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    Review to come once I figure out how to write about % and and % without spoiling the whole book.Edit Evelyn Summers did something bad Something bad enough to be imprisoned She s just not sure WHAT that bad thing is.But she s worked her way through the ranks of the prison despite a cast of fellow inmates intent on bringing her down and she s thisclose to freedom when a mysterious stranger shows up and throws a wrench into everything.The book alternates between Evelyn s past journal entries and her present quest to earn her freedom The story twists and turns and sometimes gets violent, but it s an incredibly quick read especially on the back end.

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    Reading this book is really a trip Everytime I opened these pages, I swore I was back in 2011, when YA consisted of half baked dystopian worlds, competitions just for the sake of there being competitions, and protagonists who do morally reprehensible things but never shut up about how bad they feel and how they re such a monster This book checks off so many of the post Hunger Games dystopian cliches that it makes this read almost enjoyably familiar.Freedom Trials read to me like a hybrid of Divergent and the extremely comparable The Maze Runner Evelyn finds herself in prison for a crime her memory has been wiped of, forced to compete in trials to earn her freedom.And it goes exactly like you would imagine.The main character is rather insufferable, and not in a way that I think the text realizes We re supposed to root for her, but she literally got three girls in the prison executed because she ratted them out for wanting to escape When the other characters call her out on it, Evelyn defends herself as if she s done nothing wrong She s whiny and childish and acts like she s better than the people around her She develops a bit but likeEvelyn is the worst type of protagonist this book could have had How about someone who truly did something bad instead of this meek, rule following teenage girl with no personality We also have some of my favorite plot devices, like convenient amnesia, a gang of pretty girls that bully the main character, dystopian slang ie slinger , and a competition used as a framing device with no justification as to why a competition like this would be needed His green T shirt exposes tone biceps If he weren t scowling and a criminal, I d probably say he s hot.His biceps bulge through his tight white peels, and I m guessing there s a six pack hidden under there too Okay, I ll say it he s hot It s full of shit, just like you Bex flares out her fingers Boom Shots fired good one Look, it s action packed and incredibly fast paced I ll give it that But for me, it s kind of hilarious in its cliched attempt at the futuristic dystopian genre.I know I m not really the target audience for this one, so I will recommend this for younger readers just looking to get into YA I think I ll pass on reading the continuation of this series, though.

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    A young prisoner in a futuristic prison struggles to survive seven tests supposedly designed to prove her rehabilitation for a crime she can t remember committing In Freedom Trials, Tate tells a fast paced tale set in a violent, unforgiving dystopia.

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    I received an ARC of this thank you so much to Page Street Publishing but it didn t change my opinion at all This book was wholly interesting and super boring at the same time There were things that I gave major side eye but then a page later, I would be intrigued again There were a lot of components that added up to make this an okay book, but there was nothing that made it really compelling or great I did get a bit confused on what the genre really was for this book, so I m going to give my best interpretation of it for you It s sort of a tiny realistic sci fi with a mix of thriller, action, and horror There are some bloody moments that reminded me a bit of murdertrending and the Hunger Games but with super other little crazy government experiments vibe Okay, I m not sure that makes any sense, but that s what I got Things I liked the trials each one was new, exciting, and kept me guessing twists and turns There were a decent amount of them, and I never really saw what was coming I guessed a few things that could happen, but I didn t really come up with some of the big ones and that was cool the writing was easy and simple enough to breeze through the setting was pretty cool I dug it Things I was not a fan of the absurdity of everyone hating Evelyn Literally it was so over the top of their hate and I was constantly like, really They are not just this mean allllllllllllllll the time and going to literally kill you for no reason I lost track of characters There were a whole cast of them for the trials and all of the names blurred together and I didn t remember who was who when they were killed off so I was like, oh, kk, another person is gone but idk who they were so I m just going to skip to the next paragraph pacing got a little jumpy in parts Some things would get really slow and then really fast Like, Evelyn s jump to stop taking her memory pills seemed like a pretty big of a jump, since I didn t feel the lead up And then her memories came back realllllly slow compared to everyone else the disconnect I never felt anything for the characters, the plot, anything I mean I was vaguely interested in everything, but as you can see by the smallness of this review, I just feel a lot of meh I really just have a lack of feels for this book and it could be because I didn t write the review right away or a plethora of things But it s an okay book, but it s not super memorable I liked the plot and the twists and turns and it did have a cool vibe, but I really didn t connect with anything and a few things did feel quite absurd 3 crowns and a Belle rating

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    Thank you to Page Street Publishing for a copy of the ARC in exchange for a fair review.Evelyn needs to complete her trials in order to be considered rehabilitated and set free, and she has just found out that she is to start her trials However, failure means death and with her reputation the other inmates will jump at the chance to put her to death When she meets new inmate Alex, and he seems to know her she wonders what happened in the missing time Evelyn doesn t actually remember her crime, but from what they told her it was just a few days, but she really doesn t get how Alex can know her if that was true As she begins her trials and uncovers the truth will Evelyn be able to keep it together long enough to be free This had a ton of potential and a really interesting premise, however I think it just got a little crazy with all the twists in the end It feel than a little flat for me I mean the trials were pretty bloodthirsty and twisted but then when you find out it just makes it unbelievable at the end I really couldn t connect with any of the characters, I wish they had been fleshed out a bit , and I wish she would have stuck with the first premise and built it from there I mean dystopia world in which kids have to do like 7 trials in order to be considered rehabilitated and failure means death Crazy interesting right

