking Kane, read online Marking Kane, kindle ebook Marking Kane, Marking Kane bc49e7531254 Returning From His Territory In Atlanta, Gabriel Martin Stumbles Across A Man In An Alleyway Who Has Been Gang Raped His MateGabriel Martin Has Hope Three Of The Alphas On The Council Have Found Mates In The Past Few Years Returning To New York From Atlanta, He Comes Across A Human Who Has Been Raped In An Alleyway The Human Is His Mate, Kane BradyKane Has Been Teaching At The Local High School And Refuses To Rubberstamp The Education Of Their Star Basketball Players Almost Paying The Price With His Life He S Unusual As He S A Human Omega But He Can T Be Intimate With Gabriel Because Of His Horrific Experience