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Masculinity Goes to School summary Masculinity Goes to School, series Masculinity Goes to School, book Masculinity Goes to School, pdf Masculinity Goes to School, Masculinity Goes to School 6f2c5a9da2 As Issues Of Gender Reform In The School System Come To The Forefront In Popular Media, Stories Of How Girls Have Benefited At The Expense Of Boys Have Become A Common Lament Statistics Such As How Poorly Boys Perform On Exams As Compared To Girls Are Often Cited, Aswell As The Cost Of Programs Developed To Support Girls Masculinity Goes To School Gives A Balanced Overview Of The Issues Surrounding Boys And Education With In Depth Analyses Of How Popular Constructions Of Masculinity Affect All Aspects Of A Boy S Life, The Authors Examine What Is Really Happening With Boys In The School System Of The Environment In Which We Discuss Such Diverse Issues As Gender Paul Clark, McGill University, Montreal, CAN, In The McGill Journal Of Education, Spring

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    Oh dear I did a long review and the internet ate it So here goes the short version This book is still relevant although some research could be done on some of the specifics since it has been almost 2 decades Nevertheless most of the advice in the book is complex enough and practical enough that it is a real shame that it never really got rolled out mainstream and that even the changes that were made have been largely undone.The end notes suck although I know that that was the normal way to do them in the 90s I am glad that most things I read I don t have to look up and end note and THEN a bibliography to know where they are getting their ideas from But when it comes to thinking about boys at school and how they experience school and how teachers, girls and other boys experience themthis book is still pretty spot on in many ways A lot of the video game arguments I see argued all over the internet reallystill

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