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Sky in the Deep pdf Sky in the Deep, ebook Sky in the Deep, epub Sky in the Deep, doc Sky in the Deep, e-pub Sky in the Deep, Sky in the Deep 1c3fc121678 Read A Sneak Peek Of Sky In The Deep, The Epic Debut Novel By Adrienne Young, On Sale April ,OND ELDR BREATHE FIRERaised To Be A Warrior, Seventeen Year Old Eelyn Fights Alongside Her Aska Clansmen In An Ancient, Rivalry Against The Riki Clan Her Life Is Brutal But Simple Fight And Survive Until The Day She Sees The Impossible On The Battlefield Her Brother, Fighting With The Enemy The Brother She Watched Die Five Years AgoFaced With Her Brother S Betrayal, She Must Survive The Winter In The Mountains With The Riki, In A Village Where Every Neighbor Is An Enemy, Every Battle Scar Possibly One She Delivered But When The Riki Village Is Raided By A Ruthless Clan Thought To Be A Legend, Eelyn Is Even Desperate To Get Back To Her Beloved FamilyShe Is Given No Choice But To Trust Fiske, Her Brother S Friend, Who Sees Her As A Threat They Must Do The Impossible Unite The Clans To Fight Together, Or Risk Being Slaughtered One By One Driven By A Love For Her Clan And Her Growing Love For Fiske, Eelyn Must Confront Her Own Definition Of Loyalty And Family While Daring To Put Her Faith In The People She S Spent Her Life Hating THIS IS A GRIPPING STORY, RICHLY TOLD Ren E Ahdieh, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Flame In The Mist FIERCE, VIVID, AND VIOLENTLY BEAUTIFUL Stephanie Garber, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Caraval A STUNNING DEBUT Roshani Chokshi, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Star Touched Queen BLEAK BEAUTIFUL AND DEADLY Traci Chee, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Reader WHOLLY UNIQUE AND INSTANTLY ADDICTIVE Kerri Maniscalco, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Hunting Prince DraculaHEARTRENDING, HEART MENDING Kayla Olson, Bestselling Author Of Sandcastle Empire

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    1 1 2 stars Okay, I think I might need to step away from YA fantasy for a while I m going to read Ash Princess and a couple of other ARCs I ve committed to, but after that I m going to start being much selective and stop being seduced by pretty covers and exciting blurbs I might be lying about this, but here s hoping I can restrain myself.The thing is, Sky in the Deep feels like one in a long line of shallow and emotionless fantasies When I began reading, I knew very little about it A few chapters in and I was thinking wow, this is so dry and boring so I decided to go see if any other reviewers agreed with me Instead, I found 5 star after 5 star rating, plus a starred Kirkus review Convinced I must have been missing something amazing, I pushed on to the end.And I don t get it I m having that I feel like I read a completely different book feeling.There are some attempts to do something different here The world and fictional language feel and sound like old Scandinavian, complete with Viking esque clan warfare and brutal violence But it is all action and no substance, and the tropes are the same ones we ve seen in a thousand YA fantasy novels Eelyn is a standard strong warrior heroine, apparently, though the plot is mostly moved forward by her being captured and or saved by the male characters There s the sibling love driving Eelyn s motivations There s the aloof love interest who is as bland as steamed cauliflower In fact, there is not a single memorable character The whole book lacks character complexity or depth.Sky in the Deep opens with its strongest chapter A bloody action scene ends on a cliffhanger Eelyn believes she sees her dead brother fighting for the enemy clan Next thing you know, Eelyn has been kidnapped by said enemy clan, the Riki, or specifically, by her future love interest Nothing says romance like a guy shooting you with an arrow and then kidnapping you.After a few terrible attempts to escape, Eelyn settles into life with the Riki, who are mostly nice and welcoming to her Then there are pages and pages of conversation, garlic crushing, and wood carving Where is the suspense The excitement The ferocity Why do we care It was SO HARD not to skim chapters I guess I would recommend this for fans of violent action scenes interspersed among pastoral activities For me, this lacked some suspense, characterization or a deeper intriguing theme that would make me want to read on.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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    100% pure Viking awesomeness and a crapload of feels SO GOOD I ll be honest I was a little worried about connecting to the heroine I LOVE badass girls, don t get me wrong, but it seems every book is throwing us a hard heroine who wants to cut down a bunch of people and not apologize for it, and they often have no heart or redeeming qualities And a lot of the times, they are written by men I find myself having a hard time rooting for them unless their character arc is extremely compelling I m particularly drawn to characters who find other means of strength and power that isn t in the form of slicing people up and being super mean, lol.I shouldn t have been worried This book blew my every expectation out of the water In fact, I connected so deeply with Eelyn even within the first few pages For me, that s rare I loved everything about her.Eelyn is a warrior who has lost her mother and her brother due to wars with rival clans In fact, her clan Aska has a standing battle with the opposing Riki clan every five years and it was that battle that claimed her brother s life At the beginning of the book, we re thrown right into that battle five years after she lost him And despite kicking major ass, she finds herself face to face with a Riki warrior who injures her except, something stops her from killing him, and she could have sworn it was her brother.Yep, she actually sees him, despite thinking he was dead for the past five years And he was fighting against Aska, her clan which he would NEVER do It leaves her wondering whether or not she hallucinated him.I won t spoil anything else, so I ll just say what happens next results in Eelyn ending up in the hands of the rival clan Go in blind if you can I didn t even read the blurb before I dove in, and it made every page a mystery as to what would happen next.I really can t rave enough The prose was gorgeous, and Adrienne Young has a way of taking hold of your heart with her use of language I m just in awe As usual, I ll leave you with a list of reasons you should snag this book Epic battle scenes Vikings Are So Cool I mean, cmon Clan wars Yes, please You ll find yourself attached to EVERY CHARACTER Emotional friendships Fantastic worldbuilding perfect pacing All the feels Yes, there s a perfect smidge of romance that doesn t detract from the story it enhances it And that romance may or may not be enemies to lovers the best trope ever Eelyn is the type of heroine we need of in literatureSo, my point is read this book, and help me to convince Adrienne to write us another thousand books A special thank you to Wednesday Books for providing me with a gorgeous physical copy in exchange for an honest review My Blog Instagram Twitter Etsy

