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Moonstruck (Dark Haven Series Book 1) chapter 1 Moonstruck (Dark Haven Series Book 1) , meaning Moonstruck (Dark Haven Series Book 1) , genre Moonstruck (Dark Haven Series Book 1) , book cover Moonstruck (Dark Haven Series Book 1) , flies Moonstruck (Dark Haven Series Book 1) , Moonstruck (Dark Haven Series Book 1) 4e74d52f675c3 He Took Her Life To Give Her A New One When Death Is Your Only Chance Of Survival, Would You Accept It Scarlett Had The Perfect Life, She Was High Society Royalty Until Everything Came Crashing Down Left With No Family Or Money, She Sees No Reason To Continue Living Brett Has Lived Many Centuries, Searching For Love And Life After Discovering Scarlett About To Do The Unthinkable, He Makes A Desperate Decision To Turn Her Into A Vampirejust Like Himself With A New Chance At Life And A Steamy Romance Brewing, Scarlett Finally Feels Alive Even Though She Is Dead Find Out What Happens In This Thrilling Vampire Romance Novel

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    A nice start to a new series Getting a second chance at life isn t always what you imagine We get to know the characters at Dark Haven and a glance of who lives in Shady Oaks Can t wait to continue on this journey.

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    I love a good paranormal romance and Moonstruck delivers M.A Lee has given readers a great new spin on vampires in this novel mixed in with the romance of Brett and Scarlett but the fun doesn t stop there There is drama and conflict, happiness and angst with lots of moments leaving the reader holding their breath and reading as fast as they can to see what happens next to these beloved characters As always, this author creates characters that are relatable and face real life issues such as depression, jealousy, doubt, fear and of course, love I admire her ability to create a world with people so the reader actually wants to stay there Book one rocks Can t wait for Book two

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    Scarlett is at a point in her life where everything she knew was gone and everyone only saw her name and what her father had done When she makes a choice to die she never thought of the other choice that was there Brett is a vampire who is giving her another choice to die or live forever When she makes her choice will she be able to live with all that comes with being what she is and what feelings she has for Brett and what feelings he has for her And anything else that may come up and the others that live at Dark Haven This book was amazing its a twist with a different look at vampires Couldn t stop reading it can t wait for the next

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    Such an awesome take on the vampire scene If your life felt like it was in shambles and someone offered you a second chanceWould you take it Well that s the dilemma that the main character faces until she meet a Brett Them her world gets turned upside down Oh my goshat one point it had me on the edge of my seat An then I was like whew I delved into this book and was so happy I did It s amazing This book was great I love a new idea of a family of captures that wasn t blood related I loved the idea of turning those who needed another option The pull between Scarlett and Brett was amazing This book made me feel as if I could be part of their group

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    Wow this is the first book by MA Lee I ve read and I have to say I really enjoyed this vampire romance, we follow the lives of several vampires but Brett is the character that this story centered around When Brett spots Scarlett he can sense her sadness setting out to want her for hims when he catches her at a low point he asked her if she wants to have a better life once she answers everything Scarlett know no longer exists This is a really romantic vampire love story hat flows well and once I started it I couldn t put it down.

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