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Dividing Eden chapter 1 Dividing Eden, meaning Dividing Eden, genre Dividing Eden, book cover Dividing Eden, flies Dividing Eden, Dividing Eden 1f75cce863a44 Twins Carys And Andreus Were Never Destined To Rule Eden With Their Older Brother Next In Line To Inherit The Throne, The Future Of The Kingdom Was SecureBut Appearances And Rivals Can Be Deceiving When Eden S King And Crown Prince Are Killed By Assassins, Eden Desperately Needs A Monarch, But The Line Of Succession Is No Longer Clear With A Ruling Council Scheming To Gain Power, Carys And Andreus Are Faced With Only One Option To Take Part In A Trial Of Succession That Will Determine Which One Of Them Is Worthy Of Ruling The KingdomAs Sister And Brother, Carys And Andreus Have Always Kept Each Other Safe From Their Secrets, From The Court, And From The Monsters Lurking In The Mountains Beyond The Kingdom S Wall But The Trial Of Succession Will Test The Bonds Of Trust And FamilyWith Their Country And Their Hearts Divided, Carys And Andreus Will Discover Exactly What Each Will Do To Win The Crown How Long Before Suspicion Takes Hold And The Thirst For Power Leads To The Ultimate Betrayal

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    warning uhhhh lots of swearing aheadmy eyes oh my god, my poor fucking EYES i m died this book is just so fucking terrible, I M FUCKING DIED FROM THE BULLSHIT i mean, it has a good concept and all two twins forced to battle for the crown with lots of political intrigue and murder, but like, i was expecting them to come together and take on the council and have the ultimate greatest sibling bond or whatever.instead, i got fed a McDick Andreus and his dumbass decisions being a piece of shit person in general and fucking his dead brother s fiance a few fucking minutes after he DIES if i haven t made it clear already i fucking hate Andreus, this little bitch boy ass piece of fucking shit, you dumb ass selfish mother fucker fucking DUMB ASS I WANT TO THROTTLE THIS DUMB FUCKING ASSHOLE reasons to hate Andreus, little McBitch 1 he fucks his dead brothers fiance he fucks his dead brother s fianceHE FUCKS HIS DEAD BROTHER S FIANCE literally like, FIVE MINUTES AFTER HIS BROTHER DIES After all, no matter what they both felt, she had been his brother s promised wife But he didn t feel guilty and he also has sex with her WHILE his brother was alive how gross, selfish and just gross is this guy, oh my god and the fiance, Imogen, little cheating bitch i hate them both Micah The word was a whisper before Imogen pushed away from his chest and out of his arms.The jealousy he d been denying for months clawed at him hMmmmM, your brother is FUCKING DEAD, what is WRONG WITH THIS GUY but if that s what gets him off then uhhh..okay, I guess.2 he literally wants to sleep with anything that has a pair of tits and a vagina and i just didn t care about how much he wants to sleep around with women shut the fuck UP Andreus 3 his sister got whipped because she defended him and instead of comforting her and making sure she s okay, he s off to fuck his dead brothers fiance woohoo 11 10 personality, marry me daddy 4 he s so stupid and just so fucking dumb he blindly and easily trusts other people about the shit they were saying about his sister, how she s against him, when she CLEARLY FUCKING TOLD HIM, she wants him to become King and would support him Like, his sister, Carys, takes fucking whippings for him and he s so easily willing to betray her he s so blind for power, he would deadass turn against the only person who will ever probably love him 5 he s just a selfish asshole who i hate the writing is so simple and immature as well it s from 2 perspectives, McBitch s and Carys I loathed Andreus POV now i gotta throw the whole book out because it s filled with this annoying little fuck there s nothing intriguing or fun about the story it was a nice idea, but horrible execution 30% in i stopped giving a fuck and started skimming hardcore and just wanted to get this book over with, god damn.Carys is the only character saving this book unlike her brother, she s selfless and actually has a fucking brain the Queen, their mom, is a horrible parent and i hoped she died along with her husband and son what type of parent ALLOWS their kid to get whipped and fucking beaten, jesus fucking christ gross ass, annoying ass and dumb ass bitch, she is.overall, get this book away from me we both know we hate each other and will 10 10 square up and one of us might end up dead.

