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Fish boy quotes Fish boy, litcharts Fish boy, symbolism Fish boy, summary shmoop Fish boy, Fish boy 8b8b952e Billy Is A Lonely Boy He S Obsessed With Swimming In The Sea, Which Is Where He Goes To Wash His Problems Far, Far Away Thanks To His Mum S Mystery Illness, His Dad Has Been Forced To Work Extra Hours To Make Ends Meet, So Billy Locks Himself Away With David Attenborough Films, And Ponders The Magic Of Nature Meanwhile At School, Bullies Mercilessly Seize On Billy S Otherness And Make His Life As Miserable As Possible But Then New Boy Patrick Green, With Fingers Like Steel, Strength Of A Bear , Joins Billy S Class And When A Mackerel Swims Up To Billy S Face, Blows Bubbles Into His Vista Clear Mask Goggles And Says Fish Boy Billy S Whole World Changes

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    Readathon 12 26 2011 .The book was a fantastic adventure in Billy s life Billy is a student of elementary school who lives to be in the sea that s why They all calling him fish boy.But everything changes in his life when his mother gets sick Then the imagination and reality become a tangle that complicates and make up this magical book that at some points reminds you of your own childhood and your own magical worlds.3.5 Sea Stars

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    Incredibly creative This is a beautiful book with so much to talk about Billy s view of the world is so fresh and imaginative, a unique look at the world I really like the way that topics are covered within this story from his mum s illness to his struggle with friendships We go on a journey with Billy while he learns to cope and let new people into his world side note I think everyone needs a Patrick in their life The writing of this book is so well done, as a reader I felt how Billy felt and experienced life A really well written and beautifully told story.

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    Billy is a boy who has a hectic life and struggles to make sense of it all His Dad is hard working and busy while his Mum held back by a condition that he doesn t want to face yet He also has no friends and is bullied by the children at school who have given him the nickname fish boy Billy uses swimming in the sea to escape his life it is there where he feels most alive It is also here that Billy comes face to face with a talking fish It is not until a new boy, Patrick, moves to his town that he finds someone who he can share this strange experience with As the tale unfolds, it is Patrick who helps Billy to come to terms with himself, his mum s condition and how to enjoy the world he lives in Daykin has written a truly great novel here, it has a delicate mix of humour, anxiety and warmth that makes it so Daykin s writing is fantastic, she makes you feel Billy s anxiety and stress with the world and the relief that is felt when he finally comes to accept himself and his ill mother is felt by the reader as much as him Billy is a complex and well written character, I felt myself getting frustrated with him at times as there were characters who were eager to help him But then that in itself is the manifestation of the anxiety that he feels himself the personal battle that leads to pushing people away I loved Patrick he was determined to help his friend and his admittance of his own stress of being forced to move around due to his Dad s work was very touching and well done I loved Daykin s choice of having Billy s mum have ME Growing up with a family member who has an often misunderstood and difficult to deal with condition MS in my case , I can say that is it really important that children are exposed to literature featuring rare conditions as while they may be rare they are not alone in the feelings they feel towards a loved one I would love to use this novel with my class to explore the emotions that I have discussed, and beyond.

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    Superb original, heart warming, shocking and magical There s so much to wonder at in this brilliant story Hard to believe its a debut I can t wait to see what Chloe Daykin writes next.

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    I have mixed feelings about this one There were many things I loved about it but also elements I found quite bizarre I have found myself thinking about it a lot since I put it down a good sign A strange tale.

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    Fish Boy is a gorgeous book, full of wonder and humour It deals with difficult subjects in a unique and engaging manner that draws you deep into its watery world Fantastic.

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    What an excellent debut by Daykin a book whose words and narrative read so much like David Almond and yet was entirely Daykin s own The story is one in which a young boy with an incredible memory of the natural world particularly anything shared by Attenborough tries to come to terms with a family event which he finds too challenging to accept alongside all the other things that are going on in his life Without giving anything anyway, it is the partnership between Daykin and Jones illustrations that help raise this book even higher the prose was strong enough to stand on its own but I can t deny that those spreads with Jones work brought the reading experience to another level The play, when it happens, between words and image make for a different, immersive experience The pictures are not tokenistic at all They serve that purpose of drawing the reader in.A wonderful first novel for children and I shall be watching Daykin s work with great interest.

