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Wilde Like Me txt Wilde Like Me, text ebook Wilde Like Me, adobe reader Wilde Like Me, chapter 2 Wilde Like Me, Wilde Like Me 5419c1 Meet Robin Wilde You Ll Make A Friend For Life And She Ll Take You On A Journey You Ll Never Forget Single Mum Robin Wilde Adores Her Six Year Old Daughter And Loves Her Job As A Make Up Artist S Assistant She Has A Wonderful Best Friend And An Auntie Who Is Bonkers, Yes, But Loves Her To The Moon And Back But Robin Has A Secret Behind The Mask She Carefully Applies Every Day, Things Just Feel Grey And Lonely She Struggles To Fit In With The School Mum Crew Online Dating Is Totally Despair Inducing, And She Worries Every Day About Raising Her Little Girl With Self Confidence, Courage And JoyWhat Robin Longs For Is Someone Over The Age Of Six To Share With Someone Who S Always On Her Team After Years Months, And Days Of Single Mum Dom, It S Time For Robin Wilde To Change Her Life Exciting New Opportunities Are About To Come Robin S Way Perhaps A Man, Perhaps The Chance Of A Lifetime What Will Robin Do With The Possibilities She Creates For Herself And What Potential Will She Unlock If She Takes The Leap

About the Author: Louise Pentland

Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter through Simon Schuster publishing The following month she published

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    Well that was dull.I bought this on impulse becausehonestly I don t remember I must have liked the sound of the blurb Anyway apparently this is written by a lifestyle blogger turned author Oh if I had known that when I was browsing in the bookshop I would not have bought this because this book screams of a less than polished writing style It lacked the wit and heart that I expect from this genre of book with simply no artistry to the writing Not for me one star

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    I love Louise I do I think she s refreshing, honest and relatable as a Blogger YouTuber But when it comes to being an author, I think she s still got some way to go.My main problem was that the character of Robin just wasn t someone I d easily warm up to The constant self pitying and self deprecating really grated my nerves Robin had lovely, supportive friends, a loving aunt and an amazing daughter and while I understand that most people long for a partner, I just felt like Robin took it too far with her I m nothing without a man by my side attitude It got a bit better in the last third of the book but the constant referencing to The Emptiness was a bit much I feel like this was a hint at the fact Robin was suffering from depression and should have gone to therapy for that, not that she needed a nice man to fix The Emptiness Meh.

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    I had avoided buying Louise s book due to the incessant reminders to buy it, and the high price tag However, post release date the price dropped and I figured I would give it a go I ve been in a massive reading slump lately and thought an easy going, light contemporary would get me back into gear Unfortunately, I was wrong I struggled to read the book without constantly hearing Louise s voice coming through and thinking I was reading of an autobiography The colloquial style also felt very awkward at times especially the consistent use of Ha and terms such as bants The writing style came across as very basic and not very engaging The editing also seemed rushed due to a number of typos, clunky writing and the dragging out of brackets to the extent that the intended point of the bracket was lost Robin Wilde is supposed to be a character that the reader can see as their best friend, but unfortunately I don t think Robin is someone I could get along with She repeats herself a lot, gets very ahead of herself and has thought processes that make no sense She picks herself up on selfish behaviour, than once, but does nothing to change it, or even work on it She also has a very woe is me attitude and a rather concerning view that she needs a man to validate her despite a wonderful daughter, aunt and best friend as well as a developing career Robin also gets a kick out of comparing herself to other women, finding flaws and insulting them in an attempt to make herself feel better I have no idea how her family and friends put up with her Robin also describes herself at least twice as having a figure that is a nice normal size I m concerned by this phrasing and am not sure what we re supposed to be considering a normal size I was under the impression that society is pushing the concept of there is no normal as everyone is different and that s what makes us brilliant Ultimately it seems Robin is living in the dark ages and needs to catch up with 2017 and the feminist, kick ass female position that we don t need no man.

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    Honestly, I read this book out of curiosity rather than anything else I watch Louise s videos and follow her blog so was interested to see how her writing style differed to her blogging style but unfortunately, it didn t The narrative voice felt very informal, of course, this is a fairly light book but her use of words such as bants made me cringe Louise has insisted that this is not an autobiographical book but I found it very hard to separate Robin Wilde from Louise Pentland perhaps if I wasn t aware of her before hand this wouldn t be a problem.

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    I can t remember the last time a book made me laugh like this If you know Louise or watch her YouTube channels then you will spot her personality coming through the pages of this debut novel Louise is already planning book two as well It was a fun, easy read and it s a book that would be great to read during the summer as a holiday read.

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    I really enjoy Louise s you tube channels and was so looking forward to this book I preordered it from I found this book tedious, trite and poorly written The plot is weak and not much happened which would be fine if it was well written and you could just enjoy the prose I think Louise has been let down by the editors I think the book would have been a better read if it was concise and didn t have so many brackets everywhere Most of the time it was to explain things that didn t need explanation and made it feel clunky to read I hate read it to the end so I could review it as Louise gas been asking people to review it Also why call a book about a selfish, jealous woman Wilde Like Me She wasn t wild Another thing that annoyed me were some of the conversations and internal monologue in the book They kind of felt like paragraphs from a self help book but you were supposed to be realisations she had just come up with The book felt quite anti feminist as she judged and moans about all the women in her life even when she complimented them it was kind of bitterly I think it was written like a blog post and that chatty style works in a blog as it is only going to take 10 minutes or so to read but I don t think this style is suitable for a novel I also think this reads as though the author doesn t actually read much fiction I ve grown tired of chick lit in the last year or so but have read enough to know good women s fiction and this is not it There are books which are equally plot less or equally formulaic but are nevertheless entertaining and well written but this book is not.My advice is download the kindle sample before you buy to see if you get on with the way it is written Maybe you will find it okay.

