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    Huge thanks to the student that added this on Goodreads Having donated other Keplinger books to their classroom library, I was particularly excited to see this on a To Read shelf, so I quickly ordered a copy to donate When it arrived, I realized I really needed to read it Right now, before it even made it to the classroom And it was amazing and awe inspiring and thought provoking and I cannot wait to hear students thoughts.

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    Sometimes it s okay to believe things that aren t true Sometimes it s necessary I have been a Kody Keplinger fan since The DUFF, which still finds its way into my re read rotation Ms Keplinger s characters, banter, intelligence, and strong messages that tie right into current events and moods make her one of my favorite voices But That s Not What Happened did not work for me.Three years ago, 6 teenagers survived a school shooting at Virgil County High School This is their story Their truth Leanne Lee Bauer guides us through by telling us how life for her and the other survivors Ashley, Eden, Denny, Kellie, and Miles is now and was three years ago Lee s main goal is to correct a rumor that grew and grew into an uncontrollable beast of a story The story of a girl and her cross The truth got lost somehow People didn t want the scary, ugly truth They wanted something inspiring to believe in They wanted something to battle the pain and confusion they were all feeling after the shooting The story about Sarah, Lee s best friend, and her cross is not true Lee knows it, but is it too late to fix the past and everyone s thoughts on what happened that day What if everyone wants to believe the lie instead Will the truth change anything How do you tell someone that something they were so sure of, something that was profound and meaningful to them, wasn t real I loved the idea of this book very much Truth is a hard thing to maintain in our society with so many media outlets reporting and publishing on the spot Rumors are printed as facts Interviews are held in time of stress, shock, and pain The truth seems to change minute by minute Things are said and lost and circulated that are just not true And then those true things are remembered and talked about and not corrected It s scary and often than not devastating to a town, individual, or investigation This book picks away at that idea, but in my opinion, does not deliver the big emotional wallop I was told again and again what happened, but I didn t feel invested or involved The way the story unfolds in letters and time flips prevented me from really getting to know or like these characters Lee is a very unlikeable character actually The way she bullies a couple of her fellow survivors to tell and share their truth felt very ugly to me Just because she was finally ready to talk doesn t mean everyone was ready Sadly I just didn t feel connected to any of the characters in the mix Which to be honest kind of scared me Am I too hardened by real life events to feel any of this I hope not I think the format prevented me from wholeheartedly climbing in and getting lost in the book Like the quick, little stories and details about the individuals killed in the shooting they didn t feel folded in or part of the story They felt stuck in here there during the course of the story The different pieces and voices just didn t come together for me here.Kody Keplinger will forever be on my must read list, but I would recommend checking this one out at your local Library first It lacked the emotional punch and meaning I usually adore from a Keplinger read Quotes taken from ARC

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    Inspired by the story of Cassie Bernall after Columbine, Keplinger s book is a story about who controls the narrative in the aftermath of tragedy It s a searing exploration of voice who has it and who has it taken from them Lee who is asexual begins the story three years after a surviving a school shooting It s just her and five others, though only four others are still around One of them, Kellie, left town before the school reopened following the tragedy Kellie, however, will end the story After the shooting, Lee s best friend Sarah becomes a martyr She was, of course, wearing a cross and proclaimed she believed in God when she was shot Butthat wasn t the truth of the matter, and that truth is something Lee kept secret for years It turns out, though, telling people the truth of what happened matters deeply to her, and it s also nearly impossible to do Who does that truth serve And who does it hurt This is a complex, layered book, and Lee herself is a complex, layered character Her desire to do right and set the record straight is utterly admirable, but there s a lingering question in the back of the reader s mind as to why What purpose does it serve Who does it save Does it cause harm than good That s where Kellie comes in Kellie, the gothy outcast girl who was also a survivor of the shooting, ends up being a pivotal character in the story, but her voice is relatively absent And it s this, in this very decision, Lee recognizes she has done precisely what it is she hoped she was fixing in the first place.Powerful Timely Moving This is fast paced, engaging, and emotionally gripping There aren t easy answers here, and that s what makes the fact it s based on reality even resonant This is a book about voice and power, about the stories we tell and hear in the wake of something as horrible as a school shooting But it goes even wider, too it s about who we silence in any tragedy, in any social movement, and who, ultimately, GETS to be the one to direct the story My only wish is race had been explored a little bit here, though Denny s voice here is absolutely necessary He s black and blind, one of the two black students in the rural school and certainly the only blind one The book includes one of his scholarship essays, which digs into not wanting to be seen as a hero for being either If race could have been explored , this book would have been even powerful than it already is.That said what Keplinger DOES do here that so few do is write about rural communities with a clear compassion for them This is small town life It s not glamorous, nor is it something to scoff at It s reality for so many kids, and I can see readers seeing themselves here That both gives me heart and gives me heartache Don t sleep on this one.

