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Act Two (For Whom the Heart Stone Burns, #2) quotes Act Two (For Whom the Heart Stone Burns, #2) , litcharts Act Two (For Whom the Heart Stone Burns, #2) , symbolism Act Two (For Whom the Heart Stone Burns, #2) , summary shmoop Act Two (For Whom the Heart Stone Burns, #2) , Act Two (For Whom the Heart Stone Burns, #2) b315911c Who Is Seducer And Who The Seduced Kellan Fik Raced To Nitcha When A Master Seer Scried His Rival S Fosterling As His Destiny And His Mate Becket Was A Bibelot Devoid Of Magic But The Man Wasn T The Shy, Submissive Virgin Kellan Expected Ponderously Tall, Outspoken, And A Shockingly Skillful Lover, Becket Intrigued Kellan And Inflamed His Desires Becket Was Also The Key To Unraveling The Puzzle Of Becket S Guardian And Kellan S Chief Competitor, Theodore Douglas Kellan Courts Becket With Powerful Charms And The Dizzy Wonder Of Their Every Caress His Hope Convincing His Wily Lover To Share His Secrets And Cement Their Bond Becket Isn T What He Seems, But Neither Is Kellan Together, They Must Learn To Trust Despite The Lies And Intrigues Before It S Too Late , Digital Words

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    3.75 HEARTS Once again, I finished a story by the Gregg a little confuzzled, slightly aroused and wanting Act Two New Beginnings starts directly after that steamy ending in

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    Better than the first oneThis installment is better than the first I didn t notice as many proofing errors but it is still confusing I still feel like there is a book I m missing.I don t like the abrupt ending either This is a serial than a series I gave it 3 stars which is VERY generous because I like the characters I might read the next one More than likely, since it s a serial, if I continue it will be after the author has completed it.

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    second half of a short story in an epic setup

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    Love this story and the world it s set in, but the shorter installments and having to wait for the next one is frustrating

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    4.5 Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.Continuing directly from the previous book, Becket is now preparing to go through an engagement to a man from a rival aerie in order to help secure a way back home Things are dangerous than ever, however, as Becket s future fianc is already suspicious of his uncle Theo and if anyone finds out where they re really from, neither Becket or his uncle will be making it home at all Surprised by the instant attraction, Becket is wary but not unwelcoming of his new beau and the feeling is mutual Though the men man be from different places, their connection can t be denied and when startling news about Becket s uncle is brought forth, Becket will need to rely on that connection even if he doesn t want to end up as a political pawn or worse, a prisoner.This was every bit as satisfying as the previous book Becket is slowly learning about the world he now finds himself in and while floundering, he is at least willing to try Kellen finds that Becket is everything he ever wanted in a mate even though he didn t know it he embraces that which makes him different and makes plans upon plans to keep his new lover safe I liked the two men together they each managed to teach the other something unexpected and while slow, the trust is steadily growing between them The end of the story was totally unexpected yet makes for a great lead in to the next book, whenever that gets released All in all this was really enjoyable and just made me want to read I m looking forward to getting that chance I rated this as a 4.3 but rounded up to work with our rating system.

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    Oooh, Yes Exactly what I d hoped for, and even better This time round we get Kellan s POV, and let me tell you he s not stupid He knows that something s not right, view spoiler but even then he proves his worth so many times over He s absolutely golden, and he believes in his mate, in their future Really, it s beautiful to read His feelings, his hopes hide spoiler

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    4.5 starsIt is highly unusual that a sequel is better than book one, but that is the case with Gregg s New Beginnings The fantasy world building in this novella is top notch and the chemistry between the two protagonists is finally consummated after their arranged marriage happens I m normally not a fantasy genre reader, but I am really enjoying this original M M series that is outside my usual paranormal loving zone.

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    4 stars They are married, but I m afraid that those lies will break Kellan s heart eventually

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