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    In this short book about Julian s life, Janina Ramirez carefully describes the context in which the Revelations were written 14th century England was going through a period of immense social, political and religious turmoil, as was much of Western Europe Julian was born in 1343, the same year as Geoffrey Chaucer She experienced plagues and famine, a local uprising related to the Peasants Revolt, the Hundred Years War was in progress which directly affected Norwich as traders avoided Channel ports, the Great Western Schism began in 1377 and John Wycliffe translated the Bible into English In 1390, Julian took anchoritic vows and entered her cell in the Church of St Julian in Norwich An anchorite, or anchoress, was someone who withdrew from secular society to live a prayer oriented life They were given a form of funeral rite on entering their cell as they were considered, at least theoretically, to be dead to the living world It was an acceptable choice for a single woman or widow in these times There was even an instruction manual for anchoresses entitled The Ancrene Wisse Julian s sealed cell was entered only by her servant but she had a screened window onto the street through which anyone could approach her for spiritual advice or comfort.In 1401 Lollards, followers of Wycliffe, were subject to trials of heresy in Norwich and were burned at the stake just outside Julian s cell Ramirez describes heresy as a thought crime and Julian s work suggests that she was sympathetic to some Lollard views but was very careful to adhere to the Catholic party line in the terminology she used The bizarre thing is that Julian makes no reference at all to the death, destruction, riots, war and religious anarchy in the world outside her cell, even though she could not have failed to be aware of it Her aim when she became an anchoress was to define universal truths that could provide hope in times of despair and she spent the rest of her life writing and rewriting her Revelations of Divine Love.Julian s identity has not been definitively proven due to lack of evidence but her unusual name has led to the theory that she was an identifiable member of a fairly wealthy family Her visions may have been hallucinations brought on by physical or mental illness but their existence was not considered unusual in medieval times She is clearly held in high esteem by Ramirez who has written a well balanced, historically interesting account not only of Julian s life but also of the times in which she lived She has included some beautiful illustrations and photographs This book hasn t led me to want to learn about Julian but it has satisfied my curiosity about her With thanks to NetGalley and SPCK for a review copy.

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    I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review via Netgalley.This is not normally a book I d choose, despite reading a lot of history and biographies However, I like to challenge myself and when I heard about this book I wanted to try it.I actually enjoyed it, though I m rather glad it is a slim volume We re introduced to Julian of Norwich, a religious woman who wrote, in the fourteenth century Revelations of Divine Love.I found it difficult to understand how someone would want to be an anchoress, but once it was explained fully I could see there was outside contact than I thought.When learning what there is known about Julian, and why she wrote her revelations I was fascinated though I believe I d like to read a full biography on her should information be discovered about her and gain knowledge than this book supplies as this is not really what it s for.Strong women who leave their mark in a difficult history are always worth reading about as well as learning about her revelations I should probably read those too, now that I feel I know her better I d love to read about the nuns at Cambrai also.I d recommend anyone try this book, and others by Janina Ramirez.

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    Concise, well researched, clearly and accessibly written, this brief history of Julian of Norwich is an excellent introduction to the woman and her writings Ramirez places her in her time and place and explores the background events of this turbulent time in the Middle Ages She follows the history of the manuscript itself, and makes clear just why someone would want to be an anchoress a life that I now realise wasn t one of complete isolation Enjoyable and informative.

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    This book does what it says in the cover, giving a very brief history of the English woman Julian of Norwich What it also does is to make you want to read and learn about the time she lives.There are so many interesting threads in Dr Janina Ramirez s book, that you could easily end up buying another four books to follow the story Most of all you want to read Julian s actual writing, called Revelations of Divine Love but then you want to read instructions for being an anchoress She was part of a mediaeval tradition where people were walled into a small cell joined to a church and spent often years in a solitary contemplative isolation.I remember learning of Julian when I studied mediaeval history, but as with many aspects it was only a brief reference and there was no time to follow it up It has taken me nearly thirty years to get back to Julian, and this short book is an excellent starting place I wish I lived closer to Norwich, so that I could visit the small church of St Julian where she was walled up for 26 years.Julian s book, written in the late 1300s, is in English, not Latin which was most common at the time She is the first woman to write in English and the story of how her manuscript survived first the reformation and then the French Revolution is fascinating too.So this short book tells us something of Julian herself, of fourteenth century Norwich decimated by the Black Death, the state of mediaeval religion, the life of an anchoress, mediaeval art and mysticism and the subsequent history of Julian s work Plenty to fit into ninety pages and expertly put across to fire your interest and enthusiasm Time for me to buy some books on this topic.

