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Ghost Stories chapter 1 Ghost Stories , meaning Ghost Stories , genre Ghost Stories , book cover Ghost Stories , flies Ghost Stories , Ghost Stories e6213cd08c539 M R James Wrote His Ghost Stories To Entertain Friends On Christmas Eve, And They Went On To Both Transform And Modernise A Genre James Harnesses The Power Of Suggestion To Move From A Recognisable World To One That Is Indefinably Strange, And Then Unforgettably Terrifying Sheets, Pictures, Carvings, A Dolls House, A Lonely Beach, A Branch Tapping On A Window Ordinary Things Take On Than A Tinge Of Dread In The Hands Of The Original Master Of Suspense

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    if i had a creepy cool name like montague rhodes james i d probably write ghost stories too.

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    Telling a good horror story is a bit like telling a good joke It depends on the audience sharing certain assumptions, and it doesn t carry well across time Which is a roundabout way of admitting heresy I was not particularly frightened by the ghost stories of the grandfather of horror, M R James Not even creeped out really, certainly not up late at night nervously imagining the cause of that creaky noise Which isn t to say that they aren t good In fact, they are just as excellent as everyone says they are It s simply that I find myself admiring them structurally, a ghost story has to be well constructed just like a good joke, and of course once you start admiring the craftsmanship then you can t get into the spirit of the thing at all.I think perhaps I ruined myself for these stories by also watching quite a lot of horror films at the same time It s easy enough to get the heart racing with a film just ratchet up the tension with music and then deploy a loud noise for the jump scare But James s stories are sinister for what they leave out, rather than what they put it He prompts the reader to use their own imagination to scare themselves There s one technique that James uses multiple times I would begin to feel my hairs standing up whenever he did it during a seemingly innocent and mundane preamble the narrator would say something offhandedly like but of that subject I cannot bring myself to speak, for reasons you will understand later or something along those lines And of course, the reader immediately wonders what the unspeakable mystery could be This kind of suspense works best when you are really paying attention and thinking about the story It is not helped by deadening your imagination with latex Hollywood monsters and racing through the story with a what happens next mentality.Perhaps I am also too much influenced by American horror here I have always been repulsed by the slimy and slick monsters of Lovecraft and his epigones boneless and suckling James s monsters are likely to be bestial snarling and covered in hair A mammalian monster seems relatively safe to me I suspect this is because the romance genre has utterly ruined werewolves, or perhaps it s to do with living in a era which is far comfortable acknowledging that humans are a kind of animal James does do some shudder worthy eight legged horror of the arachnoid variety.In another story, the devil is half glimpsed through shadows as a man madly dancing in flames, which seems amusing than horrifying to me I wouldn t want to imply that modern horror is better than the historical stuff If old fashioned demons and devils don t do much for me, neither do modern slasher type horrors with psychopaths and gore I m much on board with his ghosts Any kind of ghost will get me and ghosts haven t changed much over time So I ll add my mite to the universal praise for Oh Whistle and I ll Come to You, My Lad And Lost Hearts was one of the few that was truly spooky to me having just poo poohed the horrifying powers of hair and beasts, I will admit that fingernails get me every time There s something quite repellent about fingernails, don t you think Especially when they become like claws, growing long, sharp, yellowish oh, just read the story, it s better than my description.

