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Fracture (Resonance Book 2) pdf Fracture (Resonance Book 2) , ebook Fracture (Resonance Book 2) , epub Fracture (Resonance Book 2) , doc Fracture (Resonance Book 2) , e-pub Fracture (Resonance Book 2) , Fracture (Resonance Book 2) 24532c76f4d Months After The Tremors That Shook The World, Repercussions Of Battle Still Lie In Xayall S Broken Streets Among The Debris Stands Bayer, Former Bodyguard To Faria, Empress Of The City State His Position Redundant, And His Injuries Still Healing, He Struggles To Find New Purpose Unrest Between Nations Is Already Stirring A Councillor From Andarn Has Been Murdered, And Only A Handful Realise That Sinister Machinations Are Blackening The Root Of The Whole Continent Questioning His Duties, Bayer Finds Himself Escorting Captain Alaris On A Mission From Which Neither May Return, Although Their Failure May Spark A Brutal And Catastrophic War As Blades Rise, Threats Both New And Old Emerge From The Darkness And Bare Their Teeth At The World Once Again Set In The World Of Eeres, Hugo Delves Deep Into The Hearts And Minds Of Those Within The Story, Revealing The Strengths Even They Are Reluctant To Acknowledge Fast Paced, But With Breathing Room For Wonderfully Developed Characters, And The Promise Of Hope Vanquishing Hate, This Piece Of Fantasy Deserves To Be On The Shelf Of Young And Old Readers Alike Told With An Authentic, Engaging Voice Through The Eyes Of Multiple Creatures, Fracture Tells The Story Of Personal, Emotional And Literal Journeys To Confront The Past For The Sake Of The Future

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    It was a challenge to decide which was better, this book or the first, but I believe Fracture has it by just a little bit Where, at times, I d found myself confused by the technology and settings of the last book, I didn t have the same issue as much during this one The resonance power still is a tad tough to grasp, and some of the politics had me confused, but once the action picked up I enjoyed following the characters all of which grew on me and seeing the epic battle and conclusion Bayer and Alaris in particular became much three dimensional and interesting to follow, though it was nice to visit the old characters from time to time One last thing apparently I don t know my animals well enough I had literally no idea what a coati was and it required a google session to get a picture of the character But that s definitely my own fault and I applaud those who know what a coati is.

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    A medieval political thriller In MY furry lit I am astounded by how different this book was from the previous tetralogy s entry, Legacy Nearly every aspect of it showcases some of the most admirable improvement I ve seem from a series bound author I m truly impressed and can only look forward to whatever the third entry has in store.Jackson s strongest skill and one that hold a fuming, utter envy for is his ability to craft some wonderful action sequences There was one particular payoff scene at the very end that made me audibly exclaim at how satisfying it was.One thing that I think the series may be lacking is a diversity in relationships I would be lying if I said that I had hoped to see some LGBTQ rep in both this and the previous entry In Legacy , I was almost positive that Faria and the femme wolf mercenary would get together, only to get proven wrong In Fracture , I was positive that Beyer would either get with his fox friend or Alaris No dice It s a shame, because a YA serious like this would really benefit from having a bit than het romances Maybe some trans enby rep too I sincerely apologize for all of the names I ve no doubt spelled incorrectly I m terrible with names and i wrote this all on my phone bbbb

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    An epic anthro fantasy continues in this dark and dour tale Rancorous politics, mystifying intrigue, bloody battles, heart pounding danger and that s just the book s first half With several of our favorite characters sidelined following the cataclysmic battle at the end of the series first book LEGACY, the remainder solider on with new allies alongside to face down a new threat from within their own ranks Author Jackson tenders relatable albeit convoluted motivations, heart rending tragedy and an all too familiar feeling of unease in this dismal chapter of our heroes history, closing as friends old and new commit themselves to a brighter future for all of Eeres Eagerly anticipating RUIN S DAWN

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    Nice piece of work Thoroughly enjoyed reading it Such a rich, detailed world, a compelling cast of characters, and thrills aplenty Looking forward to book three.

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