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Reality Girl (Behind the Scenes, #1) pdf Reality Girl (Behind the Scenes, #1) , ebook Reality Girl (Behind the Scenes, #1) , epub Reality Girl (Behind the Scenes, #1) , doc Reality Girl (Behind the Scenes, #1) , e-pub Reality Girl (Behind the Scenes, #1) , Reality Girl (Behind the Scenes, #1) 1936643cd5c Recently Out Of College, Broke, Jobless, And Without A Boyfriend, Lou Whitson Is Recognized By A Talent Scout At A Football Game, And Then Offered The Opportunity Of A Lifetime To Be The Star Of A Reality Television Show Along With It In Prize Money There Is A Catch, But It Isn T Much Especially Considering Her Life S Lack Of Love Live With Six Different Men, One A Month, For Six Months Then, Pick One To Marry For An Additional , A Navy SEAL, A Biker, A Jock, A Surfer, A Business Man, And A Billionaire Without Hesitation, She Agrees This Is Her Story It S Smoking Hot, Sexy, Funny, And Will Take Place At The Pace Of One Book A Month For Six Months Each Book Has A Satisfying Ending Never A Cliffhanger That Will Leave You Grinning For

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    3.5 STARSWhile browsing through Kindle Unlimited, I came across this book The cover and synopsis sounded interesting and so I one clicked and hoped for the best This is the first in a six book series as it follows six episodes aired for a reality television show called Reality Girl The writing is strong and the layout of the series interesting enough and well paced The heroine Lou jumps at the chance for a lot of money and the hopes of finding love All she has to do is stay with six men, one per month, for the duration of this reality series The kicker to the situation is that just a few miles away running and working his own bar is guy named Frankie who Lou seems to find comfort in Lou and Frankie s relationship seems to be high on chemistry while slowly building a friendship as she goes through this process with the first man chosen named Rhett the Navy SEAL The fact I m not on the show, and never would be, is what separates me from those idiots Tell yourself whatever you want, but you re not looking for compatibility You re looking for love That s okay But you re not going to find it there You re just not Overall, a quick but interesting and enjoyable first installment I m wondering if all the remaining five contestants will all pale against Frankie and or does the author have a surprise or two up her sleeve

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    LIVE 99 AMZ US AMZ UK BN Novella serial Each episode has a HFN, no cliff hangers.LIVE 99 AMZ US AMZ UK BN limited time Blurb Recently out of college, broke, jobless, and without a boyfriend, Lou Whitson is recognized by a talent scout at a football game, and then offered the opportunity of a lifetime To be the star of a reality television show Along with it, 500,000 in prize money There is a catch, but it isn t much Especially considering her life s lack of love Live with six different men, one a month, for six months Then, pick one to marry for an additional 500,000 A Navy SEAL, a biker, a jock, a surfer, a business man, and a billionaire Without hesitation, she agrees

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    This was fun Six men in six months for half a million Fuck, I d do that in a minute Lou female lead agreed to, and thought it d be a walk in the park Well, it was an absolute clusterfuck of sorts Funny and sexy with twists and turns with each chapter, this was a page flipper if there ever was one Each book brings a new male live in roommate , and this one was a navy SEAL with a big dick and an attitude I thought it was hilarious, sexy, and well thought out I can already see that there s going to be a lot of things we ll never expect by the time this is over.One thing I admired about Jessica was this This book, although it leaves you yearning for , doesn t leave the reader with a cliffy or a bunch of unresolved issues I appreciate that.An absolute must read, and quite entertaining, Reality Girl is a real behind the scenes look at the reality TV we ve become accustomed to watching Have a seat, get a glass of wine, and read this little scorcher You sure won t regret it.

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    It seems strange reviewing my own book, but everyone says I need to, so here goes This book is written in first person past tense, and it is written entirely in Lou s the female MC voice.She is funny, almost ridiculous at times , and really looking for one thing, and one thing only Love She s at a point in her life where her guard is down, and she s flat broke Jobless, penniless, and without a boyfriend, she is approached at a football game by a talent scout.In a short time, she agrees to be the star of a new reality TV show The premise Live with six men one a month in six months for half a million bucks If she marries one Half a million .She quickly agrees, and I can t say I blame her The men were all hot and quite swoon worthy So, man 1 is a former Navy SEAL, and they hit it off pretty quickly.All the while she is living with man 1, she frequents a bar down the street in her down time and befriends the bartender, Franky.What develops between her and the SEAL is smoking hot What develops between her and Franky is funny, friendly, and filled with great advice.Personally, I saw Franky and Lou as the shining stars And, maybe a little bit of Kelli Karsten, the producer of the show A real bitch.In the end, this book is fast paced, fun, and sexy With a definite beginning and ending it s rather satisfying, but I cannot wait to see what happens with the next man, a biker.This series will undoubtedly be one that people are talking about for a long, long time.As much as I hate to, I feel I must 5 funny, sexy, fist pumping stars.

