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Vergeet me niet summary Vergeet me niet , series Vergeet me niet , book Vergeet me niet , pdf Vergeet me niet , Vergeet me niet be977306a0 Als Het Lichaam Van De Dochter Van Rose Gevonden Wordt, Denkt De Politie In Eerste Instantie Aan Zelfmoord Maar Rose Twijfelt En Heeft Vragen Waar Niemand Een Goed Antwoord Op Kan Geven Haar Dochter Was Toch Gelukkig Had Ze Niet Een Liefdevolle Man En Een Prachtige Jonge Dochter De Politie Besluit Verder Onderzoek Te Doen Heeft Vivien Zelfmoord Gepleegd, Of Is Ze Aangevallen Wie Heeft Er Iets Te Verbergen Als Rose De Geheimen In Het Leven Van Haar Dochter Leert Kennen Kan Ze Niet Meer Terug, Ze Zal De Waarheid Moeten Weten

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    A very fast paced and at times emotional thriller.Your daughter I d dead Shock.But was it suicide Anger.Grief.As a Mother, being told your daughter is dead, but suicide brings blame, also BRINGS anger at the person, at yourself What did I not see How could I have prevented it All kinds of things.But what Mother truly knows her daughter There are hidden secrets.Lots of cul de sac moments no way out so lots of brilliant red herrings.I m late reading this, but if this is a book that you ve not read, it really is a good in.

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    THE BLURB A tragic suicide When Rose s daughter, Vivien, is found dead in a suspected suicide, Rose has questions nobody can answer Wasn t Vivien living the perfect life A caring husband, a sweet little girl of her own Or the perfect murder But as the police investigation develops, their findings raise new questions Did Vivien kill herself, or was she attacked If so, who has something to hide As Rose struggles to piece together the secrets of her daughter s life, the cracks in the family begin to show But once Rose knows the answers, there s no going backMY THOUGHTS Forget Me Not by Luana Lewis is a deceptive book on many levels.It is simply written, and this in itself is deceptive, for it is not a simple book It is a multi layered book there are layers and layers of lies and near lies, things that are hidden deception And yet it is an easy read The characters are well defined, the plot complex but simple Nothing blurs The author writes fluidly and with great clarity Set amid complex family relationships, a young woman, Vivien a mother, a daughter, a wife dies Was it suicide Was it murder Told mainly through the eyes of Vivien s mother Rose, with occasion flashbacks from Vivien herself, this is a book that slowly drew me in until I was completely immersed in the story It left me breathless, stunned and very, very satisfied.Thank you to Random House UK, Transworld Publishers, Corgi via NetGalley for a digital ARC of Forget Me Not by Luana Lewis for review All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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    This is a very enthralling psychological thriller with some great mystery thrown in I found this book to very addictive and read it in two sittings, it is full of excitement, tension and suspense It really is a story of what goes on behind closed doors, the interaction of family and their agenda s , secrets and desires.Rose looses her daughter Viviene, we are not sure how her death has occurred, is it a suicide or something sinister Viviene and Rose have never been close and slowly the characters pasts are revealed and we begin to gain some perspective on these characters and their relationships I found Rose quite hard to like in the beginning but did warm to her as the story moves along She definitely has strong affection for her granddaughter Lexie and her heart is in the right place We also learn that Viviene s life is not as wonderful and idyllic as we first thought, then add in a husband who is grieving and we end up with one heck of a good story Once a gain this was a new author for me and she has done a wonderful job of pulling this all together, highly recommended.

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    The story starts with an intriguing premise A dead body lies at someone s feet but we don t know who the person standing over the body is or whether the death is by suicide or murder With chapters told in the first person by Vivien s mother Rose and also by way of flashbacks narrated by Vivien, a picture is slowly painted of the truth of Vivien s life Rose has never been that close to Vivien, she loved her, but as a single mother struggling with a young child and trying to build a career, Vivien was left to her own devices a lot of the time Now Vivien is dead and Rose wants to be part of her 8 year old granddaughter, Lexi s life, but does she deserve to be and will Ben, Vivien s husband let her This is an excellent twisty story which at various stages had me suspecting everyone As the tale progresses, is revealed about Vivien and her seemingly perfect life Rose herself wasn t instantly likeable but I felt that she genuinely had her granddaughter s interests at heart and there were times when I feared for Lexi being part of such a dysfunctional family.With a seemingly psychotic ex friend in the story, a grieving husband and a troubled child, Forget Me Not has all the elements of an unnerving and disturbing thriller It is very much character, rather than action driven, but I couldn t put this one down and there were times when the tension got too much that I was holding my breath Every family has their secrets and no one really knows what goes on behind the curtains Luana Lewis certainly has written a disturbing and engaging read She is definitely an author I want to read from.

