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    I desperately need publishers to stop using the term companion book willy nilly This is not a companion book to my childhood favorite, Lily s Crossing It is a book by the same author that happens to take place during the time period, with no connections between characters and taking place on entirely different continents.That said, it s really good The idea is great, and I really knew nothing about the Alsace region, so it was really fascinating to see that part of WWII history Genevieve is no Lily, but there are some great characters in this The end gets a little.coincidental and a bit pat, but overall a great read Justthere is absolutely no reason to say this has anything to do with Lily s Crossing, and since that book is so old, I feel like that will probably turn readers off because they won t know what that is and think that they have to read one to get the other, and they couldn t be separate than if one had aliens.

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    French American Genevieve Michel, 13, and her older brother Andr have been spending the summer of 1939 visiting their rather cold, judgmental grandmother, M m , helping out on her farm in Alsace, close to the Germany border.Now, at the end of summer, Andr has already returned to the States and Genevieve is set to leave on Normandie, on what may well have been the last passenger ship leaving France before the expected invasion of France by Germany But at the last minute, Genevieve decides to remain with her grandmother In September, war is declared, and in June, the Germans do indeed invade France.Suddenly, everything changes The are German soldiers everywhere and everyone s farm animals and food supplies are confiscated Luckily, M m has a secret pantry where she and Genevieve move most of their jars of food The teacher at school is replaced by a new Nazi teachers, and the French names of the students are changed to German names Genevieve becomes Gerta , and French is outlawed, only German may be spoken at all times, French books are publicly burned, and a German officer is billeted on the farm, enjoying what little food there is, and complaining about the scarce heat.Genevieve believes her brother has safely returned to the United States, but when she notices a sweater of his at the village book shop, she becomes suspicious of the owner, Monsieur Philippe, and decides he is not to be trusted, even though M m tells her she is wrong But when the train station is sabotaged, and Genevieve learns that R my, a boy she likes very much, is a Resistance fighter and missing since the station was blown up, she has to turn to the bookseller for help Can she really trust him Soon, she finds herself hiding R my from the Nazis in M m attic Genevieve and even her grandmother becomes part of the local Resistance, doing what they can M m has always told her granddaughter not to trust anyone, not even her best friend Katrin, but Genevieve s a na ve, impulsive girl who always thinks she knows better And Genevieve has to learn the hard way that people are often not who they seem to be, and friends may betray friends, while perceived enemies may turn out to be friends after all.Until now, I have only read two of Giff s WWII books, both of which take place on the home front, so this was a change for me But just as she did in Willow Run and Gingersnap, Giff managed captured what life was life this time in an occupied country All the realities of war are there the constant fear, the constant hunger, the winter cold, the always present mistrust, and especially the presence of an enemy who will not hesitate to use their force or weapons to get what they want And although Genevieve constantly thinks about what life would be like in Springfield Gardens, Queens if she had gone home, but to her credit, she never regrets her choice to stay with her grandmother in Alsace.Genevieve s War is told in the first person, narrated by Genevieve so everything is filtered through her experiences I especially liked seeing her opinion with her grandmother changed over time, as well as how M m s judgement of her granddaughter changed Over the course of the war, Genevieve transforms into a capable, thoughtful young woman who comes to appreciate her grandmother, learns about her deceased father whom she never knew, and discovers a love for farm life Genevieve s War is a thought provoking novel that explores the themes of courage, defiance, and loyalty in times of peril that still manages to carry a note of hope throughout.This book is recommended for readers age 9 This book was an ARC received from the publisher.This review was originally posted at The Children s War

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    A 2019 2020 Missouri Mark Twain Readers Award preliminary nominee grades 4 6.It is 1939 Genevieve has spent the summer with her grandmother in Alsace She is scheduled to return home to New York, but on the morning she is set to return her grandmother hurts her ankle Fearing for her grandmother s ability to care for herself, especially with war coming, Genevieve decides to stay in Alsace This is a war story without the fighting Instead it centers on life in occupied territory and what life is like for the residents as seen through the eyes of a child It might be good for kids who enjoyed The War that Saved My Life and wanted to read about WWII.

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    ARC received from publisher at ALA Genevieve is staying with her grandmother in Alsace in the days right before WWII, and when she is to be sent back home, she decides that her cold and forbidding grandmother really needs her help Once she returns home without her luggage , things become very dire Students and teachers disappear from school, and the students are forced to speak German The Germans invade, and one is even billeted in their home, which is dangerous because they have been hoarding food and are trying to hide a picture that Genevieve s deceased father painted Food is scarce, her grandmother s health is precarious, and her best friend, Remy, is being sought by the Nazis She and her grandmother are trying to hide him, and work with the local Resistance workers Eventually, plans are made for Genevieve to escape to Switzerland Will she be able to leave her grandmother, even if it means getting home to New York Strengths This is a slightly different topic for a WWII book what life was like in areas that weren t being bombed but still suffered horribly because of the Nazis The story of ordinary people surviving against the odds is always interesting to me, and I think that students will like this because they will be able to put themselves in Genevieve s place.Weaknesses This is slightly slower paced than the books that my students typically like about WWII, but that does make it a good choice for sensitive readers who are assigned this topic What I really think Definitely purchasing I found myself identifying with Genevieve and really liked her.