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    3 Reality Girl Episode One StarsTo be honest I was expecting out of this book, I don t know what but just something It was meh kind of read and that s ok right I am not going to love everything I read It s not going to stop me from getting book 2, because there were parts I really enjoyed Like Frank And I even though I think Lou is a little reckless with her own life and going on the show might show a little bit of desperation, I think she found what she was looking for just in the wrong place.Over all I liked it You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.

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    Once I started this book I couldn t put it down, it s a quick read that has you flipping to the next page, next chapter until you hit the end I loved the characters, Lou is awesome, I may have a tiny bit of a crush on Franky and well, I was torn between wanting to marry, throat punch or ball punch Rhett The story flows really well and the writing really grabs the reader s attention I read that this is Jessica Hildreth s first venture into erotic romance and she completely nailed it It was sweet and sexy and funny as hell, I laughed out loud on a number of occasions I cannot wait for episode two.

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    Can t say I m a fan of reality tv but I loved this book and can t wait for the next one Read it in a single sitting it was a definite page turner and a lot of fun.

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    I loved this book and can t wait for the next episode Jessica Hildreth is an amazing author and I am glad I found these books Lou is on a reality show She is to spend one month with six different men to hopefully find Mr Right, oh I forgot to say at the end of the six months she gets 500,000 She decides she can do it, how bad can it be, six different hot, sexy guys All I have to do is act natural because after all the camera is rolling and I mean rolling for everything Guy 1 Rhett is gorgeous and sexy, I really am looking forward to this month Rhett turns out to be a total jerk and I don t even want to finish the rest of the month with him In between her and Rhett s arguments, Lou goes to a bar not far from the house and drowns her sorrows in a few drinks Of course it doesn t hurt that the bartender is gorgeous and he and Lou soon develop a great relationship Lou knows that things can t go anywhere between her and Franky because she has five guys to meet and spend a month with Franky turns out to be a great friend and Lou tells him everything but right before Lou is supposed to meet guy number two, a biker, Franky decides to show Lou just how much her likes her and boy can he kiss This book is such a fun read and I do recommend it to everyone.

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    Over the course of the next 6 months, all I had to do was spend a month with man There were only 6 of them It seemed simple enough I m actually a fan of reality tv shows but my interests are inclined on cooking shows, interior and exterior designing, and that include fashion and modelling I always shy away from drama because they usually require emotional effort that I m willing to give But reality tv books is one I also enjoyed I ve been closely following a series I ve quite enjoy So, going in through Reality Girl, I was actually excited because I am already prepared for all the drama that the producers will cook to make good tv.Although I was excited by the prospect of 6 hot guys, and holy hotness, I know this is one sure hot and sexy, I kind of didn t connect with Lou I wasn t on board with her reasoning at all and her decisions And she had that rebellious nature which I approved and didn t approve at the same time It s just that it s always been a pet peeve of mine when my character just signs and doesn t read anything she s putting her name on Something that would bite her in the ass, for sure.Anyway, Rhett is a total ass A given, and quite frankly, I feel like the SEAL thing is a ruse, and not so him at all, which I wouldn t know but I hope would read when the full show would be aired on tv Just hoping ad waiting for the commentary there Reality tv.Frankie was something else though Reckless, I know But He s so mysterious and he has that aura that just makes you want to just go back to him and want , pried those layers and discover what he s hidden.I may have had also an issue with the production If the whole point was to make them fall in love, or develop feelings, I didn t get why the contestants were allowed to leave the house in the first place I guess I was expecting Big Brother kind of thing, only a little smutty, and that they would be given some challenges to forge them to be together and create some sort of connection or something.Other than that, the author s style of writing was flawless and engaging and it just that when I reach the end, I didn t even realized it I was so engross reading that I didn t notice I reached it until I couldn t turn another page any Check out my blog here

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    Great start I normally don t read serials, but had to give this one a chance It s got great chemistry Lou kinda bugs me It could be just because it s a short book and you don t get a chance to really get to know her Will be reading the whole series though

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