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    More often than not, when I pick a YA fantasy up, I am not expecting to be surprised Entertained, maybe, and possibly charmed, but not surprised Never surprised I feel like if I do, I am setting myself up for disappointment on purpose Because rare are the YA fantasy books that are so original they don t immediately remind you of previous fantasy books you ve read This is why it s extremely easy for readers and professionals to market those stories as said book meets said book It s when you re unable to do that when you review a book that you realize that what you hold in your hands is completely fresh And isn t that an amazing feeling To know that you may have just read a new classic that will allow for stories about Vikings to be published in the future To my surprise, it is character driven than action driven It is interesting because there is strong, intense action in the beginning and for the last one hundred and so pages of the story, but what is in between is relatively calm and measured That is absolutely normal, seeing that when Eelyn becomes a captive, she is unable to pursue her past activities that mostly involve fighting She is forced into a submissive life that consists of her performing household duties and helping the enemy in different ways Clearly, as she is doing those things, she is planning her escape and how she will get back at her kidnappers At the same time, she is torn since the brother she thought lost forever is back into her life as one of her new enemies Eelyn is a fully fleshed out heroine She may be out for blood and not progressive thinking, but I understood where she came from In her culture, honour goes above everything By being taken from her group as she was fighting the enemy, she believes she has lost her honour in the eyes of her God It is imperative that she recuperates it, otherwise she will not be allowed access to the afterworld Her motives are justified But I also liked that she found it in her to see the world through her enemy s eyes I was happy to be reading a standalone YA fantasy novel, as those are fairly rare, but now that I finished it and loved it, I want This is a satisfying novel, though, so this is just me being greedy Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    May Owlcrate Box Click under picture to see the unboxing THE GOODSFreaking loved it I loved Eelyn and Fiske There were others too This definitely wasn t what I thought the book was going to be but I loved it all the same A few bloody fights and some strong women But the thing is, you need to read this book for yourself Don t listen to the know it all people Read YOUR own damn books I hate if someone decides not to read something I didn t like because you could miss out on your own gem Find YOURSELF in books I have found so many great books that way AND, I m pretty much just going to say the book wasn t for me or not say anything I m not going to tear apart books which is pointless and stupid I just want to love and like what I read Trust me Read the books you want to read Enjoy and keep on keeping on peeps We don t live forever Waste your time on things you might love Me, I loved the hell out of this book Happy Reading Mel

