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Scarecrow files Scarecrow, read online Scarecrow, free Scarecrow, free Scarecrow, Scarecrow cbf06b861 It Is The Greatest Bounty Hunt In History The Targets Are The Finest Warriors In The World Commandos, Spies, Terrorists And They Must All Be Dead By Noon, Today The Price On Their Heads Almost Million EachAmong The Names, One Stands Out The Enigmatic Marine, Shane Schofield, Who Goes By The Call Sign Scarecrow Schofield Is Plunged Into A Race Around The World, Pursued By A Fearsome Collection Of International Bounty Hunters The Race Is On And The Pace Is Frantic As He Fights For Survival, In The Process Unveiling A Vast International Conspiracy And The Terrible Reason Why He Cannot, Under Any Circumstances, Be Allowed To Live He Led His Men Into Hell In Ice Station He Protected The President Against All Odds In Area But This Time It S Different, Because He Is The Target

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    Escapist literature gets a lot of leeway with me I mean, it s there for the sole purpose of passing someone s downtime Characters are usually walking clich s, and the plot revolves around something along the lines of we only have X amount of time to do something or Y is going to happen I m okay with this simplicity But I do have a problem when authors of escapist literature think that their readers are a bunch of morons I admit, I may not know all the technical details or the makes and models of all the weaponry, but trust me when I say I don t really need to know all that What I do need is nonstop action, a few tense moments, writing that is passable, and possibly even a love scene or two Other than that, I ll go to the capital L literary section.Matthew Reilly seems to know my wants He creates great characters, a suspenseful plot even if it is outrageously unbelievable and enough action that would make any adrenaline junky satiated ICE STATION was awesome CONTEST was fun with a sci fi element And then there is SCARECROW This story follows one Shane Schofield, military badass There is price on his head and some of the other leading heroes and villains of the world Someone wants them all dead The story is pretty straightforward fight, escape, fight some , escape again in a ridiculously clever way, fight some , escape, and fight some and then Reilly throws a wrench at the reader HE KILLS OFF ONE OF THE BEST CHARACTERS IN THIS SERIES Okay, I could go on for hours how stupid it is when an author kills of a likeable character, but I ll keep my mouth shut Let s just say, and I m speaking directly to you Mr Reilly, you better write one heck of a follow up to this novel.Where was I oh, yes SCARECROW is a prefect example of escapist literature and one that you will not be sorry for reading Just don t get attached to the characters too much.RECOMMENDED

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    The writing style is simple as shit, the suspense is frantic as hell, the action is incredibly ridiculous, and our favorite action hero Shane Scarecrow Schofield is one badass mofo Just Trying to describe it Matthew Reilly style, complete with swearing p Schofield escaped from a huge submarine under attack after he blasted a missile from it to the tower of a missile silo, which the bad guys destroyed under his feet just as he jumped from the 15 story rooftop to a flying fighter plane that is there to kill him as well, and then he was hanging outside that flying fighter plane, and in the end he hijacked it and just went his merry way flying that plane And ALL these happen in just the very first chapter I didn t even mention the destruction of a massive seawater gate Yet another slow day for Scarecrow, because the real action and thrillride hadn t even started Any single Scarecrow thriller is like ten big budget, completely insane, madcap, off the wall, bombastic Hollywood summer action blockbusters all rolled into one, and them some And no one and I do mean NO ONE can write such unadulterated popcorn fun thrill a second nonstop action bonanza like Matthew frekkin Reilly In the end, whatever happens, fear not people, Scarecrow will ALWAYS have his trusty magical Maghook with him to get him out of countless impossible situations in the last seconds, and I ll have Matthew Reilly s insanely outregious pure FUN Action Adventures to bring me from my reading slumber in one mighty grab, and won t let me go till I finish to the last page and grin like an idiot to all the unbelievable WHAAAA situations D This Scarecrow novel, and by extension the whole Scarecrow series is hands down literally my most favorite frantic adrenaline rush read I ve EVER had the pleasure to enjoy, all the while I know this along with almost all of Reilly s works is as much a so called trash fiction as its simply junk food entertainment I guess that says volumes to my literary taste, and guess what I don t give even a little shit.

