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Crown of Oblivion files Crown of Oblivion , read online Crown of Oblivion , free Crown of Oblivion , free Crown of Oblivion , Crown of Oblivion 0815b0327 Astrid Is The Surrogate For Princess Renya, Which Means She Bears The Physical Punishment If Renya Steps Out Of Line Astrid Has No Choice She And Her Family Are Outsiders, The Lower Class Of People Without Magic And Without CitizenshipBut There Is A Way Out Of This Life Competing In The Deadly Race Of Oblivion To Enter The Race, An Outsider Is Administered The Drug Oblivion, Which Wipes Their Memory Clear Of Their Past As They Enter A New World With Nothing To Help Them But A Slip Of Paper Bearing Their Name And The First Clue It S Not As Simple As Solving A Puzzle, However For A Majority Of The Contestants, The Race Ends In Death But Winning Would Mean Not Only Freedom For Astrid, But Citizenship And Health Care For Her Entire Family With A Dying Father To Think Of, Astrid Is Desperate To PrevailFrom The Beginning, The Race Is Filled With Twists And Turns One Of Them Is Darius, A Fellow Racer Astrid Meets But Isn T Sure She Can Trust Though They Team Up In The Race, As Astrid S Memories Begin To Resurface, She Remembers Just Who He Was To Her A Scorned Foe Who May Want Revenge Astrid Also Starts To Notice She Has Powers No Outsider Should Which Could Help Her Win The Race, But Also Make Her A Target If Anyone Finds Out With Stakes That Couldn T Be Higher, Astrid Must Decide What Is Important Risking Her Life To Remember The Mysteries Of The Past, Or Playing A Cutthroat Game In Order To Win Her And Her Family S Freedom

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    This book is a thrilling, heart pounding race to its conclusion The story centers on Astrid, who is a surrogate for Princess Reyna of Lanoria s surrogate Whenever the princess acts out, it s Astrid who bears her punishment In a desperate attempt to save the people she loves, Astrid joins the Race of Oblivion, the winner of which wok be granted full citizenship As an Outsider, it s the only hope for Astrid and her family to live better lives The race is brutal, testing Astrid s endurance as well as her conscience Along the way, she discovers secrets about herself and her abilities she never knew, comes face to face with rebellion, and even finds herself at the center of a slow burn, enemies to lovers romance I really enjoyed this book It s dystopian, but is not cliche like many others in the post Hunger games world is It s strikingly brutal and original I really hope there is a sequel

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    I was a little skeptical at first to read Crown of Oblivion by Julie Eshbaugh because I ve heard her other books are not amazing and it seemed kind of similar to The Hunger Games, but I was surprised that I did actually like this one It was action packed, intense, and exciting Astrid Jael is an Outsider working as a surrogate to princess Renya to help pay off her family s debt If Renya steps out of line, it is Astrid who gets punished After a tragic incident, Astrid is determined to enter the Race of Oblivion to win citizenship for her and her family After the racers get drugged with the memory erasing Oblivion and put in the middle of nowhere outside the city, they have to follow a series of clues to lead them to the finish line There is only one winner so people will do whatever it takes to win even if that means killing I really liked Astrid s character She s determined, strong, and loves her family I also liked the setting of the book because it was described in a way where I could picture it very vividly The political side of the book was also interesting and well written and well described I found it very easy to follow what was happening in the book Overall, I liked Crown of Oblivion because of the setting, characters, and political aspect of the book.

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    Officially part of the Racers of Oblivion Street Team Stay tuned for all of the special info

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    Ehno a huge fan of the cover Unrelated the character s outfit totally reminds me of Rey lol

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    Thank you HarperCollins for providing me with an ARC of this book

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    good story of finding onself and helping a countryall in the name of a race.

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    More reviews and no fluff on the blog Although it was great to see a YA dystopian novel again, Crown of Oblivion suffers from a lot of the issues that plagued so many in the past glaring logic holes, my inability to suspend disbelief, and questionable characterizations It isn t a bad book by any means a quick little Summer read that is enjoyable the you turn off your brain.Story Astrid is among the caste known as Outsiders they have no citizenship, no magic, and live to serve those with magical abilities In Astrid s case, she is a surrogate chosen to take Princess Renya s punishments read whippings when she misbehaves Fate leads Astrid to do the yearly race called the Crown of Oblivion where she is administered a drug to make her forget people and her only job is to find the clues and win the prize of citizenship It s a winner take all race, with many contestants dying, and Astrid will do anything to win in order to save her brother.Astrid is written to be a strong character who can take care of herself I think many will think of Katniss in the Hunger Games Along the way, she finds it best to team up with a boy who will, natch, have a connection to her that she doesn t realize in order to survive the race There are many revelations, of course, as her memory starts to return.For me, I had a hard time believing that a the race just happened and no one cared were annoyed by it especially since the racers murder innocent people and steal a LOT of people s property The rules were loosely administered and characters kept appearing and disappearing for most of the book, giving a very scattered feel In Hunger Games, it made sense that the race was spectated and enclosed a blood sport reminiscent of ancient Rome Here, there just doesn t seem to be a lot of reason for it since it doesn t give the Outsiders any hope reason to keep the status quo and the citizens are greatly inconvenienced by it.As well, it s hard to believe that there is a drug that a only wipes out memories of people but leaves everything else intact and b wears off eventually I would have liked to see the drug wipe out other things that would have affected the racers race It felt too deus ex machina to have such a selective drug one with only one application Honestly, it felt like they could have just put it in the water supply and kept the Outsiders docile.Astrid is, of course, a unique snowflake, with a hidden from her history that would have made a difference had she known and pretty much uses her ability to cheat through most of the race Since the other racers are trying to kill hinder her, I assume that makes it all ok anyway We have the usual misunderstandings between the love interests But we have the same secret org trying to overthrow the tyranny of the magic users, the same my brother is involved, I must save him , and other tropes that we find so much in dystopian novels especially Divergent Astrid also never felt pain she could go from a whipping to running and climbing without a complaint And I couldn t help but feel that she lacked the empathy of a Katniss an emotional center.The book is very 2019 feeling like an amalgamation of the Dystopian novels, Dystopian tyranny over throw novels, and all the recent books with a crown in the name or title That familiarity may not be a bad thing to many, though, and this book feels very much like a light Summer YA read Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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    Ultimately, I m not totally sure how I felt about this one it had some pretty good moments, some confusing elements, and a couple things that just flat out didn t work for me reading it, BUT I am aware that what I read was an ARC, so maybe some changes will be made before the final publication I m not opposed to trying this one again in the future after it s released maybe in audio format

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