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    Warning Major Spoilers Ahead She needed him now She d trusted he would be here for her so they could grieve together and so he could help her as she had just helped him And he had chosen to be with someone else.As someone who has two brothers, I believe that having siblings can be such a blessing in life I honestly have a very small circle of friends, but it doesn t matter because I always have my big bros to keep me company Yes, we sometimes have disagreements Still, reconciliation is practically inevitable since we re family Brotherly love always subdues anger, resentment, and even pride Gleaning upon my latter thoughts, this book sadly shows that I can t speak for everyone Dividing Eden is the first book in a fantasy duology about Carys and Andreus, royal twins who supposedly know each other better than they know themselves Initially, they are as thick as thieves They watch each other s backs with a devotion that can rival that between couples Unfortunately, their relationship is destroyed when the King and Crown Prince are assassinated The Queen suddenly becomes too crazy to ascend the throne, and the serpentine Elders at court force Carys and Andreus to compete for the crown.I finished this book a few days ago, but I still feel both sad and indignant I really did not expect Andreus to be so coldhearted after all the sacrifices Carys made for him I was so invested in their relationship as siblings to the point that I didn t even care about their respective love interests I yearned for Andreus and Carys to be reconciled, but any hope of that was thwarted by a vile priestess named Imogen It wouldn t be enough to say that I disliked her because I FREAKIN LOATHED HER AND WISHED FOR HER DEMISE I nearly clapped and laughed in hysterics when Carys finally vanquished that insufferable However, my satisfaction was short lived Andreus, in his brainwashed state, tried to kill Carys, and I was likeWHAT THE HECK I just couldn t accept that his love it was like lust for Imogen turned him into an despicable anti hero I already didn t like him from the very beginning because of his playboy attitude, so reading about his murderous intentions towards his own flesh and blood pushed me over the edge Thank God Carys unknowingly used her wind magic to save herself.Speaking of magic, I was surprised that this book had a magic system at all I knew that the setting was fantastical, but the characters generally didn t exhibit any sign of supernatural abilities Imogen supposedly could see the future, but it was also hinted that she was a fraud So when Carys suddenly controlled the wind, it felt like something snapped in my brain I just couldn t process the revelation that she was set apart from Andreus and the rest of ordinary Eden Come to think of it, Andreus s strange sickness might be a sign of his own kind of magic.Obviously if not logically , Carys was my favorite character It would be unfair to end this review without giving her an affectionate shout out She was smart, strong, and loving I particularly admired her for her unswerving loyalty for Andreus, her traitorous twin If I were in her shoes if my brothers wanted me dead , I m not sure I would handle it as well as she did Sometimes, forgiving others is easier said than done I fervently hope that Carys will have a happy ending I have three wishes for her 1 I wish that she would be reunited with Andreus after knocking some sense into him 2 I wish that she would overcome her drug addiction3 I wish that she would end up with Errik the mysterious dignitary aka Trade Master Overall, this book has so many secrets I have so many unanswered questions Hence, I feel so frustrated Still, I cannot deny that I enjoyed this book The author clearly made the antagonists unlikable Loathsome, even The good news is, Dividing Eden is only a duology I look forward to a very enlightening conclusion.

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    DNF 10% I wasn t sure whether I should rate this one or not, since a measly 10% doubtfully is enough to express a proper judgement on a book, so in this case I suggest you take the rating in itself with a pinch of salt The problem I had with Dividing Eden has many faces but can ultimately be summed up in two simple words the writing It makes everything seem so childish, silly and fabulously bland, and thus unworthy of attention The first two chapters are the most unoriginal thing I can think of, and the writing only makes it worse to give you an idea, it s so naive and clumsy I could only conclude that Dividing Eden was Charbonneau s debut Which it isn t at all Imagine my astonishment when I found that out Just for instance, one of the things where this gracelessness shows is the artless repetition of some points that only in the two chapters I ve read are shoved in the face of the reader I don t know how many times i.e Andreus s got a big and secret secret, Andreus is a womaniser, Carys is not what you would call a proper lady Show don t tell, the unknown As I said I didn t stay with these characters for a long time, but the little I saw of them I didn t like Carys snaps at her guards for asking how long should they wait for her, Andreus hits on everything that wears a gown using what I think is the most updated version of the Born a Romantic Clich s Handbook and we have a king who thinks it s such a nice idea to pave the streets white Because the colour is supposed to be symbolic It s like building a paper sculpture in the middle of the ocean knowing the waves will spray it Again, everything is no naive and simplistic I think I m too old for this specific kind of shit.

