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Conjoined at the Soul explained Conjoined at the Soul, review Conjoined at the Soul, trailer Conjoined at the Soul, box office Conjoined at the Soul, analysis Conjoined at the Soul, Conjoined at the Soul 82cf How Hard Can Getting A Boyfriend Be Randy S About To Find OutRandy Clark Has Just Looked In The Mirror And Figured Out He S Gay So Now, All He Needs Is A Boyfriend, And Finding One Should Be Easy Enough, Right The Trouble Is Randy Has A Knack For Being Attracted To The Wrong Kind Of Guy, Like The One Who Hasn T Spoken To Him Since He Told Him He Had Pretty Eyes Then There S That Locker Room Jock Who S Always Putting Him Down And New Student Kerry Sawyer Would Be Perfect Except For That Girlfriend He Left Behind Obviously, When It Comes To Finding A Boyfriend, Randy S Got A Lot To Learn So For Dating Tips, He Turns To Friends Jeremy Smith And Annie Brock But Although Annie S Than Willing To Help Him Find The Right Guy, Between His Own Bad Luck And Her Less Than Helpful Advice Date A Girl , Things Are Getting Out Of Control Fast And While Randy Struggles With Bullies, Bigotry, And His Own Self Doubts, He Quickly Finds That Searching For Love Can Be Pitted With Embarrassing Misunderstandings, Humiliating Encounters, And Hilarious Missteps All In All, Randy S Sopho Year Is Shaping Up To Be One To Remember If He Can Just Live Through It Seasons Of Chadham High Explores The Evolving Experience Of Gay Teenagers In Different Eras From The Counter Cultural Sixties, Through The Me Generation Seventies And Eighties, To The Jaded Nihilistic Nineties, And Beyond

  • Paperback
  • 225 pages
  • Conjoined at the Soul
  • Huston Piner
  • English
  • 02 May 2018
  • 9781948608030