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    ARC provided by St Martin s Press in exchange for an honest review. the last time I saw my brother was five years ago Lying dead in the snow Sky in the Deep is a debut, standalone, young adult fantasy novel that stars two different Viking clans But this is a story about betrayal, then survival, then a choice You all, I really enjoyed this one I thought it was unique, well written, and has some amazing characters Our main protagonist, Eelyn, has lived the last five years mourning her brother s death Every five years, the two rival Viking clans battle for no reason other than blind hatred And five years ago, Eelyn had to watch him fall off a cliff and was forced to leave him dying below But this book starts out five years later, with a brand new battle, yet Eelyn sees her brother, Iri, before her very eyes The two rival Viking clans Aska Worship the god Sigr, water and the sea, and Eelyn s clan where her father is the leader Riki Worship the god Thora, mountains and fire, and the side that Iri is currently fighting for Eelyn doesn t even know how to process what she is seeing, especially being on the opposite side of the battlefield with her presumed dead brother, who was once her fighting partner And her hesitation costs her, because she ends up captured by a Riki, who spares her life for some unknown reason I d abandoned my clansmen on the battlefield to chase after the brother who didn t even want me Then we get to follow Eelyn becoming a slave for the people who she has vowed to always kill But slowly, she starts to realize that maybe the Aska and Riki have in common than anyone would ever think, including a common enemy, the Herja, that will eliminate them all the same way they killed Eelyn s mother I will say that I thought this read a little older on the young adult scale I mean, yeah, the main character is totally seventeen years old, but her brother is five years older and the story does star him, too, even if we don t get his point of view A lot of dark things happen in this book, and the author doesn t shy away from the violence And rape threats are used a lot during this story Like, a lot a lot, so just know that going in And content trigger warnings for loss of a loved one, violence, murder, gore, sexual assault s , physical abuse, slavery, talk of suicide, and war themes.And even though this is a brutal book, the romance is so damn sweet I mean, it s a slow burn without question, but enemies to lovers will forever be my favorite But seeing it happen to a nice guy, too It was really sweet and I really enjoyed it I might even go as far to say that the romance in this book was my favorite element of the entire story I remembered the way he looked, lying with eyes staring into the sky that day I d left him in the trench in Aurvanger The broken boy bleeding in the snow beside my brother I wondered if the gods had a plan then I also love the sibling relationship between Eelyn and Iri In general, I m always a sucker for books about siblings who unconditionally love each other, but this story had such a unique twist and dynamic, I absolutely loved unfolding the mystery behind what happened five years ago My heart was also truly stolen by Halvard and his relationship with Eelyn in this book Like, best character and the most amazing little cinnamon roll ever There is such a strong emphasis on found family in this book, and I was so here for it Truly, these 350 pages carry a beautiful and important message about how life is about surrounding yourself with people who love and accept you, regardless of what blood runs in your veins Overall, I really did enjoy this one I wish the rape threats weren t so abundant, but besides that I feel like this is a really solid story that is action packed and truly captivating I never wanted to put this book down, and each time I picked it up I felt absolutely teleported into this world Also, I kind of have a soft spot for girls that wield axes I really enjoyed it, and I cannot wait to see what Adrienne Young does next Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch The quotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.Playlist of songs that inspired this story Buddy read with Jules, at JA Ironside, Lilly at Lair of Books, Amy at A Court of Crowns and Quills This was in the May 2018 OwlCrate box

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    this book is E X A C T L Y the kind of content i signed up for in 2019 never mind that this was released nearly a year ago P.truth be told, i actually actively stayed away from this i hated the cover because i thought it tried too hard to be edgy and rough, vikings dont appeal to me in the least, and the plot just sounded meh but let me be the first to tell you that i was sooo wrong except for the cover i still dont like it lol what really blew me away was how original this is i was surprised at how this doesnt tend to follow the same sort of format that most YA historical fiction stories seem to have i was constantly engaged from the first page up until to the very last not to mention this story begins right in the middle of a battle, so things start at 100 mph and they dont let up i was also really impressed with eelyn i have found that a lot of books with a warrior female as the MC tend to be unforgivable and too extreme for me to appreciate but eelyn was strong, with a strength that came from love and courage it made her relatable, but also admirable i thought her character was very well written the only thing keeping this from being 5 stars is the ending everything is resolved in about 5 10 pages, making it seem a bit rushed to me this book is on the shorter side of things, so i would have loved to have a extended conclusion but overall, this was the biggest surprise i have had from a book in a very long time and the moral of this review i should never write off books without giving them a chance first 4.5 stars