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    Forget Me Not was a really good psychological thriller one of those eminently readable clever books that really keep me involved, some intriguing if often dislikeable characters and a beautifully twisted storyline.Rose and her daughter Vivian are estranged, for what reason we do not know When Vivian is found dead in a suspected suicide, Rose tries to piece together the minutae of her daughters life But the police are questioning and things may not be at all straightforward yet Rose is determined to become part of her grandaughter s life again, despite being at odds with her Son in Law.This book was very clever when messing with your perception of things and Luana Lewis has a lovely narrative touch that makes you question everything I did not find Rose particularly sympathetic, she annoyed me quite a bit and yet I still wanted her to find what she was looking for Vivian, as we discover about her, has a gorgeously drawn vulnerability but also a dark and destructive side that was extremely fascinating Throw into the mix a friend who might be psychotic, a husband who keeps his cards close to his chest, a driver who Rose starts to become involved with loved Isaac my favourite of the characters and there is a huge scope for messed up personal relationships that the author uses to play with your mind and keep things unpredictable.It was a fast addictive read, the mystery element intelligently done, definitively character driven and overall a really excellent novel that fans of psychological thrillers and domestic noir will love Including me.Recommended.Happy Reading Folks

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    Rose is mourning the recent death of her daughter Vivian in this psychological drama, but just how did Vivian die For much of the read we don t really know what happened, although we can guess, and guess again when characters are introduced However, we don t find out exactly what happened to Vivian until right at the end of the read Rose wants to help son in law Ben bring up her granddaughter Lexie, but Ben is reluctant after all Rose has been rather a distant mother in law and grandmother up until now In addition he seems to have all the help he needs with his driver Isaac and old girlfriend Cleo who seems extremely willing to help.The story does keep you guessing and is incredibly readable You really want to get to the bottom of what happened to Vivian Rose herself isn t always very likeable, but she is very honest about her faults My only real gripe about the story was that the characters, especially Rose, often come across as cold and detached, not to mention calculating, when really this is a story that should be oozing with emotion on every page When I did find out what had happened to Vivian it really made me shudder Thanks to the publisher via Netgalley for the review copy.

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    I found Forget Me Not to be an engaging and tantalising psychological thriller Really enjoyed this book finding Luana Lewis s writing very readable and the story well written encouraging the reader to keep going and wanting to know the truth Definitely in my view worth a read and an author on her second novel is one to watch.We follow Rose as she comes to terms with the tragic loss of her daughter Vivien It seems to be a case of suicide but the police are asking questions and don t seem totally satisfied Rose feels she must support her son in law and help look after her young granddaughter now left without a mother The author begins to draw us in early as the past is slowly revealed and we find the relationship between Rose and Vivien wasn t so perfect and neither was Vivien s seemingly well ordered life Families have their secrets and we find relationships can be twisted and broken by the most normal of emotions and perceptions of love and caring This we find here and it creates an unnerving and believable read for us to enjoy.Rose begins to uncover things she never knew about her daughter s past and as the story is intricately pieced together the suspense becomes cleverly heightened The flaws in the characters are revealed, which doesn t make them all likeable, but it gives an edge to it that leaves the reader uncertain of who to trust A nice mix of characters keep the interest high while their different perceptions of what is occurring and being discovered adds to the uncertainty It s a book that had me on the edge of my seat by the end and one I found hard to put down and needed to finish quickly A surprisingly satisfying read that is well worth considering for readers looking for a cracking psychological thriller.Thank you to the publishers for a review copy of this book in return for an honest opinion.

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    The first time I saw it, I was immediately attracted to this book s cover I like the contrasting effect the bright blue forget me nots have over the rest of the cover that is chiefly black Reading the intriguing blurb, only reinforced my wish to read the book.This is a very tense, compelling and at times emotional read that kept me on my toes throughout Unfortunately when I started this book, I was caught up with extra hours at work and I ended up frustrated, longing to immerse myself once again in this book and learn how the story develops Suicide or murder Vivien Kaye, a beautiful young woman is found dead on the floor of her bathroom Her death is shrouded in mystery Did she kill herself Or was she murdered and the deed made to look like suicide Anger, guilt and grief are strong themes in this book The story is mainly told from the pov of Rose, Vivien s mother, but we have the odd chapter from Vivien s pov as well Though we have police involvement, this is not a police procedural Rather than concentrating only on the solution of the mystery, the story mostly revolves around the relationship and psychological tensions between Rose, Vivien, Alexandra Lexi and the other characters Grief is a physical sensation, a pain that makes us want to search and search, until we find the person we have lost Rose, a career driven woman, has been mostly absent in her daughter s life Now it s too late, but in the midst of all the grief she wants to redeem herself and offer her support to Lexi and Ben, Vivien s husband But her good intentions will end up in a very bumpy ride for Rose As past and present collide, Rose realises that Vivien was not exactly the ideal daughter she thought she had And someone from Rose s past is back to claim what s theirs.Rose is a very strong character She comes across as a rather cold, strong willed, strict individual, however as the story develops we begin to see a softer, fragile side to this woman that makes you warm to her.The author kept me guessing till the end and at some point or other made me suspicious of every character in the story The suspense in this book is almost tangible and I felt as if I was there with the characters in Vivien s cold bathroom or in her gloomy basement kitchen At the end, when the truth was finally revealed, I was taken completely by surprise I certainly wasn t expecting that This was an enjoyable, intriguing read for me and while recommending it, I would like to thank Random House, UK, Transworld Publishing and Netgalley for approving my request to read and review this book.

