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Solo quotes Solo, litcharts Solo, symbolism Solo, summary shmoop Solo, Solo aa9b3831 It All Starts At A Party, As These Things Often Do A One Night Stand With Far Reaching Consequences Momentarily Enad Guests Going Home With All The Wrong People An Unfaithful Wife Struck By Jealousy And Getting A Dose Of Her Own Medicine A Shocking Family Secret Revealed At The Worst Possible Moment One Fling Follows Another, And Now The Whole Community Is Embroiled In A Great Big Web Of Deceit, The Untangling Of Which Will Charm You, Amuse You, Make You Laugh And Make You Cry

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    Ugh Ugh, ugh, UGH I cannot begin to review this book, I just can t I am so DONE and OVER with Jill Mansell What is wrong with you What kind of sad life have you led to make you come up with such drivel I could not have thought her books could get any worse, but oh my God, they could They really could I wish there was a 0 star rating I could give this book to appease my anger and loathing for it How can ANYONE think this was worth 5 stars The characters are an embarrassment to humankind Pathetic female protagonist, who starts off as an independent, strong willed, funny even witty woman, turns into a lame, sad, annoying coward who runs away from her problems SEVERAL times An ass of a male protagonist, who is a known womanizer, sleeps around with anything that moves, filthy rich, and disgustingly self assured and arrogant, has a one night stand with this independent woman and BAM, is suddenly head over heels for her Not that it stops him from continuing to be an ass This is a book that promotes cheating, womanizing, and is self destructive There was nothing funny about it, nothing humorous, I found it painful to read and this coming from a person who actually ENJOYS chick lit and enjoys predictable love stories But this, THIS, is a story written to insult and humiliate There is nothing redeeming about it Not about Ross, not about Tessa, not about Holly and not about Max Nothing Holly being the typical best friend who does crazy things to attract Ross s other butt cheek Max And fails miserably until the last 2 pages Ross and Tessa play cat and mouse for 400 pages until they re finally happy in the last 2 or so This is a typical example of leaving a good, decent man for the disgusting kind Holly choosing Max over Adam Mansell is basically saying, the bad guys win, the bullies win it all I hate this book I hate it so much I hate every message the book tries to convey, and I hate the writing, and I hate the characters I hope they all burn in fiction hell Mansell, I ve given up every ounce of hope that was left since reading To the Moon and Back my first for you I am severely disappointed.

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    Let me tell you before hand that I love Jill Mansell s books as my reviews serve testimony They provide exactly what I crave a light quick and enjoyable read and sometimes even tend to surprise me Reading the blurb I knew exactly what I was getting into A story about a rich handsome playboy who falls in love with a free spirited independent girl as they play cat and mouse and all this ultimately leads to the happily ever after And that is precisely what this book was But alas in no way was I satisfied I don t mean to sound shallow or anything but I have had with all the baby pregnancy talk And this book has like a pregnancy overdose, every third character is spouting babies Seriously it bores me to death And I understand that Ms Mansell s readers consist of a major chunk of single moms or married women but one can only take it so far Tessa Duvall as the stubborn independent artist felt enchanting at first but soon seemed flippant As for the hero, Ross Monahan I hated him The only personality trait he had was handsome which somehow the author felt so necessary to mention on every page He s gorgeous, we get it The whole book was like a prolonged game of picking at rose petals and going, she will, she wont, she will, she wont There were times where I felt like screaming, argggghhhh, come back on track at once and get this over with The side characters were interesting but not enough to save this book The first part is good but it soon gets stretched and boringDO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS SHIT You can thank me later.

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    3.5 Stars To start off, I love reading Jill Mansell Her books are light and easy, a great escape, and just fun and funny to read They do require one to remember that they are reading fiction, and to not be bothered by the characters seeming lack of moral fortitude Solo is one of her earlier books, written initially about 25 years ago or so, but just released in the USA for the first time in 2018 I found it funny and great light reading for a vacation The characters are little loose though, and the book itself highlights what can happen when you have a bed partner and hope for no further attachment Or decide maybe you do Lots of quirky characters and misunderstandings, until things finally shake out right Recommended to her fans

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    I ve read quite a few Jill Mansell books and I ve started to notice the pattern that most of them follow The rich guy that sleeps around until he finds the perfect woman and falls in love with her in about five minutes in spite of her bland personality The beautiful best friend who is flighty and shallow but has a good heart Endless descriptions of what the characters are wearing some of which are bizarre orange pants and a purple sweater Is the author color blind The same phrases used over and over again He smiled slightly He spoke evenly He looked amused Predictability we know from the beginning which characters will get together but it doesn t happen until the last ten pages.And this book is no exception, though it s disturbing than the others Ross is a controlling, womanizing jerk, but for some reason, women throw themselves at him Because it s totally okay for a man to treat you like dirt as long as his good looks make your heart race Take a look at this line Sleep with Nico Coletto and I ll kill you And this one, even troubling, a few paragraphs later You re damn right you won t seduce him, he said grimly, circling the back of her hand with the point of his knife Was that a threat Ross also cheats on her with a married woman, Antonia, and runs off to comfort her when her husband dies He never proves that he is capable of being faithful later, Antonia conveniently moves to the U.S., otherwise she d probably always be interfering in his life yet, he and Tess have a happy ending Of course they do the author keeps saying they have chemistry, even though we ve seen no evidence of this Show, don t tell, Jill Mansell You know much you hate a character when he falls down the stairs and you re disappointed that he doesn t die I ve never read a book with unlikeable characters Not only that, but the story is boring, repetitive oh, Tessa disappeared again and drags on and on.I doubt I ll be reading any from this author.

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    I really enjoyed this one, but some of the characters were just too annoying to me It s funny that this is one of her most loved books and so far, it s my least favorite from her But still a solid four stars

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    Another fun read by Mansell.Mansell is great at weaving several plots together but not losing the reader s interest Mansell s books are full of surprises from one page to another I found it hard to put the book down Spoiler Alert This one was about Tessa She meets Ross and has a one night stand The consequences of this meeting begins the tangled web.The characters Holly Tessa s friend who is in love with Ross s brother MaxMax Ross s brother who is not one of my favorite characters He is in love with a very shallow actress named Francine.Grace works for Ross and Max Has some secrets of her own.Maxie Grace s motherAntonia having affair with RossRichard Antonia s husband Meets and falls in love with MaxieHappy ending.Enjoyed this

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    Solo is an awful story, totally a waste of time and money Irritating, infantile, TSTL heroine

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    This was adorablea typical Jill Mansell, my only issue was that it dragged on a bit so I did find myself getting impatient for the end but it was worth the wait

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    heerlijki boek voor tussendoor is te raden hoe het afloopt maar leest lekker weg.

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    This book really annoyed me at times Too predictable and the characters were shallow.

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