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Ten Thousand Thorns (A Fairy Tale Retold, #5) summary Ten Thousand Thorns (A Fairy Tale Retold, #5) , series Ten Thousand Thorns (A Fairy Tale Retold, #5) , book Ten Thousand Thorns (A Fairy Tale Retold, #5) , pdf Ten Thousand Thorns (A Fairy Tale Retold, #5) , Ten Thousand Thorns (A Fairy Tale Retold, #5) 75afcf837c What If Sleeping Beauty Was A Martial Artist For A Hundred Years, Princess Morning Light Has Meditated In A Hidden Temple Surrounded By Ten Thousand Thorns Could Her Long Lost Sword Skill Be The Key To Stopping The Vastly Martial Emperor Rebel Leader Clouded Sky Doesn T Believe In The Old Legends Of Ten Thousand Thorns Temple But As Bounty Hunters And Imperial Guards Close In, The Martial Princess May Be Clouded Sky S Last HopeWho Can He Trust And Who Is Planning To Betray Him If You Liked The Martial Arts And Fierce Female Characters Of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, You Ll Love This Action Packed Retelling Of Sleeping Beauty

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    I had ridiculous amounts of fun writing this action packed Sleeping Beauty retelling Can t wait to share it with you all on November 30th

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    I have a new favorite indie fantasy author to watch Three cheers for Suzannah Rowntree I ve previously read her short stories novelettes of which Death Be Not Proud was my favorite , and this month I snapped up her novella Ten Thousand Thorns A Sleeping Beauty retelling set in ancient China with a heroine who s a martial arts champion Sign me up yesterday Three things you should know about Rowntree Her writing is crisp and clear and changes every story I ve read by her so far has its own texture, rhythm, and taste If you can taste a story, then each one of these will satisfy you in a different way She sets her stories all over the world, in all different points of history I love it I LOVE IT Death Be Not Proud was set in New Zealand, I think, during what would equate to the US Roaring Twenties I m not sure what it would be called in NZ Ten Thousand Thorns is draws on historical China as a setting and is told in the Wuxia tradition I think Read the sample if you want to know what I mean She invariably gives the story twists I didn t see coming Even in Ten Thousand Thorns, when I kind of new how it would end, I was very happily surprised a couple of times, and burst out laughing at the revelation of the Thorns and Clouded Sky s response Ten Thousand Thorns itself was a delightful read, and I can t wait for what Rowntree has coming next

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    Goodness, this book was a fun ride I know admittedly little about Asian culture, and there are sadly few fantasy books that utilize this setting So when I saw that Suzannah Rowntree was writing a retelling of Sleeping Beauty set in China, I was excited and begged to beta read it Okay, Suzannah is a very nice person and didn t actually make me beg But I would have, had it been necessary What I love about Ten Thousand Thorns is how entertaining the fights are I love action movies, but have always found it difficult to get that same excitement from written action scenes I didn t have that problem at all here With the addition of two intriguing and likable main characters, it made this novella an excellent piece of fiction that fills a sadly sparse area in the fantasy genre Seriously, ya ll We need Asian inspired fantasy stories I received an e book copy of this book for free from the author It has not affected the honesty of my review in any way.

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    My favourite fiction wins at several levels it is entertaining, and able to communicate big ideas with simplicity This novella succeeds at both levels.I thought at one point this novella might have bitten off than it could chew But no It s got extraordinary thematic richness, but never loses its lightness skill kind of like its heroine Like the Narnia books, people will read it because it s just fun and satisfying But also like those books, it is asking and answering huge questions The action scenes pulsate, dance, and carry the reader along effortlessly Fight scenes can be done so badly, even by good writers, so kudos there And kudos for biting off and successfully chewing some of the thornier metaphors and puns all of the place here, sorry issues we are struggling with today, rather than the same themes that get endlessly and rather stalely rehashed in many allegorical fantasies by Christians.

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    For a fairy tale I m not particularly fond of, Perrault s Sleeping Beauty in the Wood has inspired and keeps inspiring some extraordinarily creative and gorgeous retellings, that invariably end up in my favourites shelf Rowntree s is one It s a rather short, but by no means incomplete, reworking of the tale set in a land called All under heaven that is very obviously Imperial China round the 12th century or thereabouts The plot involves the fugitive third in command of a failed rebellion against the Very Martial Emperor who s trying to return to the wild mountains to reconnect with the remainder of the rebel troops, after the Emperor has ambushed and beheaded the two higher ups, and en route he pauses at a village where an astoundingly skillful maiden terorrises the villagers with her continuous beating of everyone brave or suicidal enough to challenge her to hand to hand combat Clouded Sky, the rebel, feels compelled by his warrior code to duel with Iron Maiden to protect the people he thinks , but whilst he s getting the beating of his life for his heroics, Imperial troops and a bounty hunter barge in on their duel and try to arrest both, so they are forced to team up, fight as a duo, and flee afterwards, going in search of the mysterious Ten Thousand Thorns Temple, where a legendary princess carrying an all powerful golden sword, is rumoured to be deep in trance like meditation and awaiting the hero to wake her up.That s about everything that s recognisably Sleeping Beauty, the rest is pretty much its own original storyline, which reads like recasting the French fairy tale in the world of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon The style is exactly like one of those mad action and madder badassery martial arts films, and I definitely could imagine Clouded Sky Iron Maiden as the protagonists of that film The fight sequences are unrealistically fantastical, and that s the point, and there s enough banter and humour to keep one interested till the surprise ending The romance is very subtle, a trademark Rowntree characteristic, and it s a detail I ve grown fond of, because there s already many other romantic retellings to cover that area.

