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Dark of Night files Dark of Night, read online Dark of Night, free Dark of Night, free Dark of Night, Dark of Night 5acebcad5 All Kat Wants Is Vengeance Kat Dreams Of One Thing Driving A Stake Through The Cold, Dead Heart Of The Vampire Lord Who Turned Her Father And Killed Her Mother When She S Offered The Chance To Earn Magic Laced Tattoos That Make Her Stronger And Faster, She Jumps At It, Even If It Means Working For Monsters Incubi Seductive Creatures Who Feed Off Sexual Energy And One Of Them Wants Her If Only She Could Ignore His Ridiculously Perfect Body With Those Stupid Sexy Abs All Darius Wants Is Kat Lord Darius Of House Tarrick Has Worked Hard To Earn His Title, Not To Mention Money, Sex, And Power The Incubus Has It All Until Some New, Wild Haired Hunter Recruit Strolls In Like She Owns The Place, Throwing Him Off Balance And Igniting An Unquenchable Fire In Him He Wants Her He Needs Her And He Ll Do Anything To Have Her

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    3 StarsTwo days after police informed Kat s father is dead, he came back to their home to kill his family He succeeded to kill Kat s mother but then when he came after Kat, hunters helped her Three years later Kat still is in search of the one who turned his father, alone So the hunter commander finds her and made her decide to join the hunters or he makes her forget about everything Of course, she decided to go with hunters So he handed her to Lord Darius of House Tarrick, to be trained She and Darius have something in common Their parents were killed by one person.I was indifference toward Darius and I disliked Kat She was too hotheaded and stubborn for my taste I couldn t tolerate her And the push pull in this story didn t really work out for me Told in dual POV, 3rd person except the epilogue that is in someone else s POV It s the first installment in the Ashwood Red series with characters crossover from Beautiful Monsters that I loved so much but you can read this one without reading that series Hope you like it than me

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    My review well, I think this book is great I think I m a little bias though Okay srsly, it ll be out Jan 29 It s my toe dip into m f PNRs If m f isn t your thing I know for a lot of my fans it s not that s totally fine you don t need to read this series to understand Matthew s story Howevera whooole lot of BeMo characters have cameos This book takes place during Captive s timeline Beside Darius on the couch, Tane, who had already finished feeding and dismissed his food from the room, slipped his dick back into his pants What the fuck s wrong with you tonight I could ask the same of you You ve been in a piss poor mood since we got here Tane ground his teeth It s this new vampire my father s breaking He s obsessed.

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    I read this entire book in one sitting No shame It was wonderful to be able to see into the hunter side of the BeMo world, and I may have squealed a little bit every time a character from Matthew s story came into play If you ve read Captive, Sire, and Broken, view spoiler we all know Tarrick is a bit of a softy, but he hides it so frickin well Seeing him interact with Darius was refreshing, even if it made me want to poke him and coo Whoooo s got feelings You do hide spoiler

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    2.75 5 stars Disclaimer I have received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for a review A lot to impact here I don t know where to begin I want to thank Jex for giving me the arc in exchange for a honest review I want to start of this review saying that I read m f erotica I do And the ratings I m giving this book is not because I have something against m f The book is about a girl name Kat who witnessed her mother s death by the hands of her father, who she finds out is a vampire She then dedicate her life to take down vampires until she is recruited to join the Hunters There she meets Darius Darius is a social incubus, who really, really wants to be a warrior They fall in love almost instantly and argue about sex and who gets to have with who Oh and she really wants to kill The Pale Man OK, so I really enjoyed the idea of Kat s personality What do I mean by that Kat is fearless and strong This was basically said over and over and over and over again by countless characters She was basically a Mary Sue.meaning that as soon as she showed up, most of the characters treated her like she was special She got special treatment..even though she didn t follow basic hunter rules Seriously Her entire character was a trope that I m tired of seeing in books My other issue was on the dialogue It felt rushed There was a moment where Kat said maybe two things and the people that were talking to her were like wowshe challenges authority No She is annoying and rude Weird descriptions Meandering and sauntering to describe walking into a room.Darius.his character was a step up above Kat He had some interesting.possibly in depth story potential There s a lot to unpack with him There things that he partook in that I thought was interesting and I wished it wasn t glossed over His background is interesting His relationship with Tarrick and Tane is fascinating I really enjoyed the dynamics between them I really hope we get from him I didn t care much about his relationship with Miss perfect, but he piqued my interest The insta love between Darius and Kat was so cringe worthy and so unbelievable I didn t buy it Almost as I didn t buy that Kat was an 18 year old Oh.did I mention that Kat s emotional reaction to things are weird Because they are Dawn I love her She was delightful and the best friend I would love to have I m really curious about her story And if you read BeMoyou know what she is.Can I just say that Tane was one of the best thing about this book He s consistent with his personality that s for sure It was fantastic to see Tarrick and how kind and loving her treats Darius warmed my heart Okso the sex Wet folds I cringe Every Time that was mentioned But it was hot All in all, I did not enjoy this as much as BeMo I thought the writing was awkward at some parts, I thought one of main character was incredibly insufferable, I thought the romance happened far too quickly and thus not believable, I thought the Hunters were a disappointment, but I do think that there were parts in this book that is important to the series We learned a lot It was stil enjoyable The fighting scenes were well written This review was difficult for me to write because I see ton of good reviews And I love Jex I m a huge fan And I don t want to be hated lol.

