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Home and Away summary Home and Away , series Home and Away , book Home and Away , pdf Home and Away , Home and Away 487e7946ce Tasia Quirk Is Young, Black, And Fabulous She S A Senior, She S Got Great Friends, And A Supportive And Wealthy Family She Even Plays Football As The Only Girl On Her Private High School S TeamBut When She Catches Her Mamma Trying To Stuff A Mysterious Box In The Closet, Her Identity Is Suddenly Called Into Question Now Tasia S Determined To Unravel The Lies That Have Overtaken Her Life Along The Way, She Discovers What Family And Forgiveness Really Mean, And That Her Answers Don T Come Without A Fee An Artsy Bisexual Boy From The Valley Could Help Her Find Them But Only If She Stops Fighting Who She Is, Beyond The Color Of Her Skin

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    I wrote this dirty little love letter to being young, Black and female I kinda like it Hope you do too.

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    DNF page 49I am absolutely not the ideal reader for this book I was sent an unsolicited ARC of this book and despite having a really busy schedule of review copies I requested lately, I wanted to give it a try because I was incredibly appreciative of the publisher sending this to me, but I think I m past the age of being able to deal with cranky YA contemporary protagonists being hateful to their families I get that she s shocked by learning about this big twist in her family, but the way she reacts is honestly just irritating.

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    Got to beta this beauty and it is a grand kick to the teeth with the complexities of family, friendship, and romantic love can t wait for the finish copy

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    I really don t know where my rating stands on this one I m stuck really at a 3.5 but I m going to stay at 3 stars While this book really did touch on some good subjects, I was either confused or annoyed the other times I was reading.Tasia character needed a pat on the back while at the same time needed a good slap across the face The way she handled certain situations didn t really sit well with me I get her whole world collapsed but that really didn t excuse her actions Especially when it came to the way she was towards her mom Let me talk to you like I would a friend Ya ll if I talked to my mama like that she would have beat my ass into next week I m so serious Hell, I m 27 and wouldn t take that tone with my mama Now this book does talk about topics that need to be talked about Race, sexual orientations and sexism All of these are hard to talk about topics but they are done really well What stood out to me the most was that the author mentioned inter racism inside of a culture I have never read about in a book, but this is a real thing Especially in the black community Now I m not mixed race like Tasia but I am what you call a light skinned black girl The stereotype in the black community is that lighter skin girls boys are favored, prettier, and get opportunities This then causes a rift between the community and you are judged before you even open your mouth You re black, Okay You know that, right Don t ever let another person tell you you re not If I ve learned anything from my parents, it s that all it takes is the smallest percentage and the will to stare the rest of America right in the face You re Black So while it s not going to a favorite of mine, it did make me think and it s going to stay with me for a while The story was good, I just felt like the execution needed work Basically, I do recommend this even though I m so torn about it I read an advanced copy of this title The quote was taken from an ARC and is subject to change upon publication.Blog Instagram Twitter

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    Just realized I never put my official author blurb in here, so Tasia Quirk is bold, funny, talented, passionate, vulnerable, fierce, and just plain fabulous Get ready to meet your new favorite YA heroine in Taze, and your new favorite YA voice in Candice Montgomery Dahlia Adler, author of Just VisitingSeriously though, the voice, the raw emotion, the romance, the football playing heroineI love this book and I m so, so excited for the next one already.

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    I often get caught up in stories and covers that reflect so many of the faces and stories of people I know, people that look like me I can t say that Home and Away was any different The cover featured a black girl and the first line of the synopsis described her as young, fabulous and black I was in.But I have some disappointments dislikes along with some likes.Tasia Quirk s character reminded me a lot of Starr in T.H.U.G.Seemingly balancing their blackness between two worlds Dangling between the part of them that calls to be black and this new part of this MC, that might not be They shared the same careful approach towards blackness afraid to bask in its hardships and in my opinion in its power They seemed comfortable questioning it, but the author used the characters to portray a sense of black empowerment in places I found hard to believe and not true to the characters current struggles with their race.For instance, there was a scene in which two friends discovered their distaste for each other was due to colorism and jealousy of blackness I didn t get it and I think it was mostly due to the fact of its timing and the fact that the character just didn t come off that way, neither of them did Also, the kneeling scene came out of left field It felt forced and it took away the importance and significance of what kneeling stands for.Not to nitpick but these two scenes rubbed me the wrong way and it took something away from the story for me.Aside from that, however, the writing is absolutely stellar Easy to follow, clear, concise and a clear indication of the author s innate talent The characters are pretty well fleshed out The pacing is also pretty well done, though I found it lengthy for a contemporary at close to 400 pages It felt long.I wanted a little and a little less in some areas, but for a debut, it s clear there s for this author to tell.She has the talent and I m sure we will be hearing from her and I d support it.

