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10 thoughts on “酷くしないで 6

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    AHAHAHAH ma sti finali

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    Que esta se ora actualice pronto que voy a necesitar mi dosis en breve.

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    Esta parejita es faints Que no se acabe nunca esta historia 3

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    LISTEN this book was so good and the ending oh my the ending hold on grabs car keys and heads to bookstore for vol.7 It was so good I seriously am in love with this serious.And maya finally feeling his guilt was so heart warming I need my tissues.Read this

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    OMGGGG These chapters went by way too quickly I totally forgot just how much I really like this series HAHHAA I need to buy them whenever I see them and start collecting them So Okino and Nemu were in a beauty contest and Nemu totally aroused Maya They ended up going to the hotel and making Nemu miss out on the contest but Okino made it to the next round Okino wasn t able to make it to the finals, though, and they all went to the festival afterwards I wonder what sort of festival it was HAHAHA They were eating phallic treats Maya brings along Ruka and then another guy for Okino to meet because he wanted a boyfriend I already loved megane characters so the guy was A for me but he wasn t HOT like Maya so Okino was devastated Besides, the guy has the same name as the guy who dumped him a long time ago Whelp, Okino goes and flirts and is being dragged by some guy who just wants his booty and glasses follows him Immediately, I can sense where this story is going because yeah It happened to Maya and Nemu in the beginning Practically rape like, right Yeah Glasses stops the guy and even reveals his face without glasses OMGGGG HAHAHAH I totally think that Okino will end up being his boyfriend That ba dump , though I love how in love Nemu and Maya completely are As Okino retells what happened, Maya is thinking about the past because he used to treat Nemu that way but Nemu misunderstands and just thinks that Maya is soon to tell him that he prefers girls HAHAH Then they confront each other over their problems and have a good time Morning comes and a strange guy appears, holding Maya tenderly but it ended up being Nemu It s revealed that the strange guy is Maya s dad and both dudes are completely naked HAHAHHA OOOOOOH.

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    Chapter 5 is the best

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    Smutty fluff, what else can I say Maya s and Nemu s antics makes anyone swoon or just think how silly they are sometimes.There were some topics that makes the reader and some characters think about the consequences of their acts and the importance of forgiveness and moving on.Lastly, there is that pretty annoying thing known as a cliffhanger, now I have to wait for the next vol to come up, and I hope that it comes out soon.

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    Glad that it went and addressed the way this whole thing began and the fact that it wasn t exactly something to be celebrated That got a bit brushed over afterwards but it was still important to try and show that Otherwise the relationships do continue on.

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    This series gets better and funnier The last two pages were hysterical Now the waiting begins for vol 7.

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