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Afterimage summary Afterimage, series Afterimage, book Afterimage, pdf Afterimage, Afterimage eed4b92392 A Horrific Explosion Levels Part Of The City And Camryn Kingfisher Is The Sole SurvivorAmidst Controversy, Conspiracy Theories, And Threats From Government Officials, Camryn Longs For The Truth But The Only Person Who She Can Turn To Is A Transparent Boy In A Lab Coat Named Quint Unsure Whether He S A Hallucination Or A Ghost, Camryn Has No Choice But To Trust Him As They Become Embroiled In A Plot That Is Bigger Than Either Of Them Realize In A Race Where The Fabric Of Time And Space Is At Stake, They Must Figure Out Who Caused The Explosion Before The Culprit Comes Back To Finish Camryn And Her City Off For Good

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    I don t read a lot of sci fi, but after reading the synopsis of this gorgeous book, I just had to check it out I m so glad I did From the very first page, I was hooked, and I found myself reading this gem of a book in almost one sitting All of my theories were completely wrong and as the story unraveled, I found myself on the journey to discovery and truth along with the main character it was quite a ride I m a huge Doctor Who fan, so the best way I can really describe my enjoyment of this book is to say this There is A LOT of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff and it s AWESOME Naomi Hughes s debut is not one to miss A true page turner that will keep you guessing the whole time I loved it and highly recommend

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    To me, the hardest part about being a book blogger is when you find a book that feels like it could have worked for you, but somehow, it just didn t quite make it and then trying to review that book in actual, coherent words and phrases, when all you really know how to do is kind of shrug and go, Eeeeehhhh Like an afterimage the ghost of light that s left behind when you ve been staring at something too bright for too long That s my issue with Afterimage in a nutshell It isn t a bad book by any means I didn t find it to be hurtful, or problematic, or even poorly written it just didn t do anything for me So, I m going to try to be as fair and just as possible in this review, because it s absolutely the sort of book that has an intended audience who could probably love this a lot than I did I want him to hurt the way I ve been hurt I know it s not really his fault, I know he might not even be real, but at the moment he s all I ve got I want to get the negative aspects of this review over with first and foremost, I know the synopsis even mentions a time space issue, but it felt so forced and out of place The book starts off as what feels like it should be a solid government conspiracy thriller mystery, but when the sci fi aspects were thrown it, it totally lost me Even though I like space timeline plots, in this instance, I would have enjoyed the story so much without any of that The other, smaller complaint that I have is the character writing Camryn, the narrator, is annoying she s a jerk and doesn t think things through at all for the first 100 pages or so, but she does progress as the story goes on The side characters, however, really felt flat and uninspired from start to finish, so I couldn t seem to connect with anyone Panic Disorder a self fulfilling prophecy of suck On the other hand, let me just say that I genuinely enjoyed the representation of Camryn s panic disorder As a reader with an anxiety disorder and panic attacks as a real aspect of my own mental health, I was able to relate to a solid amount of what she described In particular, there s a scene in the beginning where she explains that because she had a really bad panic attack at this one location, she now gets anxious when she tries to return there, because she s scared she ll trigger herself into a repeat event that is such a legitimate fear that I struggle with, and I ve never seen it put so specifically into words in a story, so I definitely related to that and appreciated Naomi Hughes adding it in So, yeah all in all, not a bad read, it just didn t work for me. That said, if the synopsis sounds interesting to you at all, I would one hundred percent suggest picking this one up and giving it a try, because I honestly believe Naomi Hughes writing has major potential to thrill a lot of people, and I would definitely be willing to check out future releases from her All quotes come from an advance copy and may not match the final release Thank you so much to Page Street Publishing for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    THIS BOOK I was obsessed with this book from about 10 pages in The story is thrilling and there may in fact be a new twist in every single chapter Our main character Camryn deeply loves her mom, dad, and brother Kyle She deals with true Panic Disorder and works so hard for that not to run her entire life Quint is a mysterious guest that Camryn finds herself tied to after a huge explosion causes the death of Camryn s mom along with thousands of other people Camryn deals with guilt, grief, anxiety, and panic attacks in this absolute adventure thriller I m still having trouble forming coherent thoughts around this novel, so I ll do it this way Here are a few things I loved about this story characters concept Hughes describes grief in SUCH an authentic way The guilt, the remorse, the what ifs they all resonated deeply with me I won t say much on this but the romance developed through the storm these characters fight through is lovely The Panic Disorder WOW Again, it is so realistic Readers who have suffered through this will immediately identify and be inspired Hughes didn t write a character who somehow miraculously overcomes her Panic Disorder to save the day at the end She created a character who bites and claws and fights her way through the panic that gnaws on her at every moment She wrote a character who gives hope to those who also face this challenge Camryn and Kyle s relationship So I m a sucker for a sibling relationship 100% of the time This one is rocky with the highest of highs and some pretty intense lows It s beautiful There IS a science fiction element to this story Sci Fi is absolutely not my cup of tea, and Hughes still brought me along throughout the entire novel Even a complete novice to the genre can access this story without feeling lost Did I mention there s a twist every time you turn a page Maybe not quite that frequently, but this story kept me on my toes the entire time THE ENDING Go ahead Try to predict how she will end this novel You will be wrong The ending is perfect than anything I could have hoped for It splease just read this book The imperfections are so perfect Every single character is so complex and deep and well developed I loved that even the characters I was meant to fall for weren t perfect OH And nobody escapes this story without significant scarring Again, the imperfections in each character just make this story so authentic and relatable In short, BUY this book READ this book SHARE this book I ve never read anything like it I devoured it in about 4 hours My library WILL hold multiple copies of this special new author Alright, Naomi When s the next book coming out