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    I was in two minds about reading this because I love, LOVE, LOVE ghost stories, BUT I don t really enjoy short stories Often I feel like you just don t get much from them as they are not long enough to get to know the characters or care about the storyline, plus you always like some stories in a collection better than othersSo glad to be proved wrong in this case These fabulous tales were the perfect length, long enough to grab your attention and make you need to get to the end, but short enough that they end before you get bored of suspense and waiting.The writing was fantastic, and it is clear that other authors, particularly Susan Hill, have taken much inspiration from M.R James style and work These are proper old school ghost stories, where people sit around a fire recounting horrors from their past about finding ancient manuscripts and flitting shadows, and where the night time is dangerous and you are lucky if you survive until the morning.As Ruth Rendell says in the introduction of this edition There are some writers one wishes one had never read in order to have the joy of reading them for the first time For me, M.R James is one of those I couldn t agree .My only very slight criticism about this collection would be that several of the stories are quite similar and sometimes it can feel a little samey deja vu ey, but I m not going to mark it down for that since it was my own choice to read it all as one book and not dip in and out, as I know many would with short stories.Either way, this is a BRILLIANT book which has definitely changed my opinion of short stories I will certainly be reading M.R James in the future.

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    I think the short story is probably the ideal form for horror each line building the sense of tension and unease before a terrifying reveal M R James nails this again and again in his stories as they almost all follow a winning formula which I won t disclose here James creatures ghosts, demons, whatever they are are half described things and all the terrifying for it, lettig your imagination do the rest of the work Cleverly, he also has them appear at times when the character is completely alone, or when they are at their most vulnerable, tapping into common anxieties James is a master, so why the low rating Well, the Jamesian formula becomes very apparent when reading these stories in a collection, to the point that you have a pretty good idea what s going to happen soon after you start each one They begin to lose their mystery and surprise so that it almost feels masochistic on the reader s part to go through the motions of each story in order to spring its terrifying trap I can imagine they are much better enjoyed as they were originally intended, read out loud around the fire on Christmas Eve I d therefore recommend reading the odd story now and then but perhaps not just before bed.

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    I have been reading ghost stories for than thirty years now, and still consider Montague Rhodes James stories as the most superior, skilfully written and chilling tales to be produced in this genre.

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    Originally published in 1931 Quite spooky and very, very upper class English.I love the little asides sprinkled throughout Few people can resist the temptation to try a little amateur research in a department quite outside their own, if only for the satisfaction of how successful they would have been had they only taken it up seriously I think probably it was quite an attractive place, but boys seldom allow that their schools possess any tolerable features And I love that James describes one of the minor characters, who appears only to ask questions that set up the plot, as a person not in the story.

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    There is a Monty Python sketch in which a chat show host interviews a man whose only claim to fame is that he says things in a very roundabout way That man could have been MR James, who seemed to face an epic internal struggle every time he wanted to commence a new story It became clear half way through this collection that I could probably skip the first two thirds of any story as unnecessarily detailed set up How s this for an opening paragraph, from Count Magnus By what means the papers out of which I have made a connected story came into my hands is the last point which the reader will learn from these pages But it is necessary to prefix to my extracts from them a statement of the form in which I possess them Not the most promising start to a ripping yarn, is it But BUT Once he gets to the point, the magic happens There is something truly startling in the way James describes the actual spooky happenings in his stories Many of them are genuinely frightening, and I really didn t expect to feel that little frisson in the middle of such an antiquated style of storytelling There are some great little ideas among these stories I would recommend this to any students of eerie fiction , as it has become known.

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    A must read if you re into horror literature The power of these stories lies in what they leave to the reader s imagination They usually start with a trip of some kind, some nights spent in a comfortable hotel room, and then the discovery of certain legend from that particular town, some superstition the villagers refuse to talk about and the supernatural elements begin to appear slowly somebody taps at the window, the protagonist hears someone calling his name, but nobody s around, or he sees a strange figure with the corner of his eye, hiding in that corner of the room which the candlelight can t reach

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    A collection of ghost stories from classic writer M R James, this is perfect for people who want some old school suspense Not exactly what I expected a lot less creepy scary but still a nice collection to get into the Halloween spirit if you re not into contemporary horror They re quite formulaic scholar discovers something abnormal and then gets a scare so I wouldn t recommend reading it in one sitting I read a few in a row one day and it just felt like different versions of the same story, so for that reason I think they d be enjoyed as the odd short story here and there in between other reads 2.5 5 rounded up to 3

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