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    I didn t even KNOW Kody Keplinger had a new book releasing holy shit

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    actual rating 3.5 5 stars This book was very heavy and is very relevant to whats happening this days in America which is sad and i have a feeling books like this will be coming up Plot this book follows six teenagers who all survived a school shooting that happened three years prior to this book starting We follow the lives of Leanne lee , Ashley, Eden, Miles, Denny and Kellie as they try continue their lives after all living through this terrible incident So books likes this are always going to be hard to read about because there so relevant for most of America these days Lee s main goal all throughout the story is her trying to expose the truth about what really happened during the school shooting surrounding the death of her best friend Sarah who was unfortunately was killed during the shooting There are so many different lies spread and events are all changed because of things that were either misheard or changed However the lies that have been spread about this story is how Sarah apparently spoke to the shooter and used her cross necklace and her faith in the moments before she died However this story is proven to be wrong but Lee couldn t tell the truth at the time because she was still in shock but now things are messy then ever before Characters Leanne Lee The main focus of the story is on Lee because it was her best friend who was shot during the school shooting and she was also in the bathroom at the time and knows the truth about what really happened I thought Lee was an alright main character but she did annoy me at times especially when she would push people to tell their side of the stories and get them to write the stories because she wanted to get this story out there.However i did feel extremely sorry for her during the book because she had to endure people attacking her and calling her names because she ended up telling Sarah s parents the truth about what happened but they didn t take this well Lee does go through so much during the book with dealing with the shooting 3 years on and the abuse from people around the town but also coming to terms with being asexual and how much that effects her relationships with people It was really brave of Lee to give Kellie full reigns on the story at the end of the book because that showed so much character growth on Lee s part but also settled things between the two after so many years Miles Miles is the trouble kid and the typical bad boy representation of the book but after the school shooting he begins to clean up his act and focus on putting his studies and future first It was kind of refreshing to see this type of character totally clean up their act even after a huge traumatic event Miles also has a hard time opening up to people and letting people in to his life just a little bit and it s shown with Lee with how these two first interact after the shooting and i loved how they slowly got to know each other with first meeting properly on the roof as they helped each other out However after much trouble and bugging on Lee s part Miles does finally write his letter telling his truth and i found it really impactful Denny Denny is one of my favourite characters from this book and him being blind makes him even cooler Denny was in the schools computer lab during a class when the shooter came into the class killing nearly every single student and the teacher but Denny was very lucky to have survived the shooting Denny goes through the story dealing with this tragedy in his own way and he uses his story to help in the college application process but stresses the fact they choose him for his brains not him being a survivor of a school shooting and i found this really smart and powerful I liked how close Lee, Denny and Miles all become after the events because they could all lean on each other to help them if they really needed it Ashley I m not sure if this was just me but i found Ashley to be extremely annoying and it really took me out the story and what this character had been through Ashley is the one who thought she heard Sarah standing up to the shooter and tells people the story which comes the main focus of the story But one thing that really annoyed me is that Ashley was blaming everyone else for the entire thing but not really blaming herself for the story going around and becoming so big and then decides to hide behind her religion and faith The scene where Lee tells Ashley what really happened and then Ashley decides to throw it back in her face even though Lee herself says she s half to blame Ashley should have taken some of the blame for this story going around and should have stood up and said something Eden Eden is a little bit older than the other characters and is half way through her college part of her schooling and is still hugely effected by the school shooting However Eden has the help of her girlfriend and roommate but things don t turn out exactly happy for Eden Eden reveals to Lee that she is struggling with alcoholism after the traumatic experience of the school shooting Eden was in the school s computer lab when nearly all her classmates and teacher were killed leaving her one of the sole survivors that wasn t shot I liked how it was revealed that Eden was struggling with being in the shadow of her cousin who was top of her classes and the better person out of the two however Eden loses her cousin in the school shooting Kellie Kellie is the outcast gothic girl who was also in the bathroom on the day the school shooting happened Kellie is one is the huge missing pieces and voices from this story because she too also knows what really happened in the bathroom at the time of the shooting I really liked Kellie in the book even though her part is so small its one of the most important voices in the entire book Lee does try and reach out to Kellie via phone calls, texts and emails but they all go ignored by Kellie because she doesn t want to relive the shooting again Kellie was hit hardest after the events of the shooting with the entire town turning against her because she said the cross necklace was hers and not Sarah s but the story with Sarah sparked hope and restored peoples faith in religion so Kellie was told she was spreading lies which resulted in her entire family having to flee town Kellie was such an important character in this whole story i just wished she got some time on the page because i would have connected if this was the case Kody does an excellent job at writing about small towns which is something i don t know about cause i live in the suburban area But this book also taught me how much people will hang on to one story and how much of an impact social media the news will turn stories and have everyone give their own opinions without listening to the survivors themselves It s also weird how in this book Kody touches on the fact that the entire country thought that these kids were all just crisis actors playing a role It s sad because this did happen in real life when the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school students were all called crisis actors and it goes to show how much of an effect this would have on survivors of this However this book just lacked depth and that emotional range that i was really wanting to come out of this story because i just couldn t connect that much and the story just felt a little flat for me.

