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Crusade (The Paladin Trilogy #3) summary Crusade (The Paladin Trilogy #3) , series Crusade (The Paladin Trilogy #3) , book Crusade (The Paladin Trilogy #3) , pdf Crusade (The Paladin Trilogy #3) , Crusade (The Paladin Trilogy #3) 07681c604f Old Ways Have Been Broken In The Blood And Smoke Of The Battle Of Thornhurst By Allystaire Stillbright And Followers Of The Goddess Now The Paladin Must Recover From His Ordeal, Carve Out A Hopeful Future For The Shattered Baronies, And Prepare For The Next Attack Upon The Goddess S New And Fragile Following But The Corrupt Deity Braech, The Sea Dragon, Will Not Easily Let Go Of The Power That Has Long Been His Braech S Minions, Led By The Calculating Archpriest Symod, March On The Now Weakened Baronies The Final Battle, A Crusade Against The Mother And All Of Her Followers, Is Near, And Allystaire, The Arm Of The Mother, Is Left To Rally The Survivors Including Some Of His Oldest Enemies To Face A Foe That Will Not Rest Until All The Mother S Faithful Are Broken And Each Barony Submits To The Sea Dragon Once

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    4.5 stars.This was a satisfying finale.The writing in this series is so good, it saved the book for me even tho there s no problem with the characters and the plot, they are both interesting, it s just that I wouldn t have minded if the protagonists in this failed.I like them very much, just that the world around them didn t feel that bad Yes there were death slavery and injustice in it but I think what was missing for me was that the characters didn t deal with their personal struggle as much as I liked them to, their lives just didn t feel that bad before, so why are they changing the world Back to the writing It s concrete and gripping, and I have no doubt that if not for it I wouldn t have made it past book 1.It s the thing that many High Fantasy books fail to do with me I literally start dreaming about other books while in the middle of a different one It s what happened to me reading The Faithful and the Fallen.And the fight scenes Gosh they were so good.I also didn t expect to get emotional reading this The characters really grew on me and I kept remembering how far they came and by the last couple of chapters, I didn t wish this to end.I don t think this series is for everyone but if High Fantasy is your thing then you re missing.

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    This was a very good ending to a fun series Well paced with characters I loved If you enjoyed the Dragonlance books or are were a DD player this series is for you.Also, I would like to thank Mr Ford for writing a trilogy in a reasonable time span and not stretching this into a watered down 6 book series at the expense of his readers This has become the norm for the fantasy industry and I salute you for not doing so.

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    Excellent sword and sorcery fantasyThis book brings the trilogy to an end and does it in a very satisfying way It also leaves room for adventures in the same world To say it made me think of Elizabeth Moon is about the highest praise I can give The Deed of Paksennarion along with the years later follow ones is probably the best fantasy I have ever read And here we have a Paladin worthy of comparison, if a little bloodthirsty.

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    A heavy trilogyI am rating the entire trilogy If you haven t read from the beginning don t start here The first book is a solid 5 in the epic fantasy genre Books 3 4 lose a little steam but are solid 4s Overall the author created a well written, well edited epic fantasy that will be shelved and reread I applaud the author for a taut tale, for staying true to his characters and ending the story as it should have endedI hope the story continues and new threads are pursued.

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    The life and death of a paladinI loved this series The main character was that mean ole well meaning uncle who inspired you to be a better version of yourself not for your sake, but for the world We should all emulate his example.

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    A solid finish to the series It made me cry.

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    I am glad I stumbled upon this trilogy A great conclusion to a great series.

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    Awesome book Ending was a bit sad, but understandable from within the story plot wise , as well as out of story author adding a definitive end to the story

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    The first book was good, the second great but this was amazing.

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    The story I started reading as one of my very first ebooks over two years ago comes to an end If I was to say it shortly and without spoilers, it s a good and deserved end in a way that makes sense Following the battle of Thornhurst at the end of the second book, Allystaire and his fellows need to face many challenges regarding the future of Lionel s land, something that is harder for those following his two children than for said children While Chaddin and Landen manage to find a way, to see it through might be harder than it seems and take a time they don t have to.With their help, as well as Garth and his sister, Allystaire asks old Baron Innandan to organize a peace council that will eventually show about the young Baron Oyrwyn and why Allystaire ran away something that is easily understood.Only with at least some progress in said council, the small army assembled by the present barons move to fight Symod and his forces Yet, their time is running out maybe faster than they d like and even using the enemy s weaknesses against them and their strengths as best as they can make it a tough struggle Among all of that, the sorcerer is lurking as well, afraid of what Gideon learned and did.The final confrontation was quite an epic battle I admit I expected a bit of screen time for Evolyn and maybe some bit here and there Maybe a bit where the land might head with the conflict over Still, it was a trilogy I enjoyed a lot and will return to it at some point With fond memories.Longer review at my blog

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