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    I received an ARC of this thank you so much to Page Street Publishing but it didn t change my opinion at all There was nothing really wrong with this book, but I think a lot of things compiled together to make it a bit messy and cliche and something that I wasn t vibing with There were some good parts, but there were a lot of parts that I wasn t feeling and it kind of put me in a slump since I didn t want to pick it back up.I have to say that I was really feeling the twists and turns They were for sure my favorite thing of the novel There was a big twist reveal that happened about halfway through the story, and I vibed it hard I thought it was super cool, and it was really the big thing that kept me going Let s just say, there are a lot things going on then you realize and when you realize it, it becomes super cool and intriguing I really didn t count on it being a thing, and I loved the little twist that brought this book to another level for me The characters were okay I mean, I didn t hate them or anything They just feltlikeIdk nothing I mean, I really had nothing for Quint and I m really grappling here, trying to think of something that could describe our main character and narrator, but I ve got nothing There was no traits that I could really pull out to describe them other thanstrong Mentally, emotionally, and That s all I got Romance was eh I thought for the longest time that we weren t going to have a romance, and I was totally down with it, but it did pop its head up at the end that had me rolling my eyes It felt a little forced and I was good with it not happening at all The plot had a pretty fast pace, and I was into it for parts It got really intriguing and everything was always moving, but it did have parts where it would slow down and I wouldn t want to pick it back up There were also parts where it was so unbelievable that I was giving major side eye to it Like, really, how cliched shady was this government agency really was And like, how easy she was able to slip into said secret government agency Like, I can t even sneak out of my own house, so how was she able to sneak into a top secret government agency with the random mysterious boy in her head s help And this part of the plot seemed way too cliched for me I felt like I was watching a Bourne movie with a little sci fi twist Overall, there wasn t anything really terrible about this book, but it just really was lacking for me in certain parts I thought the characters were okay, and I was HERE for the twists and turns that Hughes created, but overall, I wasn t vibing this book too much 2 crowns and a Cinderella rating

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    I very much have a what did I just read feeling about this book but I still think I enjoyed it I m happy where it ended even though the middle was confusing as hell.

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    A cataclysmic explosion destroys Camryn s world she survives when she s not supposed to, and the only constant in the chaos is a bespectacled boy who may or may not actually exist.AFTERIMAGE, Naomi Hughes debut sci fi thriller, is a page turner with twists and turns that will leave you racing through the pages way past your bedtime to find out what happens next Hughes demonstrates incredible mastery over plot and pacing subtle hints are peppered throughout the story, which add layers as the reader delves deeper into the mystery of Camryn s ability to alter the past and the future.Hughes excels at interiority, handling first person present POV with deft skill We feel what Camryn feels, but it never comes across as melodramatic Camryn also struggles with panic disorder, which makes her especially empathetic and relatable to readers who deal with anxiety The supporting cast is also great Camryn s brother leaves a memorable imprint, and an unexpected romance unfolds without slowing the pace as the plot hurtles forward at roller coaster speed.This is one of my favorite books this year, and I eagerly look forward to from this author

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    Oh, my gosh this book.I had the pleasure of reading an early version of AFTERIMAGE and it killed me dead.Then I got to read the ARC which also killed me dead.The ghost of my ghost is writing this review for you AFTERIMAGE is teeming with fast paced, heart pounding action and adventure Any time you manage to catch your breath, you ll be busy screaming at the latest twist, turn, or reveal The voice of Camryn leaps off the page, drawing you into the crumbling world she s desperate to save It s a book that you instantly want to start reading again once you finish because you know you ll get even out of it the second time around I don t want to say much else for fear of spoilers so just read it, join me in the ghostly realm, and we ll chat.

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    Rated 2.5 really.Fast paced and full of turns, this one would make a great adult sci fi book set in a distant future minus the weird instalove part The problem is, as a teen s adventure set in our time frame, and in our good old reality, it doesn t hold Both the science and the conspiracy are over the top, and there s no way a single teen prodigy could make such a scientific breakthrough The romantic plot is unsettling for at least two reasons And while I enjoyed reading about a main character with panic disorder, I didn t buy that she would get crippled by it one moment and then be able to play hero the other though I don t know how it really feels to have a panic disorder, and I m probably not the best judge Kudos for being entertaining though, and for dealing with familial relationships though they mostly got skimmed.Full review to come.

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    I loved this YA thriller Calling it a thriller is oversimplifying Whether you re a fan of ghost stories and the paranormal, a science fiction fan, or a reader of conspiracy thrillers, this book is for you A very original take on the YA thriller genre, very smart, and full of unanticipated twists I highly recommend this.

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    A heart pounding thrill ride that explores how far we d go to fix our mistakes and what it means to face them Beautifully written and hauntingly real, this book is one that stayed with me long after I turned the last page I read an early copy of this, and cannot WAIT to see it in print

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