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    Ben broke up with Carl couple months ago, but since he told Carl s sister that he d be there for her wedding, he agreed to come with Carl In the wedding, he met David, a model and upcoming theatrical actor While Ben was a serial monogamous, David was a player He sometimes even dated than a guy at one time Slowly, though, Ben and David started a relationship Carl, however, didn t take his break up with Ben easily He threw everything to them to make Ben return to him It s been several months, than any of David s prior relationships Usually, it s time for David to move to a new man When Nigel, a handsome journalist, asked him to dinner, he accepted So did when Kevin, his friend with benefit who lived in another city, called and asked to stay for the night Would he throw out an opportunity to have long last relationship over temptations to go back to his old life I didn t expect to like this story Stupidity of coming with an ex to a wedding, open oneself to cheating, and so on I m glad, however, that I read this The thing I like the most is that Ben and David s relationship is so mature, even though it s only several months They talk out everything so any catastrophe could be avoided It s not easy at the beginning, since David had a personal demon from the past David is an interesting character He couldn t commit to any relations for long out of fear that people would leave him at one point The portrayals of his struggles with Nigel and also with Kevin are nicely done.Ben is character I like very much He s far from perfect, and the book said compared to David a model and Carl a handsome, rich and powerful stock breaker who graduated from top MBA school his look is average, but he s not afraid to face confrontation, if it s needed He was the one who broke the relationship with Carl, even though Carl was the alpha during their relationship.The author gives us also Carl s point of view, which is interesting since he s the antagonist.

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    Carl and Ben are at the end of their relationship Ben has grown tired of Carl s excessively possessiviness and has dumped him But Carl, richer and handsome then Ben, and the one who was first the desired one, can t accept Ben s decision and continues to try to smooh the things between them And so he asks Ben to go to his sister s wedding, where Ben meets the best man of the groom, David.David is two year younger of Ben, 27 years old, and model actor He is very handsome but not serious to nothing or no one He likes to play the field and in the beginning he fancies Ben and is up to something lighhearted and enjoyble with him But since the first dates, David knows that what he has with Ben is not something he can let it go without regret after some months But he has secrets in his past that prevent him to have a normal and lasting relationshop with someone.And also Carl is not up to the idea to let go Ben so soon and without problems.The plot is very well built, I like very much the fact that Claire Thompson has chosen not to makes Carl the only bad in the story The problems Ben and David have to dealt to build something together are not only put on by the bad Carl, and if they manage to get rid of him, it doesn t mean that they have resolved all the trouble and has gained their happily ever after together Life is difficult not only cause you have a past lover who creates trouble, life is also accept that you are two separate men who have their lifes and who have to find a way to make these life connect.The book is pretty long and you have the chance to grew fond of both Ben and David, who are not perfect characters, but this is the reason why you feel them nearer.http elisa rolle.livejournal.com 18

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    Honestly this book was kind of good but not really this book is about Ben and David the two who met during Ben s ex lovers sisters wedding Carl still wants Ben even after the break up, the one who he had devoted the six months of his life to, Carl is damn upset about Ben loving a poor man aka David and not him the one with the money This story brought up truth lies and pain Because Carl still loved Ben he would mess up David s reputation just so David can spill his ugly secret to Ben.As the ending neared I never thought it would end so suddenly which made me very upset Though it was still a good book that I like to read from time to time not very often though.

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    Reading next.

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    An entertaining read Not as much hard sex as the author can put into her books but it was still very hot and the characters were sexy and perfectly imperfect.

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    Finally finished this book after a busy week It was good, and I really enjoyed the characters

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