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    I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss The council will create a series of trials for our prince and princess to participate in that will decide the true successor to the Throne of Light This was a YA fantasy story, about a set of twins forced to compete for the crown.I liked Carys, and I liked how much she looked out for her brother Andreus She seemed to go above and beyond the call of duty to keep him safe and to keep his secret hidden, and it was clear how much love she had for him Andreus on the other hand seemed a little weak and easily swayed for me.The storyline in this was about Carys and Andreus father and older brother being killed, and the queen being unable to take the throne leaving twins Carys and Andreus as next in line to rule However, because both had equal right to the throne, they had to take part in a Trial of Succession fighting against each other to see who would who would be the next ruler, which was especially brutal because it pitted sibling against sibling, and because they had no other option I liked how Carys tried to find a way for them both to survive the trials though, and continued to have her brother s best interests at heart right the way through the book I also thought the pace was pretty good, and I liked that things kept happening to keep the story interesting The ending to this was quite eventful, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the next book.7 out of 10

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    I loved this book I need the next installment asap to see where this series is going This book has so a good deal of twists and turns, and a great mixture of characters to love and hate It is a quick read but it really packs a punch

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    BUDDY READ WITH MY OTHER HALF, AMBER I haven t binge read a book in one sitting for a while Something about this book had me so hooked and I honestly couldn t put it down It was pretty much everything I expected and I m so excited to see where this story goes It had a lot of potential and I definitely recommend checking it out when it releases The story itself was pretty cliche and straight forward there s twin heirs to the throne after the rest of the royal family either dies or goes crazy and in order for one of them to be crowned, they have to go through a series of trials There s a whole bunch of deceit and scheming and a whole shit tonne of politics which I absolutely loved There s a hint of magic mixed in at the end and honestly this book just has so much potential I have no idea if this will be a series or only a duology, but I m excited to see what comes next I m 10 10 slacking on reviews at the moment and I don t even care any Pick this book up when it comes out it s pretty dang good I received an ARC for review but that in no way influences my opinions

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    About Dividing Eden is a fiction novel written by Joelle Charbonneau It will be published on 6 6 17 by Harper Teen, an imprint of Harper Collins, 336 pages The genre is young adult fantasy This book is intended for ages 13 and up, grades 8 and up My Experience I started reading Dividing Eden on 3 24 17 and finished it on 3 28 17 I enjoy reading this book I like the start of it and the fantasy world There were hints of magic toward the end of the book, but I wish there were of it throughout the book I do enjoy the lack of trust that requires Princess Carys and Prince Andreus to meet in secret for privacy and to seek secret passageways within the castle to avoid the guards I like how the author introduces readers about the prince and princess each having their own secrets that they kept and slowly revealing it out I like that this book brings in a new fantasy with the concept of windmills and the power to control the light for the kingdom and its citizens.This book has two point of views Princess Carys and Prince Andreus, 17 years old twins where Princess Carys grows up protecting her brother Prince Andreus at all costs They protect each other s secrets and keep guard for each other Their older brother Micah is the crowned King and often accompanied their father, King Ulron Keeper of Virtues, Guardian of Light, Ruler of Eden at court and out on the battlefield The kingdom of Eden utilize windmills to provide light and believe in seers to foretold the future Despite having a seer at the castle, seer Imogen failed to predict what s to come When Princess Carys and Prince Andreus found themselves having to compete against each other in sets of trials set by the high lords of Eden to take over the throne, they found their relationship is at risk Concerns of who to trust and who is plotting against the throne are high risks.The plot, world building, and characters in this book are worth the read I like Princess Carys She questions and analyze situations She s a critical thinker I m not too fond for Prince Andreus much, despite him saving Max I really like Errik and his witty conversations I m curious of what secrets Lord Garret and Errik have up their sleeves I am looking forward to reading the sequel The ending leave me in a bit of a cliffhanger I could use a little bit humor, magic, and a little bit adrenaline rush due to the plotting and the secrets but overall, this book is worth the read and I do recommend it.Pro secrets, who to trust, trials challenges, good pacing, interesting plot, good ending twist, than 1 POV, coverCon not enough magic adrenaline rush, xhelozi adderton is weak in this storyI rate it 4.5 stars Disclaimer Many thanks to the author Joelle Charbonneau, publisher Harper Teen, and Edelweiss for the opportunity to read and review Please assured that my opinions are honest.xoxo, Jasmine at www.howusefulitis.wordpress.com

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    Reign meets An Ember in the Ashes That s what I thought of this book Reign is a TV series that had a lot of court intrigue, which Dividing Eden had a lot of which makes me understand why people never finished this book or rated it lowly if they did I, however, loved this book I m a big fan of monarchial books and court intrigue Naturally, I fell in love An Ember in the Ashes comes into play when it came to the Trials the twins had to compete in to find out who will rule Eden because no one ruler can be name if there are two or equal contenders because, hello, they re twins I do have to point out that the synopsis only takes place around 100 pages into the book So be warned The first few chapters rely on world building and establishing the characters and their respective roles Again, this makes me understand why people disliked this book Latching on is hard if you re not into juicy court intrigue or learning about the history of the universe of Eden It s not as action packed as the synopsis made it out to be It s detailed oriented and did not fight its battles through brute force They were fought through secrets, cunning, and scheming.Character wise, I wasn t that invested in them except for a few, namely Carys, Larkin, Errik, and Garret Everyone else was either annoying or forgettable for me We could see right through Imogen and it was clear that Andreus was a weak contender compared to his twin sister I couldn t find it in me to care or feel bad about them.The first half of Dividing Eden may be slow paced but I guarantee you that it will pick up really quickly especially near the ending I was thinking of rating this book 4 stars but then that happened so it bumped it up to 5 The ending left much for me to anticipate so I can t wait for Book 2 You can read this review on and many

