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    I m enjoying this series I get a kick out of Claire Denardo She s not your typical sleuth Her quips are fun and I like the fact that I can t figure out the killer right out of the gate The writer keeps me on my toes The story unfolds layer by layer Not a simple whodunnit, there s plenty of suspects and a victim with enemies than Genghis Khan All in all this was an entertaining read.

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    A Delightful Cozy Poor Claire All she wants is her own P.I firm Unfortunately with previous boss Gino deciding to come out of retirement she needs to find cash quick Unfortunately her new gig, while it pays well, is a huge nightmare When her first interview turns up dead, she has to deal with mobsters, the victim s crazy sister, a not happy police detective boyfriend, romance issues of her aunt widowed Dad However, Claire is not only determined gutsy, but inventive in completing her mission As a bonus there are some very delicious recipes included at the end.

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    This starts with one murder PI Claire begins to investigate Before she has got very far there are bodies.Who is doing the killing Can Claire solve this in spite of hassle from mobster Michael Bucanetti plus her boyfriend police detective Brian It is entertaining watching Claire as she tries to sort it all out A good mix of humour, serious stuff and a dollop of romance Very enjoyable

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    Eclairs and executionsWell the series name certainly fits All through the story, Claire is terrified of the plans she makes in her job of PI Like when she decides that she has to protect her family against the mob boss and plans to threaten him with her gun, but turns out protecting him and his wife At times it s hilarious All in all a good mystery story.

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    MoneyFemale, trying to start her own business, parents that love but have their own ideas on how her life should be run, a cop boyfriend that wants her to stay safe at home and the mob all stirred together into an interesting murder story Who s killing who and why is a very tangled web.

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    What s almost better than a tough PI A wimpy one, because she s like the rest of us Claire DeNardo is no fearless detective She s scared to death But when police detective Brian Corrigan her romantic interest tells her to back off, she swallows her fear and keeps on delving into the case This is an entertaining read.

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    Crooks and Cakes Galore I liked the way that the story was convoluted with twists and turns on almost every page Claire seemed to crash into dead bodies as easily as most people bump into friends I liked the vibes between Claire and Brian even though fate seemed determined to keep them at odds most of the time I liked the humour and drama that made it such a good read.

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    Even though this was the first book I have read in this series and it was Book 4, It could easily be read as a stand alone mystery I thoroughly enjoyed it and enjoyed the author s style of writing reminded me of a 1940 s style gangster movie I wil definitely be looking out for books in this series.

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    Kinda good readNot the best, but at least the heroine searching for clues is actually a P.I I m not totally sold on the relationship with the detective Too much pushing at each other for my taste.

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    Another good book in this series Claire is a very likeable character, along with the other main characters Light fun read with a lot of humor Being Italian the characters make me feel like I am at a relatives.

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Eclairs and Executions (A Terrified Detective Mystery Series Book 4) download Eclairs and Executions (A Terrified Detective Mystery Series Book 4) , read online Eclairs and Executions (A Terrified Detective Mystery Series Book 4) , kindle ebook Eclairs and Executions (A Terrified Detective Mystery Series Book 4) , Eclairs and Executions (A Terrified Detective Mystery Series Book 4) 5b01c7dc0c45 Famous Literary Critic, George Dixon, Is Found Dead The Murder Weapons Are Several Manila Folders The Killer Might Be One Person Or A Committee This Guy Had Enemies Than Julius Caesar The Only Witness Is PI Claire DeNardo, Who Spotted Iola Taylor, Well Known Author, Fleeing The Scene Of The Crime Too Bad Earlier That Day Iola Became Claire S Client When Iola Insists She Was Merely In The Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Claire Sets Out To Discover The Truth Hampering Her Investigation Is The Involvement Of Michael Bucanetti, The Notorious Gangster Claire Tangled With In Previous Cases He S Throwing His Mobster Weight Around And It May Crush The Life Out Of Claire And Everyone She Cares About As The Body Count Rises And The Danger Mounts, Police Detective Brian Corrigan Pressures Claire To Step Back From The Case And Step Up Their Romance But Can T A Girl Have It All And Stay Alive