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The High Court (The Sky Throne #2) explained The High Court (The Sky Throne #2) , review The High Court (The Sky Throne #2) , trailer The High Court (The Sky Throne #2) , box office The High Court (The Sky Throne #2) , analysis The High Court (The Sky Throne #2) , The High Court (The Sky Throne #2) a1e8 High Atop Mount Olympus, Dawn Breaks On A New Academic Term Normalcy Has Returned To Campus Following A Harrowing Expedition Into The Underworld To Rescue Kidnapped Students By Zeus And His Fellow Olympians Now, As They Prepare To Testify In The High Court, Hyperion Will Be Tried For The Attack On Crete And Death Of Anytos Kronos Will Stand Trial For The Murder Of Mount Olympus Prep S Headmaster OuranosAs The Trials Draw Near, Mount Olympus Prep Students And Faculty Are Besieged Repeatedly By A Race Of Gargantuan Stone And Earth Giants Under Heavy Assault, The Olympians Are Forced To Flee To The Volcanic Island Of Limnos To RegroupMeanwhile, A Toxic Poison Zeus Has Carried With Him Since A Prior Fight With A Dragoness, Creeps Toward His BrainIn A Race Against Time And Beasts, Zeus And His Friends Must Find A Way To Survive Not Only The Toxin Ravaging Zeus Body, But Also The Giants Who Grow Stronger After Every Attack, And Somehow Make It To The The High Court Alive

  • Paperback
  • 290 pages
  • The High Court (The Sky Throne #2)
  • Chris Ledbetter
  • English
  • 01 March 2019
  • 9781946700728

About the Author: Chris Ledbetter

THE HIGH COURT Month9Books 10 16 2018 THE SKY THRONE Month9Books 4 18 2017 INKED Evernight Teen 7 1 16 DRAWN Evernight Teen 6 5 15 Chris Ledbetter is an award winning author of short fiction and novels for young adults Jason s Quest, a short story retelling of the Jason and Medea Greek myth was published in the anthology, Greek Myths Revisited, and has over 28,000 views on Wattpad.His fir

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    Book Tour The High Court by Chris LedBetter We are welcome back to MO Prep and it students right before the start of a new term Zeus and his siblings and friend Metis are all visiting Crete They are there to visit and get introduced to his adoptive family I loved this book and story behind it Things get tense when they run into his former professors There seem to be heated conversation with Zeus and Metis We also find out who Metis parents are Chris Ledbetter doe a wonderful job with his characters We seem to see the confrontation once again with Zeus and Titans students or at least some of them What will happen at Othrys Hall They seem to start their new term and find new member to join MO Prep Once they do, they go about their day Once in the afternoon they seem to get attacked by something of a Giants Creatures on their war game practice What are they Who sent them If you want to know how it starts, I would suggest reading The Sky Throne by Chris Ledbetter This one continues it If you want to know how Zeus ends up with his struggles with toxin that Zeus has and is deal with during this book Read the first book which I mentioned above I also really think there something going on with how the professors of the lower and upper academy are treating the MO Prep students I can not wait for the next installment of this story I am left wondering what Kronos means and why he got sentence he got There are surprises and secrets spilled What happens to Hyperion There are two trials that goes on.

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    This is the second book in The Sky Throne series and I highly recommend reading The Sky Throne first if you want to understand many of the events referred to in this one Whilst reading it you ll encounter many names of gods and goddesses from Greek mythology, though in this series most are still students attending school, but not as we know it The story is narrated from the point of view of Zeus who is returning with his siblings and his friend Metis from the dangerous encounters and adventures related in The Sky Throne to attend Mount Olympus Prep Little did they anticipate being attacked by stone and earth giants and having to flee with their fellow Olympians to Limnos They don t have a great welcome there and there are discordant overtones to their treatment, especially from the Headteacher there As Zeus fights against a toxic poison, can they treat him and prevent him going completely mad What about the trials of Hyperion and Kronos Will justice be seen to be done This starts off relatively steadily but picks up as the story progresses There are mythological beings with key roles to play in the ensuing adventures, some of whom are potential friends but most are out to kill them It is a totally different take on these characters, with the on going adventure, packed with danger and drama, to keep you wanting to know what will happen next This is a great sequel but it definitely isn t the end of this epic story and I look forward to discovering how it continues and concludes This is my honest review after reading a gifted copy of this book.