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    I received an ARC of this thank you so much to Page Street Publishing but it didn t change my opinion at all I highs and lows with this novel, and I m not sure what to do with myself There were things that I really liked, but there were parts that had me frustrated I even thought about bringing out my Elsa rating at some points, because I felt so conflicted about it Elsa is my rating for books that I literally cannot figure out a proper crown rating because I can never figure out my true feelings for this ice queenDisney princess SEE IDK WHAT TO EVEN CALL HER There was a lot to like about this novel I think the best part about it was its messiness with its characters, their actions, and the situation that they re in There is no right way to react when your world has been literally turned upside down the way that Tasia s is, and a lot of the things that happened felt SO real and relatable There were moments that I was frustrated with things that Tasia was doing, but also, like, I got it Tasia s world is rocked, and even if she did things I wouldn t have done, I still GOT them She s angry and frustrated and you could just feel her pain through the pages Everyone in this book felt like a person that was out in the real world and could connect with Montgomery truly had a talent with bringing the real life messiness that would come with the secret and not just tidying everything up with the rainbow and unicorn haze that YA does sometimes I really loved that.I did like our cast of characters for the most part as well Each was dynamic, different, and you could always pinpoint who was who I really liked Slim, Tasia s best friend, and Tristan, Tasia s brother They were stars for me for this novel Tasia was a pretty good narrator as well Her voice shines through with every page, and I did feel for her quite a bit Even when I got frustrated with her actions or the story, I still rooted for her, because I was invested in her story.Montgomery s writing was pretty good It s pretty easy to read I still felt compelled to finish the story There was never really a big draw with the story with me, so I was able to set it down and not want to pick it back up for a while One of the biggest issues for me was the pacing At times, I felt like decisions were reached with a very short amount of times Like, Tasia s decision to move in with Merrick was SO quick I understand she needed to get away from her family, but I feel like she maybe should have had an internal conversation about it or a few pages of thinking it over before it was reached Instead, the truth came out and next thing I know, she s moving in with Merrick I mean, like, this girl here would be having paranoid delusions for like 20 pages before every moving in with someone, so I wanted like, at least a page The romance with Kai came fast and furious as well Some other plot lines were picked up and dropped off as well We could go long periods of time without talking about Tasia s football playing and her search for the person that sent her the box, and it didn t seem to follow a flow as much as I wanted to since I would forget about certain things.As I mentioned before, the romance between Kai and Tasia was an interesting one as well Like, there were a lot of leaps in this romance that didn t quite work for me I needed a lot build up for them Like, their third or fourth time interacting with each other after a few paragraphs, it s already getting way too deep And then they sped so quickly into the gf bf department that I literally blinked and found them together And then they were dropping I love you s SO quickly I was flustered because I didn t quite see where they came together so so quickly Instalove for sure And I felt no chemistry at alllllllllllllll between them I mean, they had cute moments, but there was nothing that really was like YESSSSSSS, SHIPS, FEELS, SWOONS It was like eh I think part of this could be because Kai is technically her adopted uncle He s her age and such, and she s never known this part of the family, but like, the moment I see part of the family feels are instantly gone for me You will never be seeing this girl into the whole I m in love with my stepbrother plot lines Wattpad forever broke me on that And one of my last issues was some of the characters actions The biggest issue that I had was Tasia s and Kai s friend group Like, I didn t get them Everyone always warns her that Kai will hurt her and mess up, and like, I don t usually talk about my friends this way Two of them are in love with Kai and intensely upset jealous over their relationship ending They continuously are jerks to Tasia and actively try to get with Kai, and Tasia is still mostly good with them LIKE WHY And she struggles allllllllllll the time with forgiveness and talking with her family, but once she solves the big mystery of the box, it s a very hasty forgiveness moment, which I didn t fully get.I do like the ending quite a bit It wasn t a big nice happy HEA There were a lot of things that were quite open ended, and I think Montgomery did a wonderful job with showcasing just what real life is like You re not just going to get a perfect little bow to fix up the problems It felt very hopeful and like such a fitting end Also, girl football players so much epicness Tasia had a lot of strength in this novel mental, emotional, and physical, and this was just another way to showcase it I loved reading how fierce she was in her love of the sport.Overall, this book had a lot of ups and downs for me, but I loved the realness of it and the way Montgomery drew me I had some issues with the romance and the pacing, but I did really enjoy the cast of characters and the plot I m going to put an end to this long review now, so 3 crowns and a Belle rating

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    Tasia is enjoying her life, a cornerback for a great team until one night everything in her life falls apart I was going to spoil the heck out of the book, but I went back to check the synopsis before I just charged ahead and I am glad I did, because they didn t give it away and neither will I So now my challenge is how to talk about this book without ruining it Okay first I am not a football fan, but I thought it was super cool that Tasia played football and went about playing in such a way that you could have nothing but respect for it I am not so sure she handles everything else in a great way, but this is in essence is what this book is about It is a coming of age, figuring out who you are, forgiveness, and dealing with major changes Tasia doesn t always handle things right or even close to right, but she does in a way that is true to who she is and for me is what caught my attention and held me the whole time I was reading this book I loved the characters, her friends and the new friends and Kai They were so opposite and made for each other it is ridiculous Trist was amazing as well so level headed and just always making her think about the choices she made and what was going on.To be honest when I started this I didn t think I was going to enjoy it all that much, but it made me a think a lot and I really can t help enjoying books that make me think Plus I enjoy coming of age and massive self reflections stories especially when they are so compelling.

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    I was 17 or 18 when I found out my dad wasn t actually my father and I was actually biracial I couldn t find out any information because my mother was already dead, and no one is allowed to tell me how to feel about this book because it is a book of my heart.

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