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A Vow of Fidelity summary A Vow of Fidelity, series A Vow of Fidelity, book A Vow of Fidelity, pdf A Vow of Fidelity, A Vow of Fidelity a6d2248806 A Group Photo From Sister Joan S Art School Days, Mailed Anonymously, Calls Her To London For A Reunion But Two Of Her Ex Classmates Are Absent, Recently Killed In Terrible Accidents And Soon The Good Sister Discovers The Apparent Suicide Of A Third Martin S Press

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    Sister Joan receives a photograph through the post of her class at art school twenty years ago This reminds her of an agreement she had with her classmates that they would get together at Westminster Abbey twenty years from the date of the photograph Mother Dorothy allows Sister Joan to attend the reunion in the hope that she can also publicise the retreats which the convent is about to start hosting in an attempt to boost their failing finances.The reunion is rather disappointing as such events often are Three people are missing two of them killed in the last couple of years in accidents and a third recently dead of a suspected overdose When the surviving members of the class attend a retreat at the Order of the Daughters of Compassion Sister Joan is put in charge of them There will be many frightening events which yet again involve the convent in crime before all is resolved.I find this entertaining series compulsive reading and I like the religious background which gives an insight into convent life albeit of a fictitious kind I like the series characters too DS Alan Mill, who is gradually starting to understand convent rules Alice the would be guard dog Mother Dorothy who sees than her nuns give her credit for and Sister Gabriella who believes that age gives her the right to speak her mind If you enjoy crime stories with an interesting background and likeable characters then try this one The series can be read in any order but if you read them in the order in which they are published it is easier to understand the development of the series characters The first book in the series is A Vow of Silence.

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    First she dislikes her old classmates and spends a lot of time explaining how they weren t really friends in the first place and then she decides that she has to show her friends fidelity Make up your mind, Joan Definitely not as enjoyable as all of the other mysteries Hopefully, the next one in the series will be as good as the first ones.

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    Just a tad bit far fetched as if the author was running out of ideas, people, places, etc The ending was good.

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    I inherited a large number of cozy mysteries several years ago that I decided to enjoy in retirement Several Sister Joan mysteries were included I have read two of them, sent both to the recycle bin, and the remaining volumes will be joining them later today The author, writing under the name Veronica Black, has serious issues about homosexuality I have read two Sister Joan books, and in each case, the killer was a member of the LGBTQ community Each was twisted in some way related to sexuality, so what began as an interesting puzzle turned into a grotesque ending I m done.

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    Very good

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    When she receives a photograph of her art college class, Sister Joan is reminded of her promise to meet her classmates for a 20 year reunion She is allowed to go, provided she uses the opportunity to advertise for the convent s new retreat offers.At the meeting in London, Sister Joan learns that two of her classmates are already dead Her visit to a third s home reveals that he died a few months earlier As if that weren t enough to make her suspicious, the woman she talked to at the home of the deceased is murdered a few hours after they spoke.The remaining classmates decide to book a retreat at the convent to continue the reunion Then Sister Joan receives another copy of the class photo with a threat in it Can she find out what is going on before classmates die A Vow of Fidelity was published by St Martin s Paperbacks and has a 1995 copyright.Despite the foreignness of the main character I am not religious so have no experience with nuns and convents , I was comfortable with her perspective and quickly drawn into the story The characters are interesting and realistic and the entire story is exciting A good read.See my complete evaluation at

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    Eh The mystery is boring, and her depiction of religious life unrealistic I was a monk for four years, so this is not dispassionate Will probably not pick up any of the others in the series as the result of reading this one.

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    A man has a reunion with art school classmates, includes murders.

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    A Vow of Fidelity by Veronica Black is the 7th book of the Sister Joan cozy mystery series set in late 20th century Cornwall Helpful descriptions remind us of details forgotten over the course of recent books in the series Joan is 38, has a small trim body, short curly black hair, and blue eyes 20 years ago she was in art college, in love with Jacob, but a mixed religion marriage was impossible for them She followed her strong religious calling into the convent, but she still feels pangs of guilt over all the pictures not painted The Daughters of Compassion convent house is the former Tarquin family estate, with signs of elegance moulded ceilings, carved balustrade The grand rooms have been subdivided very simply without decoration, to provide sleeping cells for the nuns The convent is in need of funds, so Mother Dorothy proposes they offer quiet retreats for fund raising She allows Sister Joan to attend a reunion of fellow art college classmates, with the hope they may visit as a retreat When Joan discovers a few classmates have died prematurely, then additional friends are killed, she is certain there must be an evil intent It started when they all received a summons to meet, that no one admits to sending Between convent duties, Joan is allowed to pursue clues and solve the mystery A cozy mystery with a likable protagonist pleasant reading.

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