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    It s been awhile since I read the first book in this series, but I was looking forward to seeing where the tale went next.Returning from his last adventure, Zeus returns to the school for the start of the new term A new student brings a little change, while the school attempts to return to normalcy despite the upcoming trials When the earth giants attack and Zeus finds himself battling a deadly poison, it s clear that this term won t be any less exciting than the last.This story is told in first person from Zeus perspective and leads right on where book one left off In other words, this is not a stand alone While the academic life attempts to hum a familiar atmosphere from book one, and Zeus again faces normal classes, the questions and open ends from the first book keep tension close There is a lot going on and never a boring moment as the powerful teens face usual social issues on a different scale and continue with the fantastical, mythical adventures It makes for characters readers can relate to, while still being pulled into the exciting adventure of the gods.Zeus faces an inner struggle as he deals with the poison a theme which is a bit confusing at times and how this effects him and his friends adds a nice depth to the read When the trials begins, everything kicks into a slightly higher gear While many questions are answered, others open up and promise much excitement to come Fans of fantasy, mythology and the atmosphere of high school will enjoy this series I received a complimentary copy and enjoyed reading the adventure.

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    I sure had fun with the first book in the series and was curious what would happen as the story continues.This starts up right where it left off Zeus returns to school for the next term I thought the adventures and entanglements were fast and furious before and they were just as exciting this time around Peer competition is strong, danger once again rears it s ugly head, and when the trials begin the story really takes off Anything can and does happen, and when the going gets tough, these young gods join forces and face the challenges together.I m all for character development and the author does a good job of giving us flawed characters that he allows to stumble and fall, pick themselves back up, and grow from experience With them being mythical beings, that just adds to the excitement.I got answers to some questions from the first book and new ones were added, keeping my interest piqued for where things were headed next I ll be waiting for the next chapter in these young god s lives.I received a complimentary copy My review is voluntarily given.

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    The second entry of author Chris Ledbetter s Sky Throne series opens with protagonist and first person narrator Zeus wandering the school from which he received expulsion in the first book, the Eastern Crete Lower Academy, and afterward giving his friends and revealed siblings a tour of the cave where he grew up Then Zeus travels to the Orthys Hall academy to confront Kronos in hopes of confronting the suspected murderer, although others quickly bully him away from its campus Sure enough, Zeus mother Rhea cautions her son about taking matters into his own hands.A new girl from Kithira named Aphrodite begins attending the Mount Olympus school, with Rhea ultimately returning from an excursion to the Pantheon League Headmasters Summit retreat in Babylon, and Zeus receiving his schedule for his next term of school, attending classes such as Leadership, where he and fellow students must ponder strategies for War Games Although Zeus receives accusations of cheating during an exercise in the wilderness by transforming into a bird, an attack from an animate volcano quickly gets the classmates on the same side, with Headmistress Rhea tending to her injured son.Zeus soon experiences his Intro to Strategy class, a pre graduation requirement, where its teacher, Pontus, allows his students to ponder strategies for fighting a theoretical battle on a bridge Rhea further informs that pantheons are under attack from internal and external threats, with some pupils such as Hera wanting to honor Ouranos, killed in the first book, with a Symposium Yet another class Zeus takes is Oceanography, with he and other students seeking to obtain the Sky Throne s power by sitting in it, among them being his friend Poseidon, or Don as he s colloquially referred.Zeus friends, including Metis, ultimately notice that he has a bit of an issue with his attitude, with the reason being a neuro poison from a barb inflicted by Campe, and the students planning to visit the Hearthstone Forge at Mosychlos for want of equipment to be ready for the threats posed to their school When it eventually comes to dealing with the aforementioned venom, Zeus learns that to be cured of it will be a risky endeavor, with a proposed surgical procedure having the potential to render him unable to walk, with the process coming a bit at a bad time, given the attack of monsters from the sea including the animate rock volcanos The sequel ends with trials for Hyperion and Kronos in the eponymous High Court, with the second book in Ledbetter s series ultimately being enjoyable, although there are occasional obscurities such as the confusion as to when exactly the venomous barb inflicts Zeus, not to mention some stylistic choices with which this reviewer disagrees such as the use of the term great father when grandfather would have done just fine Regardless of its various issues, those who enjoyed the first book will most likely enjoy its successor, especially those who have enjoyed fantastical stories such as those in Rick Riordan s Percy Jackson and the Olympians franchise.