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    A World War II story set in Alsace..Genevieve has been visiting her seemingly distant grandmother and gets caught up in the arrival of the Germans,,she chooses to stay behind knowing that her grandmother, who doesn t show her any affection, needs her..Genevieve is impetuous but kind hearted and she grows in person strength and courage as th demands of the war affect them all At times her youth and thoughtlessness causes difficulties but she grows in courage, confidence and self masteryThere is mystery, who is the traitor among them and a sense of the hardships a

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    Amazing Patricia Reilly Giff has always been one of my favorite children s authors and her gift for writing is well known She did a wonderful job with the plot and character development of all the characters This is an important historical fiction for children and adults to read together Genevieve is my hero

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    Thirteen year old Genevieve has spent the summer of 1939 visiting the grandmother she never knew in Alsace, France It s almost time to go home, but where is home Genevieve s parents died long ago and the beloved aunt who raised her is on sabbatical way up in the far north of Canada and Genevieve will be going to stay with Aunt Marie s friend in another town in New York Another town, another school, new friends how horrid Genevieve is dreading the return yet farm life isn t really for her Sure the animals are cute but her grandmother is not the warm and fuzzy type Then Genevieve makes the last minute decision to stay She feels like she s doing the right thing but when the Nazis march into town everything changes An officer takes over their home, their food, their animals, their lives Genevieve s grandmother remains stoic and strong but does Genevieve have what it takes to survive She soon learns things about her grandmother and her friends that surprise her and force her to make a difficult decision that could affect her future This is a unique WWII story being set in an Alsatian farming community For those who may not know, Alsace is a historically hotly disputed area bordering France and Germany Between the Franco Prussian War 1871 and the end of WWI 1918 Alsace was German Then in 1918 the region became part of France Genevieve s family identifies as French in their soul, like many others in real life and in the novel This became problematical when the Nazis came in and took over and forced everyone to become German Genevieve as an American is caught in the middle At first I was worried about her reasons for staying but she made the right choice It wasn t an easy choice or one that I would have made as an adult, let alone as a child It s easy to look back on the time and urge her to get out now, but the characters don t have the benefit of that hindsight The local color is amazing and I could easily picture the countryside, the farmhouse, the village and Alsace in general The author was sensitive to the history of the area and the identities of the people but the story is very pro French I could not put the book down until the end Typical of books for this age level, it does have a standard happy ending, omitting most of the atrocities of war It does mention bombs in the distance, concentration camps, book burning and Jew hating Nazis but most of the war violence doesn t directly affect Genevieve Genevieve is a typical young teenage girl at first She comes across as kind of bratty and selfish She just wants to be a kid riding her bike and flirting with a cute boy named R my Over the next few years she really grows up and finds her identity I loved watching her grow and the decisions she made She becomes very courageous and strong, like her grandmother M m is not your typical warm, farmhouse grandma She s had a tough life and gotten used to being independent Genevieve is a lot like her grandmother M m is revealed to be an incredible woman whom Genevieve grows to love and admire and the reader will too Genevieve s friend R my at first seems like he s amusing himself letting Genevieve tag along with him He too has hidden depths and becomes someone to admire Genevieve s best friend Katrin was not my favorite character in the book She is young, a bit stupid and naive I blamed her for the Nazi officer moving into M m s house to begin with Like Genevieve, Katrin has a lot of growing up to do The Germans are obviously the bad guys here Patricia Reilly Giff is one of my favorite children s authors because she honestly captures a child s voice The story is told from Genevieve s point of view and from her pov, the Germans are bad Remember, they don t have the knowledge we do of the atrocities committed They don t know what the future holds German Alsace could be the same as French Alsace as far as anyone knows in the beginning It only becomes clear the longer the Germans stay that Nazis are willing to go to any lengths to protect what they see as theirs The Germans are not ALL evil There are a few moments that surprised me and made the story really stand out because it wasn t so black and white I recommend this to readers ages 10 It s a must read as are most of Patricia Reilly Giff s books

