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An Intimate Arrangement (Zebra Regency Romance) files An Intimate Arrangement (Zebra Regency Romance), read online An Intimate Arrangement (Zebra Regency Romance), free An Intimate Arrangement (Zebra Regency Romance), free An Intimate Arrangement (Zebra Regency Romance), An Intimate Arrangement (Zebra Regency Romance) 7d7554e6c A DETERMINED MISS Marianna Madison Cannot Believe Her Good Fortune A Distant Uncle Has Bequeathed Her A Small Estate Now She Can Be Independent At Last No Sooner Does Her Family Take Up Residence Than Their Precious Haven Is Invaded By A Stranger Who Claims He Is The Rightful Owner Forced To Live Together Until Their Solicitors Can Determine With Whom Actual Ownership Lays, Marianna Finds Herself Decidedly Attracted To The Enigmatic Major Beauleigh A WILLFUL MAN All Major Ulrick Beauleigh Wants Is Peace, Quiet, And A Chance To Recover From The Harrowing Experiences Of War What He Finds Instead At Seven Hills Is An Exasperatingly Independent Young Woman, His Rival For The Estate Rick Is Prepared To Engage In Fierce Battle For The Scene Of His Happiest Memories But He Cannot Ignore The Needs Of Miss Madison S Near Destitute Family Or Resist Marianna S Valiant Efforts To Create A Comfortable Home For Both Of Them Together

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    Two elderly brothers are fighting over the same piece of property each doing something with it to spite the other Cecil Madison has given the estate to his great niece but his brother, Arthur, claims to have sold it The solicitor suspects Cecil of lying for he s never done a kind thing in his life Miss Marianna Madison is thrilled to have a home no matter how derelict She and her little brother Robin and their old nurse Blessing had been living in a two room tenant cottage Their new home needs work but Marianna is certain she can teach village girls foreign languages, music and art It s not ideal but it s a start Perhaps they ll even take in borders since they re close to Newmarket Then Major Ulrick Beauleigh shows up informing everyone that he has purchased the estate and nothing will stand in his way of claiming it Marianna refuses to give up easily and stands her ground The two have no choice but to share the house until the solicitor works out the paperwork to determine the rightful owner Marianna considers Major Beauleigh a proud, stubborn man and he feels the same way about Marianna because she refuses all his offers of help He can t just let her family starve She s the only one in the house who seems to hate him and he can t figure out why Her beautiful cousin Isabelle certainly doesn t seem to hate him All Ulrick wants is peace and quiet to be left alone to recover from his war wounds He may discover that alone equals a loneliness he s never felt before Despite the really unrealistic premise, this story is actually quite cute Marianna is very naive and innocent She has no idea how gossip spreads and stories grow Beauleigh does though but he seems to be able to handle it Despite Marianna s youthful naivety, she s actually an admirable character She s strong willed and determined She acts much older at times because she s the head of her family At first I didn t care for the hero but he improves upon acquaintance to become one of the most amiable heroes I have encountered He has a reason for wanting the estate and when it was revealed, my heart went out to him Young Robin provides some comedy and lighthearted moments The plot kept me interested enough but it takes too long to come to the point I really liked the story though and would recommend it to sweet Regency fans There s a tiny bit of sensuality looking in the beginning and a cad appears towards the end but nothing It s perfectly clean and sweet for a book written in 2001.

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    A cute little out of town Regency.

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    Really bad plot full of holes Rushed, unsatisfactory ending.

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    A lovely old fashioned romance set in England I really enjoyed the story and the characters.

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    Cute little out of town Regency.

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    Simple quick romance Predictable characters.

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