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    T TO KNIHA NIE JE NI Z TOHO, O SA V M ANOT CIA SNA NAKECA.Masaker na strednej kole, tajomstvo za smr ou najlep ej kamar tky, odha ovanie minulosti, ktor m e v etko zmeni , at at at NIE Cel americk anot ciu m ete rovno chyti a zahodi do ko a, lebo ou chce vydavate akur t tak zahra na city publiku, aby si k pili knihu o nejakej aktu lnej a tragickej t me s n dychom z hady a mno stva emot vnych sc n Nie Nie NIE Anot cia v mojom preveden Ubehli tri roky od stre by na miestnej strednej kole a rodi ia jednej z obet vyd vaj dc rinu autobiografiu Sarah toti zomrela inak ako ostatn deti, preto e zomrela kv li n hrdeln ku s kr om, ktor dr ala v ruke Sarahina najlep ia kamo ka Lee v ak vie, e to ANI N HODOU nie je pravda preto e Sarah bola v skuto nosti rebelka, ktorej viera ni nehovorila A keby sa dozvedela, ak mu en ka sa z nej stala, z rila by Lee sa teda rozhodne, e to nem e necha tak a za ne zh a ostatn ch ud , ktor v ten de ako z zrakom pre ili, aby spolu vybalansovali klamstvo, o okolo Sarah vzniklo Iba e ubehli tri roky, polovica je u zo strednej pre , tej druhej sa o dni stre by nechce rozpr va a Lee sa mus zamyslie , i vlastne svojim rozhodnut m jatri star rany u om sk r neubl i.A o tomto ta kniha je Nie o tom, o sa stalo vtedy Ale o tom, o sa deje teraz.A HOLY FUCK, TOTO E NAP SALA KODY KEPLINGER T to kniha je toti PLNE in , ako m te Kody Keplinger zafixovan plne Ak by na ob lke nesvietilo jej meno, neverila by som, e tento toto nap sala ona.Ak by som ju toti mala k nie omu prirovna , bolo by to M tve diev a neklame kde takisto sklad te mozaiku nie oho, o om viete, e sa to u stalo, len nepozn te v etky uhly poh adu T to kniha nie je o masakre pri stre be, ale o tom, e sa nie o tak v minulosti stalo a nejak m sp sobom to hrdinov poznamenalo A Kody Keplinger to d va plne brav rne Lee h ad svojich b val ch spolu iakov a postupne ukazuje, ak m smerom sa ich ivot posunul, a ka d z t chto mini epiz diek je skvel , p tav a jedine n Chcem to zd razni e te raz pr beh nie je o tom, e Leeina kamar tka mala nejak stra n tajomstvo, ako nazna uje anot cia Pr beh je o tom, ako po troch rokoch od traumatizuj cej udalosti ij r zni udia.T to kniha je pre ud , ktor maj radi dobre spracovan v ne pr behy so silnou atmosf rou Asi by som mala poveda , e je preto trochu pomal ale na druh stranu som ju zhltla behom dvoch dn , lebo ma tak chytila, e som NEVEDELA PRESTA Len v aka tomu, ak siln postavy pon kla A ako je fantasticky nap san.Nie je to va a typick Kody Keplinger, ale pod a m a je to to najlep ie, o autorka nap sala A jednozna ne moja TOP kniha tohto roka.EDIT A IDEM TO PREKLADA A VYJDE TO V COOBOO BUD CI ROK

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    Mini review DNFTrigger Warning Trauma from school shooting Up till the point I read.I am a huge fan of Kody Keplinger When I heard about this book I was so psyched Unfortunately I didn t enjoy it.Upon starting the book I realized that the story wasn t for me I did some skimming and couldn t connect to any off the characters After that I lost interest in the book I do still recommend I think this book is really important Just wasn t for me.