About the Author: Huston Piner

My Life as a Myth was a 2013 Rainbow Awards finalist

10 thoughts on “Conjoined at the Soul

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    Free exchange for an honest review for MMRG under the DBML Program I must admit it was a struggle for me to finish this book It may be because this was YA and I stopped reading YA when I turned 20 It might be because through the years I started craving complex plot and complex characters, and Conjoined at the Soul has none of that Whatever it was, I hope it was only a this was not for me thing and the book was better than I saw it There are many 4 and 5 stars reviews from people who appreciated the book, therefore I will not rate it because I don t want to affect the overall rating of the book for an opinion that represents the minority of opinions regarding Conjoined at the Soul and I want to invite you to read those reviews as well I wish the author and the editors of Nine Star Press paid a little attention to character development Most of the readers of Young Adult novels are teens and teens require books about believable role models, flawed heroes with endearing qualities they can either relate to or learn from, characters whose mental and moral qualities they might aspire one day to nurture in themselves The MCs of an YA book should not be superficially constructed and neither the side characters that surround him, the parents, the friends or the colleagues It s even important for an MC not to be superficial when he or she is representing a community who has struggled in the past to be accepted by society And perhaps this is why I couldn t connect with any of the characters, from MC, to parents, to friends, to love interests Everyone in this book was a superficial cardboard cutout of one clich or another We were told the father was a racist and a xenofob And when he s not railing about the Blacks, it s the Mexicans, or it s the Asians, you name it And the worst part is he s even been known to do it in public Really, it s so embarrassing Till the end that s all the father ever was Why was he a racist Was he an ignorant, an imbecile, a construct of his community, maybe something he had inherited from his own family The brother was called The Turd , and we are informed he is very stupid and acts like a little shit The Turd is kind of like that old nursery rhyme about snails and puppy dog tails He s got the intelligence of a slug, and he s about as well house broken as a Chihuahua The mother My mom s happy enough as long as I fit in and don t do anything weird to embarrass her socially that s all the mother ever is in this book.Show, don t tell the writing rule says, but throughout the book we are told how the characters are instead of being shown what makes all these side characters tick So in the end they have nothing special going on for them They are duller than a horde of goblins in an RPG game Our hero, Randy Clark goes in the same pot He is not very likable He is not very smart And I hope no teen ever considers him a role model for his way of coping with life Why Randy Clark realizes on 17th of September 1979 he is gay Then, from September to November Randy will turn from a 16 year old virgin to a little skank, sleeping around or doing some meaningless kinky stuff left and right, bagging under his belt as many people as months have passed He is invited to an older colleague s house for a friendly evening That guys waits for him naked in the room and tells him to give him a blowjob Come on, you know you want to So Randy falls to his knees and does his thing Then as the weeks progress, other stuff as well.Then he goes out with a girl, and that girl jumps on him as soon as he parks the car and sleeps with him Then there is this random guy from PE who asks him to jerk off together and he does it Kids There is no competition for the highest number of partners or biggest number of sexual encounters Respect yourselves and don t give it away left and right Don t be Randy Randy has no spine Randy grovels like a dog just to be in the arms of someone who looks at a poster of a woman while he gives him a blowjob And it s not because he is in love with that person, but just because the sex is great We are talking about the first person in Randy s sex life so there is no way for him to actually compare and know if the sex is really great or not Don t Grovel For Someone Who Doesn t Respect You FFS Hey, it doesn t matter to me I don t care You can spend time with whoever you want I can always find someone else to hang out with But I want to spend time with you, I whisper You know, I m a fag your fag Do you want me to come over today He smirks triumphantly Maybe tomorrow I ll call you That is, if I m not too busy, and if you re sure you really want to I want to You know I do Gene walks out, and I slump against the wall, totally degraded There s no mistaking where things stand between him and me now He couldn t have made it any clear He s only toying with me, and I m heartbroken He doesn t care if I go out with a girl because the truth is, he really doesn t care about me at all If I m not available, he ll just find someone else I guess I knew it all along But even if it makes me feel empty and worthless to have to admit it, I ve got to make him keep me somehow. I ve got to make him keep me somehow No.He learns his lesson in the end but by the time it happened I was already sick of Randy.And Randy has terrible friends Friends who at 16 behave like 10 year olds, have a mindset built by stereotypes, and give terrible advices This is what they say when Randy tells them he is gay Now, don t be embarrassed I just mean I ve had my suspicions about you for a while You dress too well, and you re always combing your hair And you even like the Village People This is what they say when he asks how to identify other gay boys Now there are some basic things you need to look for Like if he talks kind of girly, or sort of walks like a girl, it might mean he s gay It s all in the eyes Eye contact and a lingering glance are the keys to identifying a gay guy Practically if there is a lingering glance or the boy talks girly or likes the Village People he s probably gay The book meant to be funny most of the time but some of the jokes were just flat Annie erupts in a fit of laughter so violent I expect to see a lung fly out her nose Hey, Clark Can I borrow your tweezers when you finish jerking off with them Right on time Jamie, it must be so sad knowing you ll never be the man your mother is As I walk back to my bedroom, I start to worry that I m walking girly Then I smile and wonder if the kind of thing Gene did to me is why girls walk like that in the first place I wanted to love this book I wanted to adore Randy I wanted to be sad that this book had ended But it wasn t for me.

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    A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsThis newly revised and re released work by Huston Piner may not have the same impact as his first novel, but there is still quite a bite to his story Dealing with everything from interracial couples to coming out, this novel uses humor to soften what can only be described as the most tumultuous and nasty of sopho years a student could encounter While I wasn t a huge fan of how the author handled the abusive encounters between Gene and Randy, I could also appreciate that Randy felt having a relationship with another guy meant settling for whatever he could get even when it was obvious he was being used for sex and treated like a slut in return Gene s character took demeaning sex to a whole new level and it was not always comfortable to read However, the author managed to counterbalance that with the lovely Kerry Sawyer who really did see Randy as someone to be cherished.There were such fun moments in this novel and that made the troubling aspects of this story much palatable I say troubling because between Randy s own horribly bigoted father who rarely had a good thing to say to his son that wasn t abusive or condemning and the horrific gay bashing that his friend Jeremy survives, this novel really never gave easy solutions to very real problems Some may feel that the way in which the author brushed over these incidences tended to minimize their importance, but I think the opposite is true I felt that the many key issues facing teens in the late 70s and early 80s were front and center in this story and Piner gave us a way to cope with them all as they came at the kids fast and furiously He never shied away from how overwhelmed Randy was emotionally and allowed the character to skate dangerously close to the edge of suicide and depression than once Yet despite coming close, Randy never acknowledged that he is feeling suicidal, but the sheer weight of his sadness over the horrible relationship with Gene made for quite sober reading I appreciated how Piner chose to imbue his story with lighter moments in order to counteract the heavy messages he buried inside the narrative.Read Sammy s review in its entirety here.

