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Wormwood Mire: A Stella Montgomery Intrigue pdf Wormwood Mire: A Stella Montgomery Intrigue, ebook Wormwood Mire: A Stella Montgomery Intrigue, epub Wormwood Mire: A Stella Montgomery Intrigue, doc Wormwood Mire: A Stella Montgomery Intrigue, e-pub Wormwood Mire: A Stella Montgomery Intrigue, Wormwood Mire: A Stella Montgomery Intrigue c199f1fa1e9 This Spine Tingling Sequel To Withering By Sea Sees Stella Sent Away To The Moldering Old Family Estate, Where She Discovers Two Odd Cousins And A MysteryEleven Year Old Stella Montgomery Has Always Wondered About Her Family What Happened To Her Mother And Could She Have A Long Lost Sister Somewhere Stella S Awful Aunts Refuse To Tell Her Anything, And Now They Have Sent Her Stella Away To The Old Family Home At Wormwood Mire, Where She Must Live With Two Strange Cousins And Their GovernessBut Dark Secrets Slither And Skulk Within Overgrown Grounds Of The Moldering House, And Stella Must Be Brave If She S To Find Out Who Or What She Really Is

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    After Stella s wild adventure, she is determined to get some answers from her aunts about her past The Aunts are furious with Stella and refuse to answer questions Instead, they pack her off to stay with her cousins and their governess at Wormwood Mire, the Montgomery family s ancestral home Armed with a book of moral tales about naughty children, Stella is left to face her fate alone She discovers a mysterious village where people are afraid to go out after dark and an old, crumbling manor house full of secrets As Stella s memories of her early childhood return, she hopes she can finally solve the mystery of the babies in the photo With her cousins, Strideforth and Hortense, Stella explores the Manor and the grounds, discovering a monster that lurks below the surface of the lake Can Stella solve her family mystery or will she be eaten by the monster first This book sounds like Jane Eyre or Gothic novel of the Victorian period with a mysterious Manor and family secrets The story is not as compelling as in the first book In the first book the mystery is set up right away and Stella finds herself in danger This book has relatively little danger until the end of the novel It concludes satisfactorily and answers some of Stella s questions about her family history I loved Wormwood Mire and longed to explore it I wanted to read great great Grandfather Montgomery s diaries of his travels and the mysterious creatures he discovered The new characters here are Stella s cousins Strideforth and Hortense Strideforth is a young man of a scientific mind He is fascinated by science, technology and engineering I love his inventions though they don t necessarily sound all that helpful He s an enthusiastic explorer and a fun cousin He sounds like me, trying to find a rational explanation for things Hortense has selective mutism following her mother s death It doesn t ruin the story having a non verbal character for Hortense has an extreme affinity for animals and can communicate with them through vocal sounds Her naughty animal friends are the quirky, colorful characters in this novel I quite like Anya the ermine The trio make a great team and I hope they have adventures Their friend Jem is the son of the housekeeper cook for the Manor He is a spunky and cheeky lad who is a lot of fun I hope he joins Stella and her cousins for adventures As with books by Roald Dahl and Lemony Snicket, the adults are largely useless or just bad in this story I was surprised and a bit let down by the revelations at the end by one of the adults but it makes the story less predictable The adults give the book a creepy, gothic vibe.The monster plays a huge role in the book and can be considered a character in it s own right I was interested in learning about it If you liked Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets you will probably enjoy this book too.

