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    Like a paper airplane, this book was like a smooth flight It was like background music Unfortunately, I wanted a roller coaster and rock and roll Give me twists and turns.This is a sequel to Bringing Down the Mouse I didn t read this one This time NASA recruits Numbers Charlie to find stolen moon rocks and he brings along his friends to join a national paper airplane tournament as a ruse to get closer to the thief.I realize that I m not the target demographic for this book But I did find the storyline simplistic and the characters flat And also the book hit one of my pet peeves of stupid passwords, twice For me, the book could have been saved if I felt an emotional connection to the characters But I didn t so this book just gets two stars from me.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Charlie Numbers This was a great middle grade novel that was entertaining, had an interesting plot and a setting that involved a paper plane contest How fun would that be to compete at building paper airplanes I m not a science whiz so I can t speak to the actuality that a paper plane could fly 180 feet or it certainly was believable In reading this, it was apparent that Charlie had another adventure that tested his mathematical skills yet this book completely stood on its own And I look forward to adventures of Charlie and the Whiz Kids The publisher provided me with an eARC This was my honest review.

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Charlie Numbers and the Man in the Moon download Charlie Numbers and the Man in the Moon , read online Charlie Numbers and the Man in the Moon , kindle ebook Charlie Numbers and the Man in the Moon , Charlie Numbers and the Man in the Moon 9e2caebdac13 Charlie Is Recruited To Use His Mathematical Prowess To Discover What Happened To A Box Of Stolen Moon Rocks In This Follow Up To Bringing Down The MouseCharlie Lewis Is Really Good At Math So Good, That He S Approached By A Mysterious Woman Who Needs His Help The Woman Is Carrying An Incredible Item An Actual Moon Rock, One Of The Most Valuable Objects On Earth, And She S Investigating The Theft Of A Box Of Moon Rocks From NASA S Vault At The Johnson Space Center, And Believes The Stolen Rocks Are Now In The Possession Of A Former AstronautAlthough She Claims To Work At NASA, Charlie Suspects She Is Something Else But He Decides The Adventure Is Too Good To Pass Up Charlie And The Whiz Kids Go Undercover By Entering The Smithsonian Air And Space Museum S Paper Airplane Contest, And Head Down To The Nation S Capital Working Together, They Master The Principles Of Aerodynamics, Wind Science, And Gravity To Excel In The CompetitionCharlie Must Decide How Far He Ll Go To Solve The Mystery Of The Stolen Moon Rocks Is He Willing To Betray A New Friendship Or Has He Unwittingly Been Drawn Into Something Even Bigger Than Some Missing Chunks Of The Moon