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    I received an eARC of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinionThis is a fun cute contemporary about a young guy who is trying to cope with the new discovery that he is gay He struggles with trying to find other gay guys to date at his school as it is set in 1979 and no one was out and about at the time.The writing of the story is okay, it s very fast paced and light, you could definitely finish this in one sitting It s perfect for people who look a good mushy teen flick, especially if they re into LGBT rep.the story is very diverse and there are a lot of issues discussed other than homophobia and sexuality such as race, as the main characters father is pretty racist and his best friend is black and she brings up a bunch of important topics.The ending is pretty predictable but it s still nice, my only main issues with this story and the writing were how cringey the scenes with Gene were he was basically an abusive, homophobic asshole who Randy is obsessed with pleasing and I just couldn t stand these bits The other thing was how Annie, Randy s black best friend, always used the words honey and sugar in every sentence Just stop Girls don t talk like that.Other than that the book was pretty okay, it gave me Clueless vibes for some reason which was nice since it s one of my favorite movies It wasn t really my type considering how cheesy and romantic it was, but for fans of this kind of stuff it would be a great read.

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    Today is a day of historic importance See, I woke up this morning and discovered I m gay I know I know I know, it s not quite that simple I didn t just go to bed last night as the straight Randy Clark only to have the gay pixie come and sprinkle fairy dust all over me in my sleep Boy oh boy, am I in a pickle here On one hand, I just want to give this book all the stars because it was an ordinary romance coming of age novel featuring a gay protagonist, and in a way, that already ticks all my boxes I m incredibly happy that we re getting rep in books, not just about coming out, but about guys like Randy Clark knowing he s gay and then going on to live through exactly what straight people probably how the hell would I know live through first loves, disappointment, manipulation, bullying and all the other good stuff that makes us resent high school for the rest of our lives.And while I did love all those aspects the way Randy has to navigate High School and its bullies who call him gay because he gets a boner every time he s in the locker room, or his precarious first encounters with another closeted gay kid I just didn t feel like this book was as fleshed out as it could have been Yes, Randy s development throughout the book is amazing he makes mistakes, falls in love with the wrong person, realizes he s worth than being used by someone who won t admit he s gay, and eventually finds someone who appreciates him for who he is Nevertheless, there were so many things that I just didn t like The first half of this book just suffered from the old showing vs telling tragedy The first chapters tell us everything about the characters without ever showing actual proof One character is described as hilarious without making a single funny comment or joke in the entire novel The best friends Annie and Jeremy are stereotypical Annie is the black, loud girl who calls everyone honey and sweetie and of course knows way about gay guys than Randy, and Jeremy is the quiet, shy type that of course turns out to be gay Randy s family is also one dimensional there s the Turd his brother who is obnoxiously unlikable, there is his mother who just looks the other way whenever Randy s father says something mysoginistic or racist which is everything he says Also, there is one particular moment where Annie and Mike make out during class while the teacher actually applauds and let me tell you, I don t know what school Randy goes to but teachers did not allow us to make out in the classroom no matter the circumstances There s also the cheating that occurs at one point that just made me think of adding unneccesary drama to spice up the plot as well as the fact that almost every single guy in this book turns out to be gay which would be awesome if that would actually happen in real life but which just felt forced at some points in the narrative.Nevertheless, this did end up mostly being a quick, enjoyable read and I do want to give credit to the fact that we so rarely get books about LGBTQIA individuals without the entire focus being on coming out and instead on navigating your life, searching for love I received an ARC of this through netgalley in exchange for an honest review, so thank you

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    I have to say i am not a fan The writing style was just not for me The story line in the blurb sounded wonderful but i just could not connect to the characters pretty predictable and a bit stereotypical i had high hopes for this book. There is not enough LGBT coming of age books this one is however set in the 1970 s so not modern day I laughed a bit and i cringed a bit i hope you can give this book a chance