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    Forget me not by Luana Lewis is a general fiction adult read.A tragic suicide When Rose s daughter, Vivien , is found dead in a suspected suicide, Rose has questions nobody can answer Wasn t Vivien living the perfect life A caring husband, a sweet little girl of her own.Or the perfect murder But as the police investigation develops, their findings raise new questions Did Vivien kill herself, or was she attacked If so, who has something to hide As Rose struggles to piece together the secrets of her daughter s life, the cracks in the family begin to show But once Rose knows the answers, there s no going backI loved this book Couldn t figure it out Full of twists and plots I loved the story and the characters Highly recommended 5 I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book from netgalley.

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    Originally posted on This Chick ReadsWIN a paperback of FORGET ME NOT on the blog Open internationally Enter here HERE Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review 4.5 5One of the best things about being a book blogger is we re been given an opportunity to check out so many books, so many books which otherwise wouldn t have been caught on our radar And that feeling when we discover a new author simply amazing, and nothing can compare to it There was something about this book that completely drew me in from the moment I saw it The cover is gorgeous but at the same time so dark and for some reason makes me feel kind of uncomfortable And then I read the blurb and saw the author is a clinical psychologist and that was it, I knew I had to read it Certainly with a job like that, Ms Lewis has seen a lot of interesting cases in her career, which are enough of a material for a good psychological thriller However, this is the first book by Ms Lewis I was about to read, so I didn t really know what to expect But my gut feeling was there, and once again proved me right This book is simply a gem, and Ms Lewis is undoubtedly one of the most talented female psychological thriller authors I ve ever read Forget Me Not is the second book by Ms Lewis and is centered around Rose who s daughter is found dead However, police is suspecting it might not be an accident, but a murder and very soon Rose becomes one of the prime suspects But as a reader, you are never sure, not till the end what exactly happened Rose is not a likable character and her relationship with her daughter is quite strange At the beginning Rose seems absolutely detached, completely cold and kind of made me make all these assumptions about where the book is heading However, Ms Lewis does like a good psychological game, and boy, it was one hell of a game Rose works in the neonatal unit of a hospital, where we see she s not the person who she appears to be at the beginning How can a woman that s so gentle to newborns, be so cold to her own child Is she in a way connected to her daughter s murder or suicide And also, it turns out that her daughter, Vivian was not the perfect girl, and she had some rows with her husband just a day before her tragic end Forget Me Not is definitely a gripping read, one that pulls you in from the very first page And then it slowly starts messing with your head And they you start assuming, and then blaming, and then you re proven wrong So, about half way of the book I just decided to drop my need to find out the reason for Vivian s end and let things unfold by themselves The suspense was still killing me, and despite not being someone who judges people, I really thought Rose should be punished If not for her daughter s case, then for neglecting her But then I could see that deep remorse in Rose and the agony she s going through for not being able to see her grand daughter whenever she wanted It s like she begs for a second chance to make things right his time, but no one is willing to give her one Forget Me Not is all about the characters and goes deep into exploring the relationship between Rose and Vivian, a rather strange mother daughter relationship It s evident, Ms Lewis understand how the human psyche works, and all the dark places one could go And she has no problems in delivering, constructing a very clever and complex story with an ending you won t be able to predict After numerous leads and my assumptions, I was so shocked at the ending But also very pleased, as it was the perfect ending and the execution was simply flawless You know how readers love to connect to their fictional characters Well, that was really hard for me as both Rose and Vivian are slightly said mildly unlikable, however the complexity of their relationship is what made this book such a great experience for me In a very intelligent way, Ms Lewis depicts a mother daughter relationship in which everything goes wrong Overall, Forget Me Not is an amazingly gripping and dark read, and one you will certainly devour in a sitting or two Once you start reading, you simply can not stop, it s that addictive It s such a clever and thought provoking read you won t be able to put down I m fascinated with Ms Lewis writing style and her deep knowledge of the human psyche and I m definitely reading her debut soon I m over the moon to discover such a brilliant author and I ll definitely be on a watch out for her next releases.

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