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    RECENSIONE COMPLETA SUL BLOG IL SALOTTO DEL GATTO LIBRAIOhttps ilsalottodelgattolibraio.blog Fish Boy la storia di un bambino di 12 anni, Billy Shiel, amante della natura, ma soprattutto delle teorie del suo mentore invisibile, il naturalista Sir David Attenborough.Billy un bambino introverso, timido, solo e forse, proprio a causa di questo, spesso si ritrova ad essere bullizzato dai compagni di scuola Per fortuna che a strappargli un sorriso, ci sono il nuoto e il mare l acqua il suo ambiente naturale ed qui che riesce ad avere qualche momento spensierato Anche in casa infatti la situazione non delle migliori, sua madre sembra essere preda di una misteriosa malattia che la rende ogni giornio sempre pi stanca e debole.E sar proprio durante una delle sue incursioni in mare, che Billy far un incontro molto particolare si ritrover infatti, faccia a faccia con un piccolo pesce ma non un pesce qualunque uno sgombro parlante possibile che con tutti i problemi che ha, ora inizi ad avere anche le allucinazioni Penso sia come i lividi La gente capisce quando qualcosa ti fa male solo quando quel dolore visibile, quando lascia il segno E quando questo succede, in effetti il male passato, la gente crede a quello che vede Se lo vedi, ci credi E se la gente non lo vede, un tuo problema Ti lasciano solo Sempre pi demoralizzato e in netta difficolt nel gestire sia le forvianti situazioni a scuola che in casa, Billy sull orlo della depressione adolescenziale, trova uno spiraglio di luce attraverso il suo nuovo compagno di scuola, Patrick.Patrick non giudica, non disprezza ma soprattutto ascolta e quando Billy ormai chiamato da tutti Fish Boy per la sua pelle che increspata come le onde, gli riveler l incontro con il pesce, Patrick lo sproner a vincere le sue paure e andare in fondo alla questione.Fish Boy una storia dolce, originale che con delicatezza parla affronta temi molto attuali e importanti come il bullismo, o l incapacit di riuscire ad emergerne da soli e di trovare il coraggio di chiedere aiuto una storia commovente, emozionante, adatta soprattuto ai ragazzi che frequentano le medie o le superiore e che spesso sono vittime di bullismo.Fish boy apparentemente sembra una storia semplice ma in realt evidenzia molti problemi come il passaggio dall et infantile all adolescenza o come, la malattia di un genitore, si rifletta sulla vita del proprio figlio.Fish Boy per anche una bellissima storia di amicizia, quella tra due bambini che hanno in comune la solitudine ma che alla fine si ritrovano e si aiutano ovviamente va evidenziata anche quell amicizia spettacolare, particolare e quasi utopica, tra l uomo e la natura.Lo stile di Chloe Daykin semplice ma al tempo stesso anche molto particolare e ve ne accorgerete soprattutto quando il nostro protagonista, Billy, incontrer il piccolo pesce parlanteChe altro dirvi se non che questo libro ha anche una veste grafica magnifica Lo consiglio veramente a tutti

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    I listened to this book as an audiobook from Whole Story Audiobooks, narrated by Scott Turnbull Firstly, I cannot reccomend enough that if you are to read this book, to your child or for a fun children s YA read, PLEASE listen to the audio edition Scott Turnbull s narration is absolutely, lough out extremely very loud, OUTSTANDING And second everyone should read this book I have genuinely never laughed out loud so much at a book, and it was just absolutely charming and delightful The book follows the story and internal dialogue of Billy, a David Attenborough and nature enthusiast, especially with all things that are under the sea It blends together the struggles of being a boy who is different, along with addressing the impact of M.E, and also, some whimsical, somewhat fishy discussion too I ll leave it at that as I don t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn t read the book yet This book is so wonderfully written as a twenty five year old reader as apposed to the older child YA market , I found it so enjoyable it bought me back to a mindset of when I was younger and fascinated with everything around me Chloe Daykin has absolutely represented the essence and natural beauty of the mindset of a child the wonder, the awe, that so many adults forget along the way of growing up and I m so glad she wrote this fantastic book to allow me to experience that again If you re reading it to children, it holds so many morally important messages, but presents it in such a fun, lighthearted way that will be relatable and understandable to the desired reading group And to end my review with my favourite quote of the whole book, my lobster alarm clock is beeping its pincers off

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    2.5Billie un ragazzino di dodici anni innamorato del mare e del nuoto, con una madre malata e una vita scolastica tormentata dai bulli.L unico suo sfogo l acqua con i suoi pesci, che sembrano comunicare con lui, e Patrick, un nuovo compagno di scuola che si trasforma presto nel suo migliore amico.Avrei tanto voluto che Fish boy mi piacesse.Non un brutto libro, non lo per nulla, solo che non il libro adatto a me, probabilmente a causa dell et del protagonista.Nonostante questo, un libro con temi importanti trattati con delicatezza, in modo da poter essere affrontati anche da lettori pi giovani il bullismo, la malattia, l apatia e la difficolt che i pi sensibili hanno nell elaborare alcune situazioni sono elementi che emergono bene al fianco di quelli pi positivi, come l importanza della famiglia e dell amicizia.Il problema, secondo me, che un po confusionario nella scelta di rappresentare come una sorta di realismo magico un messaggio metaforico importante come quello che Fish Boy nasconde.Ecco perch , per quanto lo abbia apprezzato, non sia riuscita a farmi conquistare.Nonostante ci , dato anche lo stile molto scorrevole e intimo, dato dal POV in prima persona di Billie, lo trovo molto adatto ad un pubblico giovane e curioso, capace di godersi una bella avventura e magari anche un bel messaggio.

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