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Regency Romance pdf Regency Romance , ebook Regency Romance , epub Regency Romance , doc Regency Romance , e-pub Regency Romance , Regency Romance b43d3b4f018 Regency Romance Laura And The Captain, Book One Of The Dowagers Pact Trilogy, Is A Short Story By Amelia Fernside Who Says You Have To Be Young And Beautiful To Find A Suitable Husband Laura Was The Same Woman Inside, The Same Woman Who Fell In Love With Percy Willoughby, The Same Woman Who Loved The Seaside And Epic Poems, Yet Her Wrapping Was So Different At Her Age Her Hands Had The Quality Of Ancient Parchment, And Her Blonde Hair Had Transformed Into Strands Of Silver She Met With Her Two Closest Friends, Dowagers Both They Were Aging Alongside Her, Which Made It Palatable, Yet There Was A Hollowness Within Laura Missed Being Part Of A Partnership She Missed Having A Man In Her Life She Had Been A Wife For So Long It Had Become An Integral Portion Of Her Identity She Would Never Cease Being A Mother, A Grandmother, A Friend, Or A Poet So She Could Scarcely Stop Being A Wife Thus Began The Strange And Wonderful Odyssey Of Three Dowagers Who, In The Face Of Society S Scorn, Decided To Shun The Regency Rules Of Romance, And Find New Love Because Love Was Important Than Anything But Their Journey Wasn T Easy Laura Eventually Met Retired Army Captain Charles Parry, A Tormented War Veteran Whose Past Wouldn T Quite Stay In The Past Charles Was A Volatile Sort Time And Time Again, Just When Laura Thought She Might Be Falling In Love With Charles, He Exploded And Broke Up Their Relationship Then He Would Apologize, And They Would Try Again But He Refused To Tell Laura What Was Troubling Him Finally He Told Her Everything Laura Reluctantly Agreed To Give Him One Chance All Seemed To Be Going Well Then A Man Appeared Who Had Been A Soldier In Captain Parry S Unit He Had A Gun, And He Pointed It At Charles And Then At Laura Free On Kindle Unlimited, Or JustCents

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    It was not quality content.This wasn t even up to the standards of a decent romance novel The plot had very little conflict the characters , Even though they were of a mature age acted very immature And on the whole, not of a standard novel length A Reader wants to have a novel that they can really sink your teeth into, characters that they can fall in love and identify with, And a plot that will make the readers mind thinking work for well they are won t they make it to the end of the novel This work, is lacking all of that and I would not recommend anyone to read it.

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    This is the the sixth Regency short story I have read by Amelia Fernside, She is a master at her craft As a senior myself with a spouse or nearly 54 years I can relate to the premise that Laura would and should find love again after losing her husband It is rare for protagonists in their sixties to be depicted in romance stories I applaud Ms Fernside for taking on the task The anguish Charles felt over the long ago loss of soldiers in his command created the extra drama that kept the pages turning A high point for me was when Charles plead for leniency for the soldier who attempted violence against himself and Laura I look forward to reading anything written by Amelia Fernside Well done

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    This is a well researched and well written historical novel about an older woman, a widow, a dowager, who doesn t want to spend the rest of her life alone She and her two dowager friends make a pact to pursue love together This is the first story of the trilogy, and I m looking forward to the other two It was so nice to see mature women approach finding a mate in a mature way with definite goals and preferences in mind With the social restrictions of the time, it was quite bold for them to do this I loved it Her man is complex, dark and confusing sometimes, but she is determined to find out what s troubling him and help him through it There s a mystery built into the romance story, and that makes it interesting as their relationship unfolds.

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