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Goldie Vance Vol. 2 pdf Goldie Vance Vol. 2, ebook Goldie Vance Vol. 2, epub Goldie Vance Vol. 2, doc Goldie Vance Vol. 2, e-pub Goldie Vance Vol. 2, Goldie Vance Vol. 2 1f54241f819 Nancy Who Goldie Vance Is On The Case The Adventures Of The Teen Sleuth Continue In This Second Volume Of The Hit Comic Book SeriesThe Adventures Of Goldie Vance, Teen Super Sleuth, Continue In The Second Volume Of This Hit Comic Adventure Collects Issues Of The SeriesSixteen Year Old Marigold Goldie Vance Lives At A Florida Resort With Her Dad, Who Manages The Place Her Mom, Who Divorced Her Dad Years Ago, Works As A Live Mermaid At A Club Downtown Goldie Has An Insatiable Curiosity, Which Explains Her Dream To One Day Become The Hotel S In House Detective When Charles, The Current Detective, Encounters A Case He Can T Crack, He Agrees To Mentor Goldie In Exchange For Her Help Solving The MysteryEisner Award Winning Writer Hope Larson A Wrinkle In Time The Graphic Novel And Artist Brittney Williams Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcatpresent The Newest Gal Sleuth On The Block With Goldie Vance, An Exciting, Whodunnit Adventure

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    Still mega cute Still obsessed YES.

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    This is Volume 2 of Goldie Vance It is a quick and fun read made up of 4 issues I need of the modern day Nancy Drew I find these stories joyous and fun Goldie is super smart and sharp witted She is brave and a great character to have I hope she is read This issues revolves around a mystery with an astronaut What s interesting is how they end up under water You have to read it to figure out why It s clever I thought There is a mod 70s feel to this issue There are mysteries to be solved and Goldie is the detective to do it.

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    I don t understand why this series isn t getting attention Diverse, fun, perfect for kids and adolescents, enjoyable art I read it myself as light entertainment The Lumberjanes girl power queer power crowd should be all over this.

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    I m really enjoying the 60s setting and mystery vibes from Goldie Vance The mysteries encountered so far have been excitingly, thrilling with great illustrations Again, perfect for fans of Nancy Drew It was easy to read with action straight away, I m a fan for sure

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    Updated tween Nancy Drew for the new century, though there s still a kind of Betty and Veronica innocence to it all Goldie is a wannabe detective, and she gets the opportunity to hone her skills This series will be popular with especially girls it has fluffy, goofy effervescence to the story, characterization and art that is pretty appealing.In this volume Goldie and her best friend Cheryl encounter a female astronaut with amnesia knocked out on the hotel s beach Thus, the mystery that focuses on Cheryl, her dream of being an astronaut, and some underwater action Goldie s cool mom takes a larger role in this one, too It s not just a solo detective series Goldie involves a wide group of friends and family Fun

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    This series is such a joy and volume two was just as good if not slightly better as the first I m loving these characters so much, the art style is gorgeous and the plots are easy to read, addictive and heaps of fun I also officially want to take all and any future style advice from Dianne and borrow a little of Goldie s gutsy attitude.

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    I was a little worried that after the magic of volume one, this volume would simply disappoint me But don t worry Goldie Vance volume two is just as cute and heartfelt In fact, I think I may have enjoyed it This one is marginally better than volume one in terms of having a coherent plot While the plot of volume two is no believable than that of volume one, I had issues with the odd pacing of volume one This book, however, keeps a faster pace throughout without abrupt transitions Definitely an improvement Can t wait for volume three

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    This comic is still very cute Ok sure, the plot is not very believable but it s nice to read and I love all the characters, who cares if the adventures they are involved in are a bit odd Not me, that s for sure Cheryl and Goldie are such good friends and I m really happy with how this second volume ended.

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    Volume 1 volume 2 I never thought I could love a comic book series this much but here we are Goldie Vance is such a joy to read That being because of the characters or the story it s impossible to say An energetic and witty 16 year old trying to solve mysteries, with the help of her friends and girlfriend How can you not love it The sixties setting creates such a fun atmosphere and is perfect for the book The focus on friendship as well as passion is what made this volume so beautiful.

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    A modern day Nancy Drew still set in the 60 s though Perfect for tween girls and fans of Lumberjanes This one also contains astronauts and deep sea divers I dig the simplistic art and vibrant colors.

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