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    I did not expect to like this book so much at all The concept is simple and the plot is also very straight forward but the emotional aspect of this book was far deeper than I anticipated I love the whole Viking concept going on and the characters are all amazing What blew me away the most is the writing Adrienne Young s writing is the one of the most spectacular use of words I have seen in my life I went into the book without reading the blurb and the two reasons I was so enchanted by this book are the protagonist who is awesome and the author s writing skills I can t stop ranting about the dexterity of the writing in this book Every sentence is written so alluring and the descriptions are done so well I could see everything happening before my eyes HOW DOES SHE WRITE SO WELL The Aska and the Riki have been fighting since the beginning of time Every 5 years they meet on the battlefield to fight a war fueled with hatred accumulated through the centuries Their children are raised to hate their opponents and are taught to fight and are prepared for battle They each worship a different god and follow different religious paths, but eventually you see they are pretty much the same but with a different god.Eelyn is an Aska She lost her brother, Iri, on the battlefield a few years ago, but she sees her brother fighting with the Riki and in her shock she is captured by the Riki and is made a Dyr, which is the title for slaves She is bought by the people her brother calls family and plans to escape as soon as possible But in the time she spends with the Riki she is struck by how similar the life of the Aska and Riki are and subconsciously begins to realise that her opinion on the Riki was misconceived.Watching her grow to understand why and how her brother had accepted the Riki as his family and grew to love him opens our eyes to how much weight love had in leading us to open mindedness I love Eelyn s character Even though she was raised to fight and kill, she never took joy in killing anyone and only saw it through as it was her duty as an Aska warrior I was even impressed by the fact that she opened up enough to accept the Riki even after a lifetime of nurturing hate towards them.Realising that the people on the other side of the battlefield are people with families and the same responsibilities as you and your people changes your perspective on war And this view was magnified and came into clarity as Eelyn was forced to see the working of a Riki village and the similarities to her own make it so much harder to accept that the people she was raised to hate were also just that people with their own lives.I absolutely loved every part of this book and I flew through it The book moves at a great pace and since the characters were so amazing it felt like this book was over in no time at all If you re looking for an easy read or a good standalone I definitely recommend this to you, especially if you enjoy a bit of Viking war I rate this book 5 stars.

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    Well, in the words of someone who knew exactly what they were talking about I ve just been had So utterly and completely.This was a letdown plain and simple I don t know how else to express my shattered expectations This was not the Viking book I was eagerly awaiting to read and in fact, the only thing Viking about this was pretty much the setting and that s where it stops Nothing Nothing less Put every cliched ya plot together, mash it up, say it s Viking, throw in some Nordic terminologies here and there, and bam you ve got a badass Viking fantasy SmhFirst off, for the first 200 pages mind you, the entire book is 334 pages nothing happens This book is incredibly safe and feels overly recycled The plot is predictable and each character plays their respective clich d role down to the bone You know exactly how they re going to act and react to any given situation because they re all characters we ve seen and continue to see The plot centres around a Viking warrior girl who finds out her dead brother is in fact alive and she s angry and feels betrayed That s pretty much the gist There was almost no context to anything else that happening and it felt like things were only happening simply for the sake of it I m incredibly disappointed and I take no solace in saying this because this was one of my highly anticipated releases As someone who loves Norse mythology when I saw Viking in the description fireworks were going off in my head Alas, it was bland, everything was forgettable, including the characters and the struggle to finish it was REAL.

