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Weird Me pdf Weird Me , ebook Weird Me , epub Weird Me , doc Weird Me , e-pub Weird Me , Weird Me 964d3494596 Once Upon A Time, I Was The Moderately Successful Teenage Webmaster Of A Weird Al Yankovic Fan Site From Minor Notoriety, To Jet Setting For Concerts, To Earning A Stalker, Weird Me Showcases The Awkward And True Intricacies Of An Adolescence Spent Carving Out A Corner Of The Internet Frontier In Dedication To The King Of Parody

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    I loved this book so much The artwork was imaginative and there was one particular spread that was truly amazing.

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    I mostly liked this, but the narrative structure is a bit weird Like, I wondered if I d gotten a book where the pages were printed wrong weird, because threads just sort got picked up and dropped at random.

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    Note I am extremely biased by the subject matter, as I could relate to almost every panel in this graphic novel Although the author and I grew up in different decades, we found a weird Al at the same age 12 , immediately had the same reaction, and set out on our adventures that would culminate into a satisfying set of meet and greets and camaraderie with other fans Bias aside, the storyline is engaging and her vulnerability comes through You ll fall in love with it hopefully as much as I did.

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    I was really disappointed with this one The narrative is weirdly disjointed and erratic Just when you expect the storyline to pick up, the narrative jumps to something else I often found myself flipping back through the pages to see if I had somehow skipped something The overall quality feels like a draft than a completed work.

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    Acquired at FlameCon a great graphic novel involving the Weird one and a tern s journey through obsession on the early internet.

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