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    Book received from NetGalley.The essays in this book show the changing roles of women in agriculture especially in the early to mid 1900 s I think the main reason this book struck a chord with me is the fact that many of the essays could be discussing my grandmother, mother as well as many of my aunts who grew up on farms I spent quite a bit of my childhood on various family farms starting about a decade after the essays in the book end and I can see the changes in farming for women still continuing through that era.

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    A diverse, fascinating account of the roles women of many countries played in feeding the population over the years, from ladies who lunch, via agricultural workers, traders and teachers.Each contributor gives a comprehensive insight to the vital role women played to get food on the table.I was given a digital copy of this book by The University of Iowa via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review.

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Women in Agriculture download Women in Agriculture , read online Women in Agriculture , kindle ebook Women in Agriculture , Women in Agriculture 0e08ea3d13f0 Women Have Always Been Skilled At Feeding Their Families, And Historians Have Often Studied The Work Of Rural Women On Farms And In Their Homes However, The Stories Of Women Who Worked As Agricultural Researchers, Producers, Marketers, Educators, And Community Organizers Have Not Been Told Until Now Taking Readers Into The Rural Hinterlands Of The Rapidly Urbanizing Societies Of The United States, Canada, Great Britain, And The Netherlands, The Essays In Women In Agriculture Tell The Stories Of A Cadre Of Professional Women Who Acted To Bridge The Growing Rift Between Those Who Grew Food And Those Who Only Consumed It The Contributors To Women In Agriculture Examine How Rural Women S Expertise Was Disseminated And How It Was Received Through These Essays, Readers Meet Subversively Lunching Ladies In Ontario And African American Home Demonstration Agents In Arkansas The Rural Sociologist Emily Hoag Made A Place For Women At The US Department Of Agriculture As Well As In Agricultural Research Canadian Rural Reformer Madge Watt, British Radio Broadcaster Mabel Webb, And US Ethnobotanists Mary Warren English And Frances Dens Developed New Ways To Share And Preserve Rural Women S Knowledge These And The Other Women Profiled Here Updated And Expanded Rural Women S Roles In Shaping Their Communities And The Broader Society Their Stories Broaden And Complicate The History Of Agriculture In North America And Western Europe Contributors Linda M Ambrose, Maggie Andrews, Cherisse Branch Jones, Joan M Jensen, Amy McKinney, Anne Moore, Karen Sayer, Margreet Van Der Burg, Nicola Verdon