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    Trigger Warnings panic attacks, relapse alcohol , anxiety, parental abuse, alcoholism, and abuse.THIS REVIEW AND OTHERS ARE ON MY BLOG CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUTR A M B L EDividing Eden wasn t really a book I was excited to read That s strange to write considering I really enjoyed it But, I started it at the beginning of the year and put it down My best friend pushed through and loved it but at that time the concept was lost on me Now, I fell in love with it.I was a tad turned off by some of the concepts throughout, but that was purely because of my own life experiences This is mainly the alcoholism that one of the main characters suffer with Considering the close perspective we get of both twins through their POV s it was difficult to read at times.The concept of this book is what really encaptures me though A pair of siblings fighting for a throne and neither will win at the end Since this is a series I figure that last part of that will be made further in the series, for now, I am entrapped with it completely This book really brings forth familial ties, friendship ties and how your choices can lead to your failure.It s a bit difficult to talk about this book in my ramble section because I feel saying too much will give away too many things that happen in this book I was just completely unable to put this book down despite the fact it did take me a few days to read.P L O TA challenge between siblings for a throne with strange relationships woven into the story is what Dividing Eden is ultimately about Carys and Andreus are happy to live their lives with their struggles and let their older brother take over the thrown That is until their older brother and father are murdered leaving the pair to compete in trials to achieve succession to make sure a rival does not gain the throne However, at the end of these trials, one of the twins will die.Interwoven into this is the fact that upon the birth of the twins they were informed that Andreus was cursed, his struggles to breathe through his youth highlighted this It was decided that this would be hidden in order to protect him So, who really wants a cursed king on the throne Honestly, it was really interesting My only problem was that it took a while to really work into the plot We get to know the characters until around 40% where this challenge takes off It also is as if we re not exactly meant to root for either of the twins In their own right, they both felt like some kind of anti hero who would bring doom to Eden.I m very excited to see how Joelle Charbonneau continues the plot in the upcoming books The ending of this particular one leaves many possibilities to come.C H A R A C T E R S C A R Y S Carys really isn t the typical kind of princess either She isn t happy to sit around but instead took it upon herself to learn the art of weaponry in order to protect her brother and her kingdom This gets her in a tad of trouble throughout the course when people wonder why a princess who is meant to have skill in embroidery has the ability to perfectly kill an assassin.Carys had to be my favourite of the twins if I had to pick one I found her struggles and panic to be written well into the narrative I really enjoyed her perspective and typically groaned when I had to read an Andreus chapter.Her dedication to her brother was admirable I have never read a sister who cares for her siblings than Carys did for Andreus, a character who in my belief really didn t deserve that dedication A N D R E U S Andreus is the definition of a pampered prince Until the death of his brother, he isn t really expected to do much When he is, his sister takes the fall and the beating for him He is happy to run around the court sleeping his way through the women, including brother s fiancee.I definitely hated Andreus It has been a while since I ve read a character who was so easily manipulated and, well, terrible I presume he was meant to be the anti hero of this book and make us truly try to realise how someone s personality can change But, I found him to be a bit daft and want him to die within the trials The way he treated his sister, especially, pissed me off.One scenario I need to talk about, I promise this isn t a big spoiler but if you want to go in knowing nothing skip to my overall section Andreus is about to screw something up I can t remember what so Carys steps in to make sure she is reprimanded for his actions She is taken up to a tower and whipped When she finally goes back to her rooms she expects Andreus to be there to help take care of her, as he always is since it was his fault This time He s not Where is he Screwing his dead brother s fiancee What a real treat.O V E R A L LOverall, despite my hatred for Andreus I really did enjoy this book It really helped pull me out of the slump I have been facing since reading Zenith by Lindsay Cummings and Sasha Alsberg review on my blog, it s a rant Dividing Eden wasn t exactly the best book either, so if you do choose to pick this up have low expectations It was simply a fun and enjoyable read.

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    DNF at 50%.Couldn t care less about anyone or the plot plus immature writing Plus why does everyone in this have some type of sickness issue

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