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    well that was a struggle is that one star because i love louise 100% would i give it zero if i could didn t love louise 100%

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    I m not really one for youtuber books, I read Zoella s debut novel and it was enough to put me off, however I really love watching Louise, and did find her passion for her book infectious I want to start by saying how pleasantly surprised I was with this book Don t get me wrong, it was not without mistakes which did irritate me I understand its a first novel, mistakes are made, etc However, its not like Louise went down the same path as other first time authors, and considering she must have known she would be judged quite harshly, given the feeling towards youtubers and their book deals, I think simple mistakes could have easily been rectified and saved her a fair bit of criticism The writing did feel a bit clunky in places, again nothing too major, just slightly irritating, especially considering she has self confessed how much help she had with editing and sorting out the story arc Despite those small criticisms, I really did enjoy the book, I do like a chic lit to get lost in every now and then, and you could easily get lost in the story Its not something I couldn t put down but I did really look forward to reading it I wasn t 100% sold on the Robin Wilde character, I didn t hate her like some other reviewers, but I did find her self centered and annoying at times, but saying that, she is also very relatable I found her feelings on motherhood very relatable too, even though I am happily married, those thoughts of failure and just wanting you child to be happy are something I think every Mother could reside with This really is a good little read, with some true laugh out loud moments, it all very Sophie Kinsella but it does work Its not something I would rush off to tell my friends about, but defiantly fits into the beach read genre Overall, if I was Louise, I would feel really proud of myself Do I feel like she got an easy ride to author hood as a youtuber Of course I do, she even admitted it herself, but I have certainly read some chic lits that were a lot worse than this, and I do think it would have been published in its own right.

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    This book was written by well known YouTube guru Louise Pentland After all the hype about it, I was looking forward to reading it However, I did have a few issues with it Firstly, it was badly edited, with quite a few mistakes Not sure if it was due to needing to get the book out quickly that they failed to go over it with a fine toothed comb, but the editing was very poor Secondly, although Louise Pentland states that this isn t an autobiographical account of her own life, I couldn t help but hear her voice whilst reading I think she failed in separating the Robin Wilde character from herself, and drew too much from her own life and past to make it Robin s life Robin to me, was Louise, but with a different name Thirdly, I cringed throughout as Robin was trying to portray a kick ass single mother, but deep down she was one of those women who always needs a man in her life to feel validated and whole, so I feel that contradicted the whole kick ass single mother thing Finally, the over use of the word bloody Once or twice no problem, but the amount of times it was used throughout was overkill There are other words she could have chosen If I don t bloody hear that bloody word again in my life I will bloody well be happy Overall it was a light and fluffy read, leaning toward the amateur scale than a seasoned pro I m not sure I will bother with reading any new installments of Robin s life, is probably quicker to watch a 12 min video by Louise to know what happens next with Robin as it so closely mimicked her own life.

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    Wilde Like Me is author Loiuse Pentland s debut novel A funny, fast paced read, Loiuse explores being a woman and motherhood in the 21st century Through the first person, she takes an in depth look into being a single parent, the role of friends and family as well as the negative effects of social media From yummy mummy s to aspiring to the perfect English life, Louise leaves no stone unturned While I m not a fan of this particular topic, the title and the blurb led me to believe that this could be a book I could enjoy I did I enjoyed every minute that I spent getting to know Robin Wilde.Robin Wilde The name made me think that this is a woman who is wild by name and would become wild by nature How wrong I was 29 year old Robin is just like every woman out there, dealing with life s up and downs in the best way she can Every situation Robin found herself in was totally relatable She is trying to be the best parent she can to adorable 6 year old Lyla She is trying to appreciate the beautiful, eccentric aunty Kath who is there for Robin and her daughter every single moment She is trying to spend time with her two best friends, Lacey and Piper She is trying to be the best employee She is trying to deal with the emptiness she sometimes feels and get on with living To get on with living, Robin, like all women, decides to make some changes Wild changes for Robin but not so much for others lol Both physical and emotional But like every year for all of us, these changes don t always eventuate Until now Robin decides to start putting some effort into the way she looks, addressing her wardrobe and her make up If I had a quarter of the talent of this make up artist I would be looking like a model every single day lol These small changes make a big difference to Robin s daily outlook, just like increasing her work hours as Lyla is at school This step leads Robin to working on movies and taking a leap into special effects I loved how Lyla observes these changes in her mother and tells her mother how she is smiling Perhaps the scariest change is Robin entering the dating game again There were many moments I giggled as Robin uses social media or went on single dates with varying success A little predictably, Robin falls hard and fast for the too good to be true Theo But here too she learns something from this experience.Robin isn t perfect by any means and messes things up time and time again She becomes so wrapped up in her own world and problems with Theo that she doesn t realise that her aunt Kath is just like her Robin acts like she is the first and only person to be alone To some readers this would be annoying, to me it was just life In fact, Kath has been a widow for many years Robin constantly feels judged by the mothers at Lyla s school when she herself is her biggest critic To make it even harder, Robin believes the social media hype of photos and posts that show everyone living the dream life It takes a long time and frank conversations with people like her boss, Natalie, for Robin to realise the reality.With so many laugh out loud moments as Robin finds her groove, the best part of Robin s story is the end It s realistic and positive without being your traditional happily ever after

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