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    Lovely, short, well written introduction to Julian of Norwich and life as she knew it An excellent companion to Ramirez s programme on the publication of Revelations of Divine Love and Julian s life.

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    Wanted to like this quite a bit than I did.Pros 1 Concise, as the title promises, and covers the fundamentals Solid intro 2 Ramirez s writing style is mostly engaging and her prose steers clear of academic turgidity.3 Intrinsically fascinating subject for me at least Cons 1 1a Unfortunately Ramirez s book is let down by poor editing She writes, for example, that Her use of repetition, particularly in patterns of three, are perhaps self taught which should be is was not are Or later Given the transcendentalist s approach that society, its institutions, politics and religion all corrupt, we could see is missing an are or perhaps the are should replace the all There are a few other line level items 1b Ramirez tends to repeat herself, producing the same statement two or three times using just slightly different combinations of words Editor should have cleaned this up as well, specially considering the brevity of the book 2 Though this is a very brief history it doesn t really proceed in chronological order The overall arc of the story does, but there are numerous thematic asides that speak to other organizational principles.3 Missed opportunities to provide relevant substance to the reader For example, on page 35 Ramirez notes that Julian echoes the ideas of Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, to name but two This is a very broad statement Which ideas, specifically In a paragraph or two, Ramirez could have performed a short comparative analysis, which I would have found enlightening And so on.In short, I was disappointed and would recommend that if you want to learn the basics about Julian or Norwich and the Revelations of Divine Love you should watch Ramirez s excellent BBC documentary instead.

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    Book received from NetGalley.The first time I had ever heard about Julian of Norwich was in my first British Literature class and I was fascinated by her Her Revelations of a Divine Love are the earliest known surviving by a female writer As soon as I saw this offered on NetGalley I requested it hoping to learn a bit about this unique nun Since Julian of Norwich lived in the Medieval era there is very little that can be found out about her life, prior to her becoming an anchoress The book gives a bit insight into her writing and just how rare something like this is I suggest the book for those who study literature and history both since it will give information on women writers in Medieval Britain.

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    Although there are some editorial oversights, I found this book to be a compelling and informative introduction to Julian of Norwich, as well as some background info about medieval England I actually bought it as a gift for my mum as we are visiting St Julian s in Norwich in February, and I wanted to check that it was written from a historical perspective rather than a religious one since she isn t religious It would definitely appeal to Christians and non Christians, and at less than 100 pages, it is the perfect length for a book of its kind aimed at the masses, and holds interest.

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    A good entry level book into the life of the 14th century mystic, Julian of Norwich A woman of obscure origins, who, have what is described today as a near death experience goes on to write an account Revelations of Divine Love of what was spiritually revealed to her during this time the first ever book written by an Englishwoman.Ramirez s book deals with the history and the legacy, which lasted generations after her death.

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    This book was absolutely fantastic This book opened my eyes and made me think of so many things that I never considered in my day to day life It s a a very well written book that explains the the key part of Julian s Revelations of Divine Love in a lucid and comprehensive way whilst still keeping that essence of Julian I recommend this book to everybody It duh a brilliant and worthwhile read Thank you Dr Janina Ramirez for opening my mind to so many incredible thought

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Julian of Norwich download Julian of Norwich , read online Julian of Norwich , kindle ebook Julian of Norwich , Julian of Norwich 7a76af531636 Over Six Hundred Years Ago A Woman Known As Julian Of Norwich Wrote What Is Now Regarded As One Of The Greatest Works Of Literature In English Based On A Sequence Of Mystical Visions She Received In , Her Book Is Called Revelations Of Divine LoveJulian Lived Through An Age Of Political And Religious Turmoil, As Well As Through The Misery Of The Black Death, And Her Writing Engages With Timeless Questions About Life, Love And The Meaning Of Suffering But Who Was Julian Of Norwich And What Can She Teach Us Today Medievalist And TV Historian Janina Ramirez Invites You To Join Her In Exploring Julian S Remarkable Life And Times, Offering Insights Into How And Why Her Writing Has Survived, And What We Can Learn From This Fourteenth Century Mystic Whose Work Lay Hidden In The Shadows Of Her Male Contemporaries For Far Too Long