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Ten Little Bridesmaids (Ten Little Bridesmaids #1) summary Ten Little Bridesmaids (Ten Little Bridesmaids #1) , series Ten Little Bridesmaids (Ten Little Bridesmaids #1) , book Ten Little Bridesmaids (Ten Little Bridesmaids #1) , pdf Ten Little Bridesmaids (Ten Little Bridesmaids #1) , Ten Little Bridesmaids (Ten Little Bridesmaids #1) 83b8454bdb The Ten Little Bridesmaids Cozy Mystery Serial Is An Homage To The Best Selling Mystery Of All Time It Is Full Of Thrilling, Heart Stopping, Can T Put The Book Down Cliff Hangers And This Is Part One When Quincy McKay Said She D Rather Die Than Be A Bridesmaid, She Didn T Mean It Literally A Getaway To A Remote Island Mansion, With Her Fianc Alex, Becomes Anything But A Vacation When Quincy Provides Flowers For His Friend S Wedding After She Drops Off The Bridal Flowers At The Harmony Lodge, Her Duties As One Of Ten Bridesmaids Begin Each Of The Other Bridesmaids Has A Secret In Their Past, And As The Group Becomes Secluded From The Outside World, One By One, Those Secrets Are Revealed And One By One, Each Bridesmaid Dies Is It All A Silly Game, Or Will Quincy And Her Friends Become The Last Casualties Of Something Far Sinister

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    Standing in a rowGreat start to the serial, and continuation of the series I m a little down by Quincy and her low self esteem, it seems that K.C and Alex combined can t bring it up Hopefully, it gets better as the story goes on She has no reason to feel so low

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    I only gave this book or episode 3 stars because I now have to buy the rest of the series to find out what happens next.I enjoyed what I have read so far but would have preferred it to be one complete book instead of indiviual episodes.

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    Ugh oh Is it a real murder or a murder mystery at the wedding This installment goes through the morning after and leaves you hanging Off to find book 2.

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    I truly enjoyed the book Annie Adams kept you interested throughout the book However, it was so well written ended on an awesome cliffhangerI can hardly wait until the next one comes out, which I hope is soon

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    A story book wedding to be held in an historic island mansion sounds like a romantic story But when Quincy is hired ok Rosie s Posies is hired, Quincy is the boss to do the flowers along with another florist, you know there will be problems Quincy s fiance is in the bridal party, and when one of the bridesmaids can t be in the wedding, Quincy is also pressed into service as a bridesmaid The only problem is well there are so many problems I don t know where to start With the accidents The flirting The nasty attitudes The spooky house The isolation I think you will just have to read it for yourself I turns out to be unlike any wedding preparation I have ever heard of or imagined You will laugh at K.C., Q s shop assistant, as she is determined to party no mater what happens The romantic weekend Quincy had imagined isn t happening, and everything is in an uproar At least the bride and groom are happy To find out about the rest of the 20 people staying in the isolate home, you have to read the book.My complaint is the same others have expressed it is much too short The author has done a great job in setting us up for the murder and all the motives of the bridal party The cliffhanger is almost unbearable I hope the next book comes out very quickly The writing is good and fraught with innuendoes I can t wait to see what happens next

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    A Full BouquetI am so glad I discovered Annie Adams a few books back Here, she continues her knack of combining light texture with what in other hands might be a run of the mill murder mystery Her characters are well drawn and Adams writing style keeps them smoothly intermingling In this first episode a crime may or may not have been committed but so much other fun stuff is happening, the reader hardly notices What a rewarding, relaxing read

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