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    Genevieve is a thirteen year old America girl who is visiting her Grandmother, Meme, on her farm in Alsace, France, for the summer before World War II begins Genevieve had never met her grandmother prior to the summer visit Meme is not your typical loving grandmother and is always pointing out Genevieve s clumsiness Meme is a strong independent woman, running her farm by herself Genevieve was to go back to New York at the end of the summer On the day she is leaving, she notices Meme has hurt her foot but Meme refuses to let that stop her from taking Genevieve to the train station Once at the train station Genevieve realizes that she cannot leave knowing Meme was hurt and may not be able to manage the farm Genevieve returns to Meme s farm and helps Meme than ever Shortly after she returns, a Nazi soldier decides to stay at Meme s house, sleeping in Meme s bed, eating all of their food, coming and going whenever Also, her friend Remy partakes in an act of sabotage and both Meme and Genevieve shelter him in the attic, while the Nazi soldier is staying in the house During this time, Genevieve and Meme started to build a stronger bond Meme shared stories with Genevieve about her father Meme also shares insight about who can be trusted, especially during the war Genevieve must figure out who she can trust, especially if she wants to help Remy escape France While helping Remy escape, she is given another opportunity to go back to New York but she refuses to go back until the war ends This is a historical fiction chapter book set in 1939 in Alsace, France Understanding the point in time is critical for historical fiction While the story is not necessarily about the specific events, it is important to ensure the setting as authentic to the actual event as much as possible The author clearly provides the setting of Genevieve s War Another aspect of historical fiction is the character resembles an ordinary person rather than important historical figures The story is told from Genevieve s perspective She is e s character is as much an ordinary thirteen year old in 1939 as someone in 2018, living a normal life until political actions are imposed and disrupt their normal life Throughout the book, she has decisions to make and sometimes she wishes she would have made a different decision but readers can relate to being in a position of having to make a decision based on what you believe, versus taking the easy route.This book would be most appropriate for children in grades third through eight The topic of war and the impacts war has on ordinary people will be too complex for younger readers This book would be a good supplement for students to read when they get to learn about World War II in the social studies or history books It gives a young teenage girl s perspective of what life looks like during a war, the struggle to survive when everything has been taken away, the fear and anxiety of supporting the resistance, and knowing who to trust.In my opinion this book captures everything historical fiction is meant to be The story is a historical point in time and shares the experience of what life was like before the war and during the war The story focuses on the decisions a young girl makes and grows over the course of the way Her character grows in strength and courage because of the circumstances given, the decisions she has made, and the impacts of her actions.

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    World War II stories are in high demand in our elementary library Focusing on Genevieve a young girl who risks her life to save French citizens in Alsace during the Nazi occupation of their town, is suspense filled with lots of nail biting details about the resistance, and ruthlessness of German troops during their occupation of this gentle country town Genevieve s War is about brave Genevieve a thirteen year old American girl who in 1939 makes the decision to stay in Alsace, France with her elderly stern grandmother, instead of returning to the comforts of the US By starting out with the end of the story, Patricia Reilly Giff injects an intriguing hook that makes the reader anxious to know what happens to them during the years leading up to the bombing Genevieve is an impulsive strong willed character who makes you cringe at some of her short sighted decisions Once I started reading this it was impossible to put down Readers who love historic fiction as well as kids who thrive on adventure books will want to find out what happens to brave Genevieve.

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    Summer, 1939 Alsace, France Genevieve, a young American has spent the summer with her crotchety old grandmother, helping on the farm With war impending, she is on her way home to New York At the last minute, Genevieve changes her mind and stays in France, much to her grandmother s dismay As Germany invades, and Nazis take over the farm, Genevieve must now try to survive in a country being torn apart by war The Nazis take their food, their valuables, and their friends And when her friend Remy is injured in an act of sabotage, Genevieve will hide him right over the Nazis heads But now, with suspicions running high and even friends turning traitor, Genevieve must determine who can be trusted with her most important secrets Genevieve s War is tale of quiet courage, a coming of age in the most difficult of circumstances Fans of WWII fiction will be drawn to the unique and well crafted setting in Alsace, while other readers will still appreciate the timeless perspectives on trust, courage and love A fascinating story that will keep readers engrossed from the beginning of the war to the end.

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Genevieves War summary pdf Genevieves War , summary chapter 2 Genevieves War , sparknotes Genevieves War , Genevieves War fed500c Thirteen Year Old American Girl Genevieve Has Spent The Summer OfAt Her Grandmother S Farm In Alsace, France Then She Makes An Impulsive Choice To Stay In France It Proves To Be A Dangerous Decision World War II Erupts The Nazis Conquer Alsace And Deport The Jews And Others A Frightening German Officer Commandeers A Room In Meme S Farmhouse And When Gen S Friend Remi Commits An Act Of Sabotage, Gen Is Forced To Hide Him In The Attic Right Above The Nazi Officer S Head Genevieve S War Is A Gripping Story That Brings The War In Occupied France Vividly To Life It Is A Companion Work To Lily S Crossing, A Newbery Honor Book

  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Genevieves War
  • Patricia Reilly Giff
  • 22 May 2017
  • 9780823438006

About the Author: Patricia Reilly Giff

PATRICIA REILLY GIFF is the author of many beloved books for children, including the Kids of the Polk Street School books, the Friends and Amigos books, and the Polka Dot Private Eye books Several of her novels for older readers have been chosen as ALA ALSC Notable Books and ALA YALSA Best Books for Young Adults They include The Gift of the Pirate Queen All the Way Home Water Street Nory Ryan