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    One stormy night, a lonely college junior sat in his starkly lit college dorm room, deciding how best to procrastinate on all things school He had recently read Ice Station, a novel about some badass military dude who shot bad guys, did acrobatic combat tactical , and killed Orcas like no other And he did it all while wearing sunglasses, cause he had some sort of eye thing that made him have to wear sunglasses Honestly, who remembers.That night, the lonely college junior decided to try reading one of the sequels, titled Scarecrow Ice Station was a readable book, though it felt like an amateur effort from a first time author who hadn t actually figured out the whole be a writer thing The lonely college junior decided to give him a second chance, because Jack Bauer wasn t on again till Monday and that was like 4 days away The lonely college junior needed somebody to shoot somebody in the face while screaming about nukes and The President, and he needed it now.Thus began his foray into Scarecrow He had hoped that the author, Mr Matthew Reilly, had honed his flailing and alphabets into something forming coherent thought This was an ignorant mistake Instead, there were lots of descriptions of guns, lots of italics and exclamation points in the narrative paraphrasing He pulled the knife out of the bad guy s throat , and generally read like something a 5 year old would say while playing with his Hot Wheels and GI Joes But let s not insult the 5 year olds.Mr Reilly had killed several characters in his previous effort, but upon sitting down to write the sequel, he decided he had really no other ideas for characters and decided to introduce a father of one deceased character with an identical callsign but with a 2 after it It was sort of like if JK Rowling had decided to kill Ron in the first novel, then introduced Ron 2 in the sequel Rich, compelling stuff.After slogging through Scarecrow, skimming large portions of it action scenes went on for many lengthy chapters with literally zero plot development , the lonely college junior sat down and decided that he could write a better novel than this crap actual quote And so he began his 5 year long foray into the world of long form writing, a hobby he retains to this day and enjoys thoroughly.So yes, Scarecrow has the dubious honor of being a book so horrible, so painfully bad, that it inspired a bored college kid to write his own book Because if Matt Reilly can get published, anybody can Anybody.

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    3 starsWhat I Liked.As usual, I enjoyed reading Matthew Reilly s because of the action scenes Only this time it was way interesting because it s Schofield himself is was in danger.What I Disliked.The author KILLED one of important characters Fox WHY DID HE DO THAT I am officially emotional distraught I can t review much Bye.Read on your own peril.

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    Scarecrow is the third novel in Matthew Reilly s Capt Shane Scarecrow Schofield series I ve read the first one, Ice Station and it reads like a Hollywood action blockbuster Lots of blowing things up, rapid fire shoot outs, miraculous escapes from impossible situations and plenty of blood and gore I was expecting this one to be pretty much the same and it was And then some A list is compiled of 15 targets, all of whom must be dead by 12 noon New York time 26th October The list is comprised of the worlds most deadliest commandos, spies and terrorists They all have a whopping price of 18.6m on their heads Bring any head to a castle in France and you ll get your reward And don t even think about trying to fake one, because that won t go down well The men on the list all have one thing in common and that skill could stop a group of power hungry billionaires from owning the world.Shane Schofield is of course, on that list He s blissfully unaware of that fact as he drops in to Siberia on a mission that turns out to be a fake A set up A trap so that Schofield s head can be collected Unfortunately for the bounty hunters after him and there are many, from all over the world Schofield isn t really into having his head removed from his body And he s got all sorts of skills and weapons at his disposal to make sure that doesn t happen.Exiting Siberia in a plane he steals from one of the bounty hunters out to kill him, he flies to Afghanistan where his girlfriend Elizabeth Fox Gant is leading her own mission into Taliban caves She s at risk from the bounty hunters who would take her in order to lure Scarecrow, and of course, this is what happens Everyone all sort of arrives in Afghanistan together although that s not all about Gant, there s also two people who is on the list in the caves, a British SAS soldier and a high ranking Taliban officer type person, whatever they re called An angel of sorts arrives also, and he s on Scarecrow s side The Black Knight is a former Delta, black listed and on the most wanted list For some reason, someone is paying him to keep Schofield alive and combat those who want him dead and his head on a stick There s some spectacular shooting with lots of fancy weapons and some nifty warfare tricks that I m not even sure exist yet And then Scarecrow and Co escape in yet another plane And that s not even remotely the most ridiculous thing in this book.Let s be frank The book is ridiculous On all sorts of levels There are hijacked planes, people sliding down fuel lines from one plane to another as they are refueling in the air, there are people parachuting out of things or into things, ejecting from planes, several different types of submarines, escaping from being squashed by a 100,000 tonne tanker sinking to the bottom of the English channel and there are literally, billions of bullets fired People are decapitated, shot, stabbed, thrown out of planes, beheaded by a guillotine, eaten by tiger sharks, microwaved to death and burned alive by boiling oil I don t think there is a method of killing someone that has been overlooked in this novel There are Russian fighter planes Huge sea tankers Lamborghini Diablo s Choppers of every description Fighter planes from every corner of the globe A billionaire secret society Warheads And probably a hundred things that I ve neglected to mention.Despite the ridiculousness of it all, it was entertaining The style is very fast paced, staccato like with very minimal dialogue and character development The story is all told as an action sequence, with characters thinking during the sequences rather than pausing to regroup and plan There is lots of onomatopoeia usage BOOM THUNK KER THUD SMACK etc The sentences are short, sharp, frequently interrupted like this and then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM Something explodes.Basically, lots of things explode An impossible number of things explode Just imagine the most action packed movie you ve ever seen and then make about 200 things explode And then you have this book.Some books you read for the beautifully crafted writing style Some you read for intricate and wonderful plots Some you read for the amazing character development and the identity you can find with the characters And some books you just read for fun This book falls into the latter category It s far fetched, over the top, breathtakingly quick and action from go to whoa I did enjoy it and I d like to read Area 7 the middle Scarecrow novel which I haven t got yet.

