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Artemis pdf Artemis , ebook Artemis , epub Artemis , doc Artemis , e-pub Artemis , Artemis 31bc4b135c4 Have You Ever Wanted An Animal Abuser To Pay Professor Joseph Art Finds Himself Able To Make This Happen After Being Betrayed By The Business Tycoon Who Funded His Research, He Is Gunned Down In Cold Blood However, The Toxic Chemicals And Animal DNA He Works With Turns Him Into Something He Now Walks The Earth Half Human And Half Animal, With The Ability To Communicate Telepathically With His Inhuman Brethren Taking On The Name Of The Ancient Greek Goddess Artemis, He Punishes Those Who Bring Harm To His Children While Plotting Revenge Against The Man Who Stole His Life Can His Sister Keep Him From Completely Giving In To His Carnal Instincts And Remember His Human Side Will He Remember His Humanity And Fight The Evil That Walks The Streets, Including A Serial Killer With Over Deaths To His Name Journey To Nesting Ground City And Find Out Revenge, Thy Name Is ARTEMIS

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    Couldn t have said it better myself, Revenge, thy name is ARTEMIS Chris Snider takes horror and deftly intertwines it into a twisted tale that will actually have animal lovers cheering Joseph Art was betrayed by the powerful money machines of big business when he lost his scientific funding, they then punished his ire with a cold blooded, killing bullet A man of science, working with both chemicals and animal DNA, Joseph came back from the dead, changed, unique and powerful He became the voice of animals everywhere, able to communicate with them, protect them and exact revenge for all the wrongs that have been done to them by humans No longer are humans the top of the chain and no longer will their sins be brushed aside.Is it possible that the half man, half beast will lose his humanity altogether or will the one person who believes in him give him the purpose he needs to do good Move over Batman, Artemis is here and on the job Once again, Chris Snider has kept me on the edge of my seat as each page uncovered a little depth, a little story and a whole lot of atmosphere Is Artemis truly a monster or a victim of the monsters humans can become This is a quick read, but hey, anyone who champions for animals is okay in my book, fangs or not I received this copy from Chris Snider in exchange for my honest review.Publication Date September 18, 2016Publisher Chris SniderGenre HorrorPrint Length 160 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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    I really enjoyed this book It took me a while to get into it at first, dialogues seemed a bit forced and unnatural, however as the story unfolds it gets much, much better.The bad guy is a serial killer who dresses as a clown and wreaks havoc in the town Nesting Ground.The good guy is a scientist and animal lover accidentally turned into a hero All in all it s a fast pace, good vs evil, fun read.

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    I would like to thank the author for this sending me the book to review This review is coming from an animal lover and the thought of harming them makes me sick to my stomach This story is based on Joseph Art a professor, he gets betrayed by a business man Toxic chimerical and animal DNA turns him into a protector of animals There is also a clown Axe, who goes around town killing people I hoped how Artemis and Axe were going to meet I really enjoyed this book, it s entertaining fun quick read.

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    I got this book looking for something quick and scary that I could read to add to my month of scary book reviews I found it on a book promotion page on Facebook, found an interesting premise, and got all excited about it And then I read it It suminteresting First off, it s labeled as a horror book, but it s not It s a superhero comic without actually being a comic Let s just get right to it, shall we Joseph Art is a scientist who is working on trying to create a devise that allows humans to talk to animals, an invention that will set him up for life and help him free his sister from her abusive husband But the evil business tycoon who funds him named Lex LuthorI meanVincent Lankston decides to take the invention for himself and kill Joseph But science happens and the murder attempt turns Joseph into a terrifying creature with superhuman senses, strength, speed, and the ability to communicate with animals He uses his newfound powers to avenge animals from those who abused them, taking on the name Artemis He s pursued by a Commissioner Gordon.I mean.Chief John Colton who wants to bring him to justice, as well as an evil clown serial killer named the JokerI meanAxe the Clown who wants him to stop stealing his thunder.So, yeah, if you haven t already guessed, I have a few issues with this book The first of which being that thisisNOThorror Yes, we have two people who brutally kill a lot of other people in this book and the deaths are bloody and gory butthat doesn t count as horror to me Horror is just as much about what you don t see as opposed to what s shown you There s almost no suspense, no chills, nono nothing It s just a bloodbath and that s it Heck, we don t even SEE the bloodbath happening most of the time We just show up randomly at the crime scene when the worst of it is over and stare in horror at the aftermath It does come close to showing us horror, but I ll get to that in a minute As I said before, this is a superhero story Well, an anti hero story, would be accurate.Okay, first off, let me get something really clear I like animals Animals should be treated with kindness and respect Animal abuse is wrong and should not be done With that said, Artemis s idea of punishing animals abusers is just over the top Granted, he does to them what they did to the animals, but this includes burying a man up to his neck and running over his head with a lawnmower Look, I know that s what the man did to a cat, a human doing that to a human is just ten times worse The author tries to soften the blow by giving background on each and every person he kills and talks about how they re just nasty, miserable people who deserve to die so you don t feel bad when Artemis murders them, but it kinda backfires You see that these people have rough lives, anger issues, and what not and you can think of a thousand different ways they could be helped and kept from doing these things again, only to witness their horror as this creature kills them horribly No Itit s justno It doesn t work.This is just one of many reasons why Artemis isn t a good superhero Heck, he s not even a good anti hero Anti heroes, while morally gray and have a tendency to be the most brutal characters in comics, have to have something about them that you like and want to root for Punisher wants to make the streets safe so nobody loses their family like he did Deadpool is funny as heck and, while selfish at times, ultimately does make the right decisions and doesn t hurt people unnecessarily Artemis.only starts helping humans because his sister tells him to They try to make it of a try to find the man within the beast kind of deal, where it s the animal side of him that kills humans horribly and the human side wants to help people This, however, doesn t work either Unlike characters that try to do this, like the Hulk or Dr Jeykll, Artemis is fully in control of himself all the time He doesn t do anything unconsciously, there s no other personality telling him what to do, it s him the whole time He s always responsible for his actions and when he actively makes a decision to hurt someone way beyond that which they deserve, you don t sympathize with him I don t want to root for Artemis I just want someone to stop him before he kills my neighbor for forgetting to feed his cat Oh, and get used to knowing the full names and lives of absolutely every character in this book I mean all of them They ALL have at least a page devoted to who they are, where they come from, what their marital status is, how they take their tea, etc Even the victims all have stories and lives and dreams and thendie It doesn t make you feel like you know them any better or build the world oror do anything really It s just an information dump and thendeath The only times this works is when we re talking about the Chief, Joseph s friend Wayne, and the other killer in the book, Axe the Clown Axe s backstory, compared to most other villain origins that I ve known ispretty bland Tragic, yes, but not original Oh, and he s also a total match for our superhuman animal human hybrid protagonist because.he lifts weights Diabolical fiend

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    Holy Crap, this is good I really enjoyed this book A true Good vs Evil story that will have you not wanting to put it down.

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