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Magefall (Age of Dread, #2) pdf Magefall (Age of Dread, #2) , ebook Magefall (Age of Dread, #2) , epub Magefall (Age of Dread, #2) , doc Magefall (Age of Dread, #2) , e-pub Magefall (Age of Dread, #2) , Magefall (Age of Dread, #2) 3da2500c049 When Magic Is Feared, The Mages Must Learn To Fight For Themselves In This Powerful Sequel To The Standout Epic Fantasy Mageborn By Stephen Aryan The Land Is In Turmoil Mages Are Hunted By Men And Gods Alike Even Their Own Kind Betray Each Other In The Name Of Safety And Protection With Their Last Refuge Fallen, Two Young Mages Must Conspire Against A God To Show The World That Their Abilities Aren T A Curse They Are The Only Way To Ensure Lasting Peace Under The Threat Of Anti Magic Fanatics, Wren Struggles To Find Her Place As A Leader And To Keep Her People Safe As They Build A New Home While Danoph Searches For Answers On A Spiritual Journey, Determined To Find Out Who He Really Is And Where He Came From In An Effort To Calm The Coming Storm Their World Has Turned Against Them, Yet Only They Can Save The World The Age Of Dread Mageborn MagefallFor From Stephen Aryan, Check Out Age Of Darkness Battlemage Bloodmage Chaosmage

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    Could not get past page 90 Loved the first book but this for me was just not happening.

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    I absolutely loved the first trilogy Age of Darkness and the author s writing greatly improved throughout the series There is some wish fulfillment in Balfruss, the sorcerer, and that is fine by me In fact, I have re read several portions of the books If you enjoyed that trilogy, I recommend the Age of Dread series The Age of Dread series, however, builds on the previous trilogy Do not feel compelled to go back and read the first trilogy the books stand fine on their own The story, however, can be satisfying if you start from the beginning Of course, the first three books are great on their own, so you can t go wrong if you hold off on the Age of Dread series to read the first trilogy.The first book of the Age of Dread series was just not as fun as the previous trilogy so I was worried about Magefall My concern was misplaced Apparently, the author felt it necessary to add a fair amount of world setting exposition in the first book which, let s face it, is just not as exciting Based on the foundation of the previous book, Magefall includes plenty of action and intensifies mysteries and tensions I m looking forward to the next book I read Magefall in about three days which is blazing fast for me The family had to settle down without me for a little while.

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    I received a copy of Magefall from Hachette Australia to review.In the aftermath of the devastating battlemage war, magic became mistrusted and feared by the common population of all the lands However, the mysterious Akosh managed to turn this mistrust into outright hatred, and her manipulations and minions led the populace to attack and destroy the Red Tower, the seat of all magical learning While the tower was destroyed, many of its students and teachers managed to escape and the outcast mages must now find a new path for their magic and abilities.While the powerful and disturbed former instructor of the Red Tower, Garvey, leads several of his former students on a murderous rampage through the countryside, three other refugees from the Red Tower attempt to change the public perception of magic Wren and Danoph have started their own community of mages in the abandoned fringes of Shael, and attempt to protect the local villages from a murderous band of bandits At the same time, their friend Tianne returns home to Zecorria in order to take advantage of the regent s amnesty for mages But as she begins to work in an official capacity for the regent, she is forced to become involved in his despotic policies Elsewhere, Akosh continues to manipulate events across the lands, attempting to gain even influence and control However, her actions have not gone unnoticed, and several individuals are rallying to counter her bid for power The new head of the Guardians, Tammy, moves to shatter Akosh s influence in the country of Shael, but how far will she go to win this fight, and what will the consequences be Old friends Balfruss and Vargus attempt to counter both Garvey and Akosh, while Munroe, the most powerful mage in existence, embarks on deadly rampage to find Akosh and get her revenge But Akosh is far powerful than anyone believes possible, and what will happen when a mage goes up against a god Magefall is an intriguing and enjoyable book from talented fantasy author Stephen Aryan and one that I had a lot of fun reading Magefall is the second book in Aryan s Age of Dread trilogy, which followed on from his initial The Age of Darkness trilogy I have to admit that I have not had a chance to read any of Aryan s previous books before, and as a result, I had a bit of a harder time getting into this story initially, due to the author s assumption of his readers knowledge of the four previous books established plot and lore While I was eventually given a clearer picture of some of the previous events, the initial confusion and uncertainty when it came to certain plot points did slightly colour my assessment of this book As a result, I have knocked my rating down to four stars, rather than the four and a half stars I probably would have given to it if I were familiar with the previous books in this universe That being said, Magefall is still an amazing piece of fantasy fiction that I really enjoyed, and I am intending to check out some of Aryan s previous novels at a later date.Click link for full review visit my blog at