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    No words can explain how much I loved this book.But I will give it a try Ond Eldr.Breathe Fire Sky in the Deep is a Viking inspired tale, following the steps of Eelyn, a fierce and devoted warrior Her clan, the Aska, worship the god Sigr and, according to his will, they fight their enemies, the Riki, the ones who worship the goddess Thora, every five years This ancient blood feud has filled the hearts of the Riki and the Aska with ingrained hatred, but the fates of the two people are interwined in a way no one could predict During a battle, Eelyn sees her brother, Iri, who was supposed to be dead, fighting alongside the Riki, and later she is captured by them and kept as a slave by Iri s Riki family, in order to protect her long enough to escape Even though Eelyn was bred to kill Riki, the longer she spends time with them, the she realises that maybe they re not so different after all And that there is another, terrifying enemy, the enemy that comes out at night and sheds oceans of blood, that needs to be defeated, before both the Riki and the Aska perish Vegr yfir fjor.Honor above life Sky in the Deep is a heartbreakingly beautiful story Adrienne Young s words were arrows, piercing and hooking my entire existence There were a sword, cutting any attachment to reality and the surrounding enviroment, ensuring my utter focus and attention There were an axe, scattering my reserved expectations and skyrocketing them into the sky I read Eelyn s story with a deep reverence, I felt humble before the magnitude of Adrienne s soulful, poetic writing, and her rare ability to bring words and sentences to life, to make you absorb images, smells, sounds, and feelings as if they were your own The way she described daily chores, like cooking, and gathering herbs, managed to transport you next to her characters The occasional gruesome scenes, and the battle frenzy that made your stomach churn, awakened every cell in your body, all of them tuned to the drama unfolding before you And the romance, the wonderful, slow burning romance, made your heart yearn and ache in a desperate need to grasp the love that was all consuming In a frozen lake, where the night sky was reflected on the ice, making it look like the sky was in the water, I realized that I gave my heart to this novel, something I hadn t felt in a while, and my eyes were wet from the hot tears that escaped in the light of this realization If I wanted to, I could kill the three of them right now I could set this field of yarrow on fire and let myself burn with it Featuring intense battle scenes, badass Vikings and strong, well portrayed characters, marvelous world building and ideal pacing, Sky in the Deep is an enthralling, deeply enchanting debut Matters of religion and honor are examined in a subtle way that is not preachy, the bond of family, both by blood and by choice, is thoroughly explored, breaking and mending every piece of me The entirety of the story was simply breathtaking Eelyn became one of my favorite heroines, she is truly rare, and an example of how YA heroines should be written She is fierce and independent, but she is also vulnerable and broken, she faces a reality where her enemies are not so different after all, and at first she can t cope with it Her narration is a poem, the anger, the relief, the disappointment, the pain and the love she felt, I felt them too down to my very core I shared her thoughts, her emotions, and the conflict that raged inside of her and ravaged her mind and her heart The betrayal and the hurt she went through were devastating, she just found her beloved brother only to realize she d lost him to the enemies of her people, and as a result, I suffered from her burden I m thinking that I wish you d die that day Adrienne Young does not elaborate on small talk and unnecessary dialogues Every word whispered or shouted is meaningful, and the profound tethers between the characters tangible The enemies to lovers romance made my soul sing with its beauty, it intensified the story without overshadowing it, it started as a sparkle and turned into a conflagration that enveloped me in its warmth.Sky in the Deep is a stunning debut, a bloody saga and an ode to love, family and friendship Do NOT hesitate to give it a chance Heill para.Safe travels ARC generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Review also posted on BookNest

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    Wow, this review is so overdue, and I m so sorry for that I think I honestly completely forgot that I hadn t reviewed it yet, but it s been a full two months since I read this book That said, it was enjoyable enough that it stuck with me pretty well, so let s do the thing Vegr yfir fjor. Honor above life First of all, let me say that I went into this book feeling cautiously optimistic the synopsis didn t completely sell me, and I was a little bit worried that it would be one of those super hyped releases that let me down Thankfully, that was not the issue at all, because this book sucked me in so fast I was the ice on the river The snow clinging onto the mountainside I love stories involving icy tundras and characters that fit this Viking esque vibe, and Sky in the Deep definitely supplies a version of that From the first page, there is so much action and bloodshed, and unlike many YA authors I ve read, Adrienne Young doesn t shy away from showing you a little gore and devastation Obviously we re not talking adult grimdark levels here, but if you re very sensitive, well, don t say nobody warned you I hadn t lost her I hadn t buried her I d only let her change into something new More than anything, I loved Eelyn s character and how capable and intelligent she is Despite the fact that she s been raised to believe certain things about her enemy tribe, she s not so set in her ways that she can t grow to recognize when things don t quite line up with her upbringing She s got this fantastic fighter s spirit, and I truly enjoyed watching the world go by through her eyes The writhing, bleeding hole inside of me closed up I let him erase it I let him make it go away Of course, there s also the matter of the romance, which is a bit slow to build, and never overpowers the main storyline That said, it s swoon worthy in its own way, and I m such a sucker for these characters that look like big, scary tough guys on the outside but end up being gushy teddy bears inside, so if you feel me on that, you ll probably appreciate Eelyn s love interest just as much as I did What are you thinking I m thinking I don t want to fight any Overall, I so thoroughly enjoyed this story I loved the fighting, the romance, the depictions of faith, the mysticism in certain scenes, and the atmosphere I felt like I should ve been surrounded by icy fjords while reading this book, and it s the type of story I can happily recommend to anyone who enjoys fantasy, and that I will happily come back to again and again.You can find this review and on my blog, or you can follow me on twitter, bookstagram, or facebook Buddy read with Taylor

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