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    this really lacked depth honestly review to come

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    I liked the approach of this a lot viewing a school shooting years later to pull apart the truths of it and the fact that there was this whole friend group created with a unique bond as a result It was definitely a fast read, too For me, what didn t work quite as well, which I wanna discuss not to criticize the book which I quite liked, by the way but because I think it s an interesting discussion, is the span of time between Sarah s death and the book shopping that s the catalyst for Lee s need to share her truth.I recognize that a lot of the Sarah story is probably based on Rachel Scott, who was killed in Columbine It took 2 3 years for her parents to start publishing books about her, and they kept on doing so right up through the 10th anniversary of Columbine But 20 years later, as we ve learned that Columbine wasn t a solitary horrific tragedy that would never repeat itself, and rather a horrific tragedy that would become a facet of American life for students in school, do I think one could or would wait three years to publish a book on a single victim I don t And to me, putting this 2018 book on the same timeline as Columbine was a missed opportunity to show the ways America has changed, including the way we consume media about the survivors, in addition to just feeling unlikely So while I really appreciate the approach of viewing the aftermath and facts of a shooting and how much they change in a few years, this felt to me like it was about a 1999 shooting, and not a 2018 one I think it would ve made for a great historical yes, we re calling 1999 historical now , but I d still love to read the version of this book that I think would accurately portray how it plays out in 2018, and especially in the current political climate One thing I appreciated the conscientious choice to keep the shooter s name out of it It wasn t even so much that I liked or disliked the choice as that it was chosen, if that makes sense Reminded me a little bit of the approach in Corey Haydu s THE CAREFUL UNDRESSING OF LOVE Anyway, I do recommend the book I just think it s trying to capture a reality that s two decades behind us instead of the one right in front of us Also, heads up for those looking for ace rep this one has an on page ace MC.

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    4.5 starsFirst, before I get into my thoughts on such an intense and powerful read, I have to put a disclaimer out there As stated, this book is an intense and difficult read containing many triggers that necessitate a trigger warning Some of these warnings are around topics such as PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, and Gun Violence This list of warnings are just a brief list of some of the topics involved in this novel and if you are concerned with reading this book, I suggest to read a few different reviews and do your research prior to reading It s better to be safe than sorry so if you are worried about your reaction to this book do your research first With that disclaimer aside, I have to say that although this was an extremely difficult story, it was very powerful and important It exposes a topic and situation that unfortunately is becoming and frequent in the world that we live in It s a fictional story that is terrifyingly realistic In regards to this novel, and the topic in general, I think many people will have varying opinions There are multiple discussions that can be created from a story like this whether it be surrounding gun violence and gun laws or the discussion surrounding the motivation factors of that individual who committed this violence It s a very, in depth and controversial topic that many people have different opinions on Overall, I think it s an extremely important read that is also very thought provoking It s painfully emotional and very powerful but at its core it s just so important because these stories need to be told in the hopes that someday there will be a change Thank you to Scholastic Canada for sending me an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review

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That's Not What Happened download That's Not What Happened, read online That's Not What Happened, kindle ebook That's Not What Happened, That's Not What Happened d556c31fb10f It S Been Three Years Since The Virgil County High School Massacre Three Years Since My Best Friend, Sarah, Was Killed In A Bathroom Stall During The Mass Shooting Everyone Knows Sarah S Story That She Died Proclaiming Her Faith But It S Not True I Know Because I Was With Her When She Died I Didn T Say Anything Then, And People Got Hurt Because Of It Now Sarah S Parents Are Publishing A Book About Her, So This Might Be My Last Chance To Set The Record Straight But I M Not The Only Survivor With A Story To Tell About What Did And Didn T Happen That Day Except Sarah S Martyrdom Is Important To A Lot Of People, People Who Don T Take Kindly To What I M Trying To Do And The I Learn, The Less Certain I Am About What S Right I Don T Know What Will Be Worse The Guilt Of Staying Silent Or The Consequences Of Speaking Up