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Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics files Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics, read online Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics, free Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics, free Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics, Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics 6aedcefcc Be Ready To Give A Reason For The Hope That Is In You, Wrote The Apostle Peter That Is What Apologetics Is All About Here Is A Concise, Informative Guide For Anyone Looking For Answers To Questions Of Faith And Reason Peter Kreeft And Ronald K Tacelli Have Condensed Their PopularHandbook Of Christian Apologetics, Summarizing The Foremost Arguments For Major Christian Teachings And Offering Compelling Responses To The Most Common Arguments Put Forward Against Christianity In This Book You Ll Find Answers To Questions Aboutfaith And Reasonthe Existence Of Godcreation And Evolutionpredestination And Free Willmiraclesthe Problem Of EvilChrist And The Resurrectionthe Reliability Of The Biblelife After Deathheaven And Hellsalvation And Other Religionsobjective TruthThePocket Handbook Of Christian Apologetics Is The Place To Begin For People With Questions About Christianity

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    This is very good read Unfortunately, it should not be used for in depth, advanced level apologetics And it only recognizes one style of apologetics However, the book itself is neatly laid out and very useful for quick, internet chat room debates.

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    Enjoyed reading this one so simply yet so beautifully written It reminded me of what we as Christians truly believe in Encouraging for anyone, whether you are beginning to see God s light or you are further along the journey.

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    Peter Kreeft is a Catholic, and unfortunately some of the things he believes and espouses in this book are not the things I believe, and it gets in the way of what he is trying to say Obviousley he is an evidentialist as well, which I think is fine, we can learn from both the presups and the classicals, its just a heads up to a potential reader He uses a very logical, step by step approach to each argument, which is helpful, but he includes even arguments or variations of arguments it seems only to be inclusive, or to prove that something is true simply from the number of ways to prove it, but by doing that he includes many arguments that aren t very sound, sort of wasted space in my opinion Having read the longer version of this book I can say that whoever condensed it did a good job, the essential arguments that were in the longer book are adequately preserved in this shorter one.

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    with Ronald Tacelli

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    A good little book on Christian apologetics that overall is an easy read for someone who is looking for the basics.

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    Quick Read, Concise, A great resource for any Apologist to have at hand

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    For its size, not bad.

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    Takes it topic by topic beginning with the reason for apologetics and then addressing the typical categories.

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