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    A good sequel to Mageborn, and it picks up right after the ending of the previous book The pacing as usual is brilliant, and Aryan focuses on plot, events, as well as character developments It begins right after the fall of the Red Tower and the tumultuous aftermath of the bloody uprising against magic and sorcerers It doesn t have the pulse pounding action, rather is filled with an atmosphere of tension and hostility.Here we get three major story arcs one Wren and her community s struggles against a group of murderous bandits, two the quest for Munroe s vengeance, Tianne s attempt to find herself a identity and sense of respect in her home kingdom There is a whole lot of politics going on where both gods and men are meddled up pretty dangerously Magic is still seen as a curse, and those born with abilities are either killed or hidden Meanwhile, the Guardians investigate regarding the violence done in the name of magic and discovers a prime suspect While, a powerful sorceress is bent on getting revenge against an immortal for her family s demise, while the rumors add to the situation seething with mistrust and unstability There were some surprises along the way regarding character revealations and motives which was pretty interesting Balfruss here didn t have much role to play, though he did appear on a few situations, one of them being his confrontation with Garvey I particularly was intrigued by Akosh and her ruthless manipulation of her followers Her confrontation with Munroe was epic and terrible Munroe is quite the badass lady sorceress here who doesn t give a fuck about anything Her grief and wrath was violently destructive Tianne was a very conflicting character who comes out of her naivete She learns that nothing is simple as she thought, and her interactions with Garvey reveals a lot about her I want to see how she grows into her potential and what role doe she play in the upcoming conflict And, what surprised and terrified me was Kai and his horrific ambition I m interested to see how the Alliance between him and Akosh play out in the end Wren here develops significantly as a character She grows to be a leader of her small community of friends and followers She unites them like a family, and fights with them against all odds to protect innocents and commoners alike Her decisions and outlook while fighting Boric reveals her inner strength as well as her discipline Danoph also develops his mysterious powers and is a supportive pillar to Wren There is a surprise about his background in the end which will excite the readers to no ends This was an exciting read, and it builds up the tempo for the climax that is to come I can t wait for the third book to come out Stephen Aryan is a strong storyteller with a magic of his own I hope, The third book will be a epic blast of gods and men and sorcerers in a great battle Magefall promised this, and I want the mysteries of Kai, Elwei, Vargus, the Maker, and Munroe s family revealed soon.

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    Oh My God This book Ah I don t even know what I can say that will do it justice The way he writes his books are just so easy to read, they drag you deep into it just when it s needed The way he builds his characters and plots read so effortlessly that I can never say a bad word about them The book continued from Mage born and is following the key characters and after the events of what happened to the red tower and the build up to it Munroe is by far one of my favourite characters from both trilogies and watching her story progress makes me love her even , I cannot wait for the last book because the way this one has been it has set the final instalment open to something that I can imagine is going to be pretty spectacular Whenever I write a review I m always wary of giving away any spoilers because I don t want to ruin the experience for anyone, I will drop this though, you know shits about to get real when you read this Kill them all said the Queen my favourite quote

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    Great middle bookThis book has hinted to so many potential storylines for the third I can t wait to find out what happens next So many subtle clues So many good characters So many potentials stories I must admit, Monroe and Wren are my favourite Hoping in the third book Monroe gets of the spotlight I have so many unanswered questions, which is typical of a second book This book is good context and develops from where the first left off well Please don t make us wait long for the next

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    Now, I love Stephen Aryan s work I think he s an amazing author who truly knows how to write and create a dynamic story with diverse and intense characters I love his world and what he does with it I love how he brings the characters to life and how he makes you turn page after page I love how he takes the concept of gods and turns it into his own thing that are so unique and wonderful that it makes me crave stories about them.Magefall was a slower book and I think I just have to accept that Age of Dread is a slower trilogy than The Age Of Darkness and that s okay It was building up a sense of the world and the characters I did miss some of the action from the first trilogy, but I think I simply have to stop comparing them because they re not the same thing at all I m excited to see Aryan tie the threads of the story together in the next book.

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    Too many words I am awaiting the next novel with stretched patience.

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    Another great story full of wonderful characters, old friends and old enemies It s hard to believe there s only one book left in this fantastic world Say it ain t so Stephen

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    Next one please Couldn t put the book down Brilliant series Chomping at the bit for the next book Hopfully many to come Tv series would be cool

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