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    Growing up is never easy, but growing up gay in a small minded town towards the end of the 1970s is a potential minefield of missteps and unwanted attention Huston Piner does a great job cataloguing the ups and downs of high school as experienced by Randy Clark, a tenth grader with a tendency to overdramatize and the knack for becoming entangled in complex situations The narrative takes the reader on a journey of friendship, misunderstandings and falling in love, all told with authenticity and a healthy dose of humor.It s taken sixteen years of denial and disinterest in girls for Randy to admit he s gay, but now that he has, he faces a conundrum how to find himself a boyfriend After the disastrous occasion that saw him informing a fellow student he had nice eyes the boy hasn t spoken to him since Randy is wary of making another blunder How to even tell whether a guy is gay or not Unsure where to turn, he enlists the help of his art friends, the flamboyant Annie Brock and reserved Jeremy Smith, both of whom are than happy to give Randy the benefit of their advice.Yet, landing the perfect boyfriend proves far harder than Randy anticipates Between misread signs, awkward fumbles, and sordid encounters that leave him feeling used and humiliated, his confidence plummets The one bright spot in Randy s life is his budding friendship with Kerry Sawyer, the new boy with the beautiful eyes From Kerry s first day at Chadham High, the two have been inseparable, and Randy can t deny a mounting attraction But Kerry is straight, and even if he weren t, would he really be interested in such a hopeless case Conjoined at the Soul is an enormously fun read, littered with laugh out loud moments and some so cringeworthy they had me squirming in embarrassment For all its light heartedness, however, the story has a serious undertone It harks back to a time, not that long ago, when homophobia and racism weren t merely prevalent, but considered acceptable Most of all though, what I took away from this novel was a message of hope Amidst the intolerance, there will always be individuals waiting to offer encouragement and support to those who need it most.Written for Rainbow Book Reviews and Boys on the Brink

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    My totally biased opinion is that this is the best book I ve ever written I hope you like it too

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    CW TW bullying, racism, antisemitism, homophobia, hate crime, use of racial and ethnic epithetsConjoined at the Soul is Book Two of the Chadham High series I haven t read Book One My Life as a Myth in the series, but I don t think that s required I did not feel lost or that I was missing anything while reading Conjoined at the Soul.Randy Clark is a sixteen year old high school sopho in late 1979, and is coming to terms with his sexuality The book opens with Randy admitting to himself that he is gay As he navigates his new identity during a time when being gay was not accepted, he discovers things and people he once thought he has figured out are not what they seem.I love books set in the 80 s and this is close enough that I squealed every time a favorite band or fashion from that time was mentioned Randy comes across as endearingly na ve and clueless His instincts about others motivations are way off the mark and he finds himself in less than favorable positions He s so insecure that he wobbles back on forth on his resolve about certain situations and people He has a lot of growing up to do, especially when it comes to how to be in a relationship and how he should be treated.The author does a fantastic job of fleshing out characters typical for the late 70 s Although this is before the AIDS epidemic, the consensus of same sex relationships is that they are distasteful Not only does the author address homophobia, he also addresses racism and antisemitism Randy s father is a racist through and through He endlessly spouts off demeaning names for non white and non Christian people Randy recognizes his dad s awful behavior and, in a way, accepts that this is just the way it is If it were not for the seriousness of the hate that takes place in this book, Randy s naivety would be sort of amusing He can t seem to understand why certain waitresses will not serve his table of friends that includes an interracial couple And when they get kicked out of the restaurant by the owner, he is doubly shocked at the owner s attitude He is also not aware of how subtle he needs to be when showing affection to another boy at times.A few things that surprised me about this book were the number of characters that are revealed to be gay and the lackadaisical way Randy shares intimacy with others, whether due to peer pressure or his own misguidance However, I did appreciate the frank way the author dealt with them The characters and their conflicts felt real.Now if you ll excuse me, I m going to go add Book One And Book Three Breaths We Take is eminent, so I ll have to add that one too Copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

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    4.5 5.0I received a copy of this book through NetGalley I flew through this book because the writing was so great and the characters were all interesting in their own way The many relationships were amazing and at times I found myself forgetting the time frame that this took place, however their were constant refrences throughout the book that reminded me about this I will continue to read all works that are published of Huston Piner s.

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    I would like to sincerely thank NineStar Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Conjoined at the Soul is an Own Voices story of highschool freshman Randy as he navigates the ups and downs of young adulthood.Randy s character underwent so much growth throughout the story He begins as a naive, idealistic boy who is willing to take attention wherever he can get it It was difficult and at times heartbreaking to see him making mistakes and poor decisions, but by the end of the novel he has gone through many trials and came out of them for the better.I really enjoyed how important a role friendship played in the novel It s so much than a casual romantic read it deals with issues like prejudice, hate crimes, and familial disagreements Overall, the story was utterly believable I enjoyed that it was set in the 1970s the mentions of Star Wars, vinyl records, and John Travolta made the setting feel very authentic.The writing was very frank, without too much description or flowery language It was well suited to the content of the story.The romance was very sweet, and I found it had a natural progression The plot twists in that respect were not completely jarring, but it was satisfying to see my hunches realize themselves as the story progressed.

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