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    The Sky Throne, also referred to in this review as book 1 was a great read that I couldn t put down I read it solely as a book to connect with my then 11 year old daughter She was big into Greek mythology and still is and I felt that the book was a precursor to the Greek mythology she understood It was like a fun prologue to what she knew.When The High Court came out clearly I had to continue the journey and why wouldn t I after loving book 1 so much I had to know what happened and what was going to happen Exactly how I feel now that I finished book 2 I felt the first half the book was drawn out and didn t grab me as quickly as book 1 It may have just been my attention span because it had suspense and action, but it felt long winded Not as enthralling.The story continues as someone or something is trying to stop Zeus and his family from moving forward from where we left off in book 1 I don t want to say anything that may ruin either book for anyone who has not read it Action, suspense, and mystery unfold as these obstacles keep getting in the way Then of course, there are the trials that leave us in a state of emotion, confusion, anger wanting to know what is yet to come.I enjoyed The High Court I highly recommend both books and I will definitely be passing the second book on to my now 13 year old who raved to her friends about book 1 I am certain she is going to enjoy it and we will both be waiting as patiently as we can not our strong suit for another installment so we can continue this journey with Zeus.

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    I chose to read this book after receiving a free e copy from the author All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased I read The Sky Throne a while back and was happy to read the next book in the series.Hyperion and Kronos are about to go on trial for murder but classes will resume at Mount Olympus Prep first Unfortunately, things haven t returned to normal by any means The school is attacked by huge earth and stone monsters and have to leave to regroup But wherever they go, they are followed Finally, at the trial, they get some answers and are happy with the sentence that Hyperion receives but Kronos receives what everyone considers to be a slap on the hand Things at the trial get out of hand and Zeus has suspicions and questions than ever I have a feeling he ll be searching for answers in the next book.The High Court is full of action and the characters are enjoyable to read about For example, Aphrodite joins the school so of course all of the guys must work at not ogling her The students work well as a team although they do have their moments I definitely recommend The High Court which is a standalone even though it s the second book in the series.

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    This is the exciting sequel in this new series by Chris Ledbetter I could not put this book down as I had to know what happens next to our young heroes In this book, we have our young heroes and future Olympians that we all know and love, preparing to testify in The High Court against Hyperion and Kronos for the crimes that they committed in the first book The book jumps in where the story left off, so I would strongly suggest reading the first in this series you can find my review here.If you thought our characters would get an easy ride no way They face struggle after struggle in this book It seems that someone would do anything to stop them from reaching The High Court to stand against Hyperion and Kronos Enemies are at every turn and it is hard to know who to trust They face multiple challenges with strength, wisdom and resilience When it looks as though they may fall apart, they rally around each other and protect each other I loved the character development in this book We are getting to really know and understand what makes each of the Olympians tick and how they developed into the Gods we know Zeus is becoming the leader and I love watching him grow in maturity and wisdom He constantly puts the needs of others ahead of his own I am excited to see where the third installment will take this young group.This is a perfect book for young adults and adults alike as you will enjoy the suspense, challenge and humour throughout.

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    Zeus and the rest of the Mount Olympus Prep students are back If you have not read the first book, I would recommend it These books are meant to be read in chronological order As this book does not have a lead into it It kind of just picks up from the first one Just when I thought this series could not get any better, Mr Ledbetter surprised me I really like Zeus and the other young gods They are very relatable As I stated before, young adult readers will enjoy these books as well as getting to know Zeus like I have There is tons of action In fact, there is so much action that you might be exhausted trying to keep up So what are you waiting forpick up these books today.

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    My Review This one was a lot better than book one Everything felt right and it still had that feel like the Percy Jackson Series does The only issue I had with this one was that the pacing was a little off but it wasn t to bad I liked all the characters and the story itself The setting and the wording worked well in this one unlike in book one I hope that we get another story set in this world as I would love to see what else this author can do.

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