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Savannah quotes Savannah , litcharts Savannah , symbolism Savannah , summary shmoop Savannah , Savannah 9c097089 A New Contemporary College Set, New Adult Coming Of Age Romance If You Like An Epic Fantasy Romance Adventure Then Look No FurtherWarning This Book Contains Seriously Hot Guys And Girls Girls With Attitude Who Take No Prisoners And Guys Who Think They Have The Measure Of Them The Girls Are Mean And The Guys Are CoolAmong Them All Is An Angel Who Teaches Them All A Valuable Lesson They Will Never Be The Same Again The Trouble Is A Hell Of A Lot Goes Wrong First Savannah I Hate My Father, I Hate My Family And Most Of All I Hate Myself I Am Savannah Knight And Come From A Family That Is Hell To Live With Literally If You Upset My Father You Soon Know About It And After I Have Done Just That I Am Banished To Kingston Academy To Learn My LessonAll Of My Life I Have Had Everything And Everyone I Want And Life Is Easy Well All That Is About To Change Because I Am Fed Up With Being Savannah Knight And Have Decided To Mix Things Up A BitThe Trouble Is Even I Didn T Know What A Mess I Would Make Of It And The Worst Thing That Could Possibly Happen Does Just That My Family Come To TownMess With The Devil S Daughter And There Will Be Hell To Pay

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    I ve never read a book from this author, so I was surprised that this was a paranormal romance Not sure why I was shocked The title does speak for itself I just didn t think it was so literal lol I guess it was that I didn t know what to expect as I went into this blindly.Savannah was a spoiled little rich girl She and her twin sister got their mean selves into trouble and daddy decides to teach them a lesson He separates them for college Hopefully they ll find themselves and become better people Away at school and after meeting some pretty awesome people , Savannah quickly became disgusted with her past behaviour I d say lesson learned It doesn t take long for her to change for the better.Interspersed with her strange hints of power, she builds a lasting friendship with her roommate Britney, saves the life of her new friend Joey, exacts some much needed revenge, scares a bunch of scary people, and falls in love with local hottie, Brittney s big brother, Tyler.It s a quick read so it doesn t have much with regards to plot dynamics or character development, but it does give enough to keep you interested I wonder if there will be a time when we ll see this family REALLY use their power

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    In total shock Savannah is my favorite book in the series SJ did such an amazing job with this story and I can t wait for the next book And I wonder about Ashley SJ has her system and who am I to argue

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    Savannah Knight has it all, and she is your stereotypical mean girl She has the popularity, the wealth, and she can get any guy she wants All that changes when she and her twin sister upset their father, and he is someone you don t want to upset Whisked away from all the she knows it s up to Savannah to decide what she is really doing with her life and for the first time be her own person Not long after arriving at college and meeting her roommate Savannah comes up with a plan that will help them both in starting their new lives This book is part of a series about the Devil s children, but can also be read as a stand alone novel I have not read any of the others, but I found this one easy to follow and quite entertaining Savannah became a very likeable character, although it would be interesting to see her twin sister s story as well I do think this book could go through one edit as I saw a lot of punctuation errors specifically quotation marks in the wrong places Other than that this was an enjoyable and quick read and I gave it 3 our of 5 stars and I am interested in reading about the Devil s children.

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