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    It s been a while since I read a Matthew Reilly book I finished Scarecrow about two days ago, and my brain is still going BOOM Zoom Swoosh and thinking in italics.Like all of the other Matthew Reilly books I ve read, this one was fast paced and full of action It was a flat out gallop from beginning to end, with all of the action that Matthew Reilly is known for.It was an enjoyable read, if not a deep one, and this review is basically three and a half stars The extra half star is for the emotional moment when view spoiler he bravely killed off Fox Gant, and for the moment a bit later in the book when I thought he d killed Mother as well hide spoiler

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    What a fantastic read I don t want to say too much about the story as I don t want to give anything away and spoil someone elses enjoyment Can t wait to read the next Scarecrow book.

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    Este libro me ha resultado fascinante Pocas veces he leido algo que me tuviera constantemente en tensi n, mordi ndome las unes para saber que iba a pasar a continuaci n Era como estar viendo una pel cula de Misi n Imposible No era lo que esperaba encontrarme al leer la sinopsis pero el cambio no ha acabado por decepcionarme cosa que al principio parec a que iba a pasar porque me imaginaba que la historia estaba m s centrada en la cazer a de varios individuos y no solo en Shane La culpa fue m a por no informarme de que este libro era parte de una saga A n as me ha encantado y voy a seguir leyendo otros t tulos de Matthew Reilly.

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    It has taken me a long time to pick up this book in the series, partly because my local library didn t have it, partly because I can only handle so much action in a book What I mean by that is the details in Matthew Reilly s books coupled with the magnitude of technical information seems to lose me in some places But I have to say, this was the biggest and most fearful bounty hunt story I ve ever read, not to mention the creativity that went into the massive conspiracy derived globally by 12 of the richest and most powerful men around God, this was exciting I did have to gaze over some of the specs of all the guns, machines, planes, choppers, vehicles, and computer stuff, but it did not take away from the suspense or the personal emotions I felt for each character I LOVE the way Matthew Reilly writes, but I m a little sad that he killed off a couple of my favorite characters, which gives me pause as to why I should pick up the next in this series Excellent and brilliant Loved this one.

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    A shady group of billionaires the Council publish a list of 15 people with a reward of 18.6 million per head causing a worldwide bounty hunt Primarily military men, the basis for the list is unclear, but Shane Scarecrow Schofield is on the list Starting at an abandoned facility in Siberia, killers are after him and the others in a non stop series of attacks A surprise ally assists Scarecrow, but I found there was too much action at the expense of a plot inciting global trouble.

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