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    Enjoyed this middle grade historical fantasy which reminded me of Eva Ibbotson Here is a link to my review of books 1 and 2

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    Wormwood Mire is even beautifully presented than Withering by Sea.The green ink font and illustrations generously scattered throughout the book make this a visual feast as well as a glorious, mysterious and slightly magical read.I was entranced with the new story from page one.Chapter One reveals a rather Harry Potteresque illustration of Stella sitting in a railway carriage by herself staring forlornly out the window She has been banished from her aunts for her bad behaviour at the end of the first book They feel she is in need of proper tuition and education and have decided to send her off to school with her cousins, Strideforth and Hortense.Fortunately for Stella, the cousins are kindred spirits Unfortunately for all three of them, the old family home, Wormwood Mire almost a character in itself is haunted by a mysterious and sinister creature that lurks in the woods.The pacing and tension in book two is tremendous Fast paced and convincing, Rossell has created a believable world that lives on the edge of feyness Wormwood Mire is far complex and engrossing than book one and takes us down a completely different path A path full of gothic adventure and lots of family secrets.Full review here

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    Stellas Tanten hatten sich wirklich M he gegeben, aus ihrer burschikosen Nichte eine vornehme junge Dame zu machen Doch nun haben sie die Nase voll und schicken das M dchen nach Wormwood Mire, auf den Stammsitz der Familie Die drei Tanten und Stellas Mutter sind dort aufgewachsen Das Foto einer jungen Frau mit zwei Kindern hat Stella schon auf der Reise aufgew hlt sollte sie eine Schwester gehabt haben Stella soll gemeinsam mit Cousin Theodor und Cousine Hortense von einer Gouvernante unterrichtet und erzieherisch zurechtgestutzt werden f r Stella eine schreckliche Vorstellung Das Haus stand 10 Jahre lang leer und schon gleich bei ihrer Ankunft h rt Stella munkeln, damals w re etwas Schauriges passiert Die Hausmeisterin Mrs Burdock w rde die Kinder am liebsten keine Minute aus den Augen lassen.Theodor interessiert sich f r die komplizierte Haustechnik eines so gro en Anwesens Ihm l sst die Frage keine Ruhe, warum auf Wormwood st ndig ohne Erfolg geheizt wird Wo bleibt die W rme Er ist berzeugt davon, dass es keine Ungeheuer geben kann, das w re wissenschaftlich erwiesen Stella ist sich da nicht so sicher Hortense spricht nicht und hat eine enge Beziehung zu Tieren Wer einen riesigen, aufdringlichen Albatros wie Henry im Haus hat, lernt schnell, sein aktuelles Buch stets mit einem gro en Stein zu beschweren, damit Henry es nicht zerfetzt Miss Araminter, die Gouvernante, l sst die Kinder die meiste Zeit in Ruhe, damit sie selbst sich mit der Pflanzenwelt des Anwesens besch ftigen kann Stella kann darum in aller Ruhe die Nase in den Expeditionsbericht des alten Wormwood stecken Der Vorfahr war Forschungsreisender und Sammler, so dass man sich auf dem Anwesen weder ber W rgereben noch ber giftige Tausendf ler wundern sollte Die Tanten w ren entsetzt, w ssten sie, dass die Kinder gemeinsam nicht nur Geheimnissen im Haus auf die Spur kommen, sondern auch das R tsel des Ungeheuers im See zu l sen versuchen Auf Wormwood werden Kinder bei ihren Abenteuern nicht nur nass und schmutzig, sie werden auch mit magischen Wesen und k nstlichen Sch pfungen aus der Welt des Steampunk konfrontiert Die drei Sch ler und der Enkel des Hausmeisterpaars geben mit ihren unterschiedlichen St rken ein tolles Team ab Ich konnte mich nur schwer entscheiden, ob ich mich lieber mit Stella und ihrem Interesse f r die gesamte Welt identifiziere oder mit Es gibt keine Monster und keine Meerjungfrauen Theodor Wenn am Ende der Buchdeckel ber einem berraschend spannenden viktorianischen Abenteuer geschlossen wird, hat Stella verst rende Tatsachen ber sich und ihre Herkunft erfahren angek ndigt Band 3 Wakestone Hall

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    I liked this first book better than the first one in the series It has a cheerful tone and a possible better future for Stella.However, the climax of the book, to my mind, was very similar to that of the first book.