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    Full Review HERE Freedom Trials has a very familiar and identifiable feel to it It is undeniably the offspring of The Maze Runner Divergent with maybe The Last Girl as its aunt YA fans of the dystopian genre are going to either fall in love or outright resent this one The world and plot are so relatable that you are either going to dive in and be excited to re enter a familiar world or you are going to just not be interested in a re run.With that said, I really enjoyed the ride The story pace is fast and had a very easy flow to it I liked piecing things together with Evelyn and the feelings of uncertainty confusion the slang took me a bit of time to figure out because there wasn t a lot of explanation to it hacks, slingers, etc but it worked out.Because this is a first in the series there is a lot we just don t know yet.There is a lot of build up for book two It is either going to set this series apart from its predecessors or its simply not I think Freedom Trials is off to a good start Welcome the Dystopian Family Ms Tate Bring the fire in book two, we can take the heat

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    I love this cover Evelyn Summers is imprisoned for a crime that was wiped from her memory.In order for Evelyn to be released, she along with other reformed prisoners must pass seven mental, physical, and virtual challenges known as the Freedom Trials One mistake means execution and, with her history of being a snitch, her fellow inmates will do everything they can to get revenge.When new prisoner Alex Martinez arrives, armed with secrets about Evelyn s missing memories, she must make a choice She can follow the rules to win and walk free, or covertly uncover details of the crime that sent her there But competing in the trials and dredging up her erased past may cost Evelyn the one thing valuable than freedom her life.Out October 2, 2018MY THOUGHTS I received this book in exchange for my honest review.First, I must say I loved the premise I couldn t wait to see how the author pulled off the story.Violence of a justice system that is geared to a set of tests to determine if a criminal should live or die In this dystopian world, Evelyn has everything against her as she waits to be released as a reformed prisoner In order to be released she has to pass a series of seven tests Others don t like her, don t like her reputation as a snitch and want to see her dead.How can you not be interested in this Tate s science fiction is bang on I love the characters and their development, the world building and setting, and the action packed, fast paced plot It s a page turner and if you like science fictions, you ll love this one.

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    YA Dystopian is dead, you say Well, for one thing, if that s the case it s long overdue for a comeback I mean, take a look around, kids Sh t has gotten weird.And, two, let me reassure you that this is not your big sister s dystopian The trials that harken back to the dystopian boom of the mid aughts are just an entry point An amuse bouche, if you will, designed to entice you and pull you into the story The main dishes are the complex and nuanced world building, the morally messy main character, and the spot on social commentary that tackles everything from the school to prison pipeline to drug addiction.Seriously, there s never been a better time for complicated, angry girls who do everything they can to change the world.

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    I wrote this It s kind of dystopian, kind of sci fi, kind of a thriller If deadly challenges, moral ambiguity, complicated friendships between girls, erased memories, and themes of regret are your thing, check it out I had so much fun writing this weird story I hope you enjoy reading it 3

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    Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy.FREEDOM TRIALS is, at its core, a young adult dystopian novel in the vein of THE HUNGER GAMES and others that came out over the past decade or so With a twisty plot and dashes of science fiction and thriller, FREEDOM TRIALS has the quality of being a dark and violent book that is not necessarily easy to read, but hard to put down.For me, a large part of how I judge a book is how immersed I get while I m reading it And FREEDOM TRIALS met that mark I was pulled in from the beginning and stayed up past my bedtime because I wanted to finish it The nature of the plot, with Evelyn not knowing her crime, and the mysterious prisoner who might know her, makes it a compelling read.However, there s a lot going on in FREEDOM TRIALS, and sometimes plot points don t make sense in the greater scheme of the story I think this is a result of just trying to cram so much into one book For example, during the trials, Evelyn is dealing with sabotage from other prisoners, plus figuring out who Alex is, plus trying to regain her own memories And then there s twists and turns that would probably have been impactful if we had a chance to get to know any of one of the many characters other than Evelyn.I can t tell if this is first in a planned series, or if this is it, but I was mostly content with the ending and I don t feel like there s too much left unresolved that would frustrate a reader Overall, while FREEDOM TRIALS doesn t break new ground, readers who miss the deluge of dystopian novels in the YA market will feel at home reading it.Sexual content Kissing

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Freedom Trials download Freedom Trials , read online Freedom Trials , kindle ebook Freedom Trials , Freedom Trials b12138fd96a9 Evelyn Summers Is Imprisoned For A Crime That Was Wiped From Her MemoryIn Order For Evelyn To Be Released, She Along With Other Reformed Prisoners Must Pass Seven Mental, Physical, And Virtual Challenges Known As The Freedom Trials One Mistake Means Execution And, With Her History Of Being A Snitch, Her Fellow Inmates Will Do Everything They Can To Get RevengeWhen New Prisoner Alex Martinez Arrives, Armed With Secrets About Evelyn S Missing Memories, She Must Make A Choice She Can Follow The Rules To Win And Walk Free, Or Covertly Uncover Details Of The Crime That Sent Her There But Competing In The Trials And Dredging Up Her Erased Past May Cost Evelyn The One Thing Valuable Than Freedom Her Life