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    What a delightful story this is I know little about Chinese fantasy other than having watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon long ago, yet this novella totally charmed me The names of the martial arts stances sometimes cracked me up they were so fun The setting is richly drawn, the characters grow and deepen, the martial arts action scenes are magnificent, and clever plot twists enhanced my enjoyment of this story A story that entertains as well as challenging a reader to think is well worth the read.Highly recommended

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    Meditation coming Tuesday to the blog Such love Such beauty Such richness.

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    She has done it again If you have followed my blog for any amount of time, you know I am a huge fan of Suzannah Rowntree s fairytale retellings I have little background in fairytales, except the ones Disney made famous, but Suzannah not only introduces me to the ones I am unfamiliar with but delivers a new spin on the familiar Ten Thousand Thorns takes Sleeping Beauty to China in an exciting spin as a martial arts epic It is beautiful, epic, adventurous, and thoughtful.Following the journey that Clouded Sky and Iron Maiden undertake, I never knew for certain if this Sleeping Beauty retelling would play out how I expected it would And, if I am honest, it did not play out how I expected it to AND I LOVE THAT This utterly unique retelling will keep you guessing and engrossed, while delivering all of Rowntree s storytelling trademarks real characters, vivid world building, and hints of allegory.

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    I knew I would like this story, so I kept reading it even though the first chapter or two made me feel as though I might not be part of its target audience Ultimately, I was glad I did The author s choice to retell Sleeping Beauty as a story told in the style of a Chinese Wuxia adventure poses a number of challenges The genre, best known to most Americans through films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon isn t something most of us are accustomed to reading Ms Rowntree chooses to tie her tale closely to her Chinese sources, which initially makes it feel quite foreign In fact, it is so foreign so full of language and phrases that sound awkward even, I must admit, corny to a modern Western ear that some readers may become uncomfortable and feel that the text turns the characters and culture into stereotypes It s the kind of writing that politically correct Americans would prefer come only from Chinese people so as to avoid the question of cultural appropriation and cultural sensitivity Yet the flip side of stereotype is archetype Like tales of Zoro, King Arthur and his knights, or any other band of chivalrous warriors, Wuxia heroes seem to be unabashedly ready to enter into picturesque single combat while grappling with their own ideals all without the least bit of self consciousness Further, the author writes with clear affection and enthusiasm for her source material As I grew accustomed to the language and the fairly extensive terminology, I was fascinated to realize that the story s martial arts could be seen as a highly developed magic system This made them feel relatable and less foreign Ultimately, the story transcends the setting, and the Wuxia style values provide the author with a way to examine universal themes in a fresh feeling way As a fairy tale retelling, the novella is top notch It manages to hit the key notes of the original story in a satisfying way while providing the reader with plenty of surprises As a romance, it is also satisfying I appreciate the culturally appropriate restraint with which our hero and heroine interact It s fun to see Ms Rowntree grow as an author Her character development is what makes this story surprisingly moving I knew I would like the novella because I knew I liked the author, and I m glad I stuck it out even though I am not a Wuxia person.

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    Ah, I really enjoyed this one.The writing is clear and crisp, and it truly draws you in almost as if you are watching a movie seeing the shadows, hearing the clash of weapons, and watching the action.Some of the descriptions were quite perfect she moved as lightly as a dandelion seed blowing on the wind for example The characters are delightful apart from the villains, of course , the heroine in particular And it was obvious that Rowntree has done her research into the historical period.Everyone was saying Very Wise And Poetic Sayings, which gives me life goals because I would very much like to drift around and say things like truly, one happiness scatters a thousand sorrows and then crack out some Awkward Octopus Strikes Thrice And Falls martial arts move, afterwards, of course There were some PLOT TWIST moments that I enjoyed, and I found the way that the fairy tale was retold to be unique and quite clever.Altogether, I found this story to be an action filled martial arts adventure, garnished with the perfect touch of swashbuckling charm.

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