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    I enjoyed Withering by Sea, but loved Wormwood Mire even better It s a little hopeful, the pace is wonderful and even gripping , and I love where this story is going The new characters introduced are engaging and interesting, and I can t wait to read what happens next in the series

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    Once again Judith Rossell has created a beautiful and immersive adventure.Stella is a great character, she is brave, curious and considerate I loved her in the first book and now in the sequel she is just as endearing She has new companions to help her along who are also very lovable Not only is the story beautifully written, but the book itself is lovely with great cover art and illustrations throughout.I would definitely recommend this book Great for kids and adults who love mystery and adventure.

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    What a gorgeous book I loved finding out about Stella s past as she looks for answers that nobody seems willing to give her all she has to go in is a old photograph Wormwood Mire was an amazing setting although I did miss the Hotel Majestic a little as well as all the friends that Stella made in the first book The illustrations are divine, the closer you look the details you see Looking forward to

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    I hope there s a third book What a great character Stella is, and how brave she is I love the twists in the story and the surprise near the end Lots to please everybody here Monsters lurking evil men ready to kill you What could you want Love the beautiful green ink illustrations by the author too.

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    Stella Montgomery lives with her three aunts in the Hotel Majestic They are raising her to be a proper young lady, not someone who wishes for and participates in adventures When a letter arrives from their cousin Frederick in which he tells them that he is sending his own children to the family estate, Wormwood Mire, and would love for Stella to attend with her cousins, they bundle her off with a suitcase and a book, A Garden of Lilies Improving Tales for young Minds.Stella is thrilled to get away, not just to leave the Aunts, but because she has hidden in her possession a picture of her mother at Wormwood Mire pushing a perambulator with two twin babies in it Could it be Stella and does she have a twin Living at the Mire are her cousins, Strideforth and Hortenese, and their Governess The place is a wreck, not lived in for many years The land is overgrown with strange plants and animals, for it seems their great great great grandfather, Wilbur Montgomery, was an adventurer and collector of oddities.Dark things are a foot around Wormwood Mire Strange events have occurred and animals and people have gone missing There are village rumors about a monster lurking in the woods As Stella tries to gather clues about her mother and maybe twin sister, a scary creature in the lake makes its presence known.When Jem, the grounds keeper s son, goes missing, only Stella, Strideforth and Hortenese find the clues that lead to his whereabouts and maybe a monster My Thoughts Bravo This book is full of wonder and adventure Middle graders are sure to love Stella and her cousins as they explore the strange Wormwood Mire and take on monsters in the forest I had not read the first book in the series, so it was sort of a shock, when around thirty pages in, Stella suddenly mentions that she has fairy blood and can make herself disappear Whoa But really glad the author popped that in there because it makes the rest of the book make sense.One thing I LOVED was the presence of A Garden of Lilies Throughout the story Stella mentions this horrible book that her Aunt s gave her and the terrible tales it tells with rhyming morals, such as, Modesty should be your aim, or you will surely come to shame, or Greedy children always tend, To meet with a disastrous end There are tons of them, and all of them are ideas that Stella eventually goes against They are so funny, I loved it every time they showed up.Another fun thing about the book is the Governess Her character is wonderful Strideforth describes her as the only Governess in the land willing to come to the dilapidated, old Wormwood Mire She is a true treat She loves biology and plants and thinks it great when the children go off exploring She creates poultices from herbs and wants to find killer plants to study.There is one thing I need to critique and it involves a SPOILER So, fair warning At the end of the book, Stella finally finds her twin and they discover their mother has been turned to stone and is a statue in the woods They both don t seemed overly bothered by this fact, and Stella, who has been on a quest for her Mother the whole time, let s it roll of her shoulder s very easily I expected some despair or major morning, but nope Plus, then after only seeing her sister for a couple pages, her sister gets whisked away What Why can t they be together The sister s guardian is fearful, but if Stella is out in the open, why can t her sister be with her Oh well, overall I enjoyed this book It has a mystery, a monster and several fantastical twists I m giving this book 4 stars I hope there is another book, because I really want to know who her mother was fleeing to meet in the woods when she got stopped A fairy husband perhaps

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