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    I m so sad I didn t like this.The author s other series, Beautiful Monsters, is one of my favourites so when I saw there was another series of books set not just in the same universe but around the same timeline I was really excited.So going in with that in mind I was pretty disappointed.I knew this book would be paranormal romance, which is a genre I like, but I was very underwhelmed by the romance part I didn t understand the instant attraction of the two main characters Kat and Darius instant lust, fine, no question, but the way they latched onto each other didn t feel like it had any buildup or reason, especially from Darius s side.Aside from that the romance was entirely predictable, which I wouldn t have minded except it didn t feel unique at all I felt like I had read all of the setups and basic gist of scenes before view spoiler from the she s the only one who ever rejected me I am Confused and Aroused and Must Have Her to the sensual lady friend who s in tune with her sexuality puts reluctant heroine in a super sexy dress in which she feels very uncomfortable and shoves her to go on a date hide spoiler

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    Ohmigosh I m gonna be honest, I wasn t expecting this to live up to the Beautiful Monsters series, but it totally did Jex Lane how do you do it I loved Kat and Darius characters, and I had so much fun seeing there dynamic with Hatcher s we already met Tarrick Can t wait for the rest to be released

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    Disclaimer I have received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for a review, but I have also pre ordered purchased this book The below review is solely my opinion.What a wonderful trip back into the Beautiful Monsters realm This book focuses on a fiery and stubborn Kat, and the eloquent and refined Darius, although things are not always as they seem Excellent job once again by Jex Lane in this story that kept me so ensconced, that I didn t put it down until I was finished Looking forward to Thank you

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    Disclaimer I have received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for a review, but I have also pre ordered purchased this book Any opinions I have are of my own While set in the same universe as Beautiful Monsters, Dark of Night is very different from the Beautiful Monsters series This is a romance book through and through If you have not read Jex Lane s books before, this book and the Ashwood Red series will be a good starting point to ease yourself into the world Jex Lane has create If you are reading this having already read the books in the Beautiful Monsters series, you ll love seeing the different sides of characters we have met in Beautiful Monsters This book is a lovely short read, that will both leave you satisfied with how the book ended and wanting story from the characters Definitely looking forward to the next book Spoilers view spoiler Let s start with Fuck you, Lord Tane because that will be forever my favourite line in the entire book and made me laugh so hard that I had to put down my phone while reading Kat and Darius are both very loveable characters and in this book we find out who Darius is beyond the fact that he is the guy that runs Tarrick s estate While we re on the topic of Tarrick, he is so fatherly in this book it s very cute My only criticism and also confusion comes from how quickly the characters seem to have fallen in love or rather Kat s falling and Darius has basically taken Kat as a mate The whole book covers like a month or so time and we only see about 5 days of these characters live The whole instant attraction Darius has for Kat just bring on questions for me which hopefully will be answered in a future book Like how does the whole desiring one person and the incubus side won t let you feed on other people until you feed on that person work Does this mean that whenever that occurs, that person going to be their mate sooner or later Or is that just a phrase hide spoiler

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    I binged of this book in one sitting on a work night and only went to bed because I knew I was working 12 hours and I needed the end of this book to be my reward for making it through the day Totally had a book hangover all day and couldn t wait to get home and finish the book that night Thank you Jex for giving me a great reward system this book landed right beside Captive, Broken and Sire on my favorites shelf.Dark of Night is set in the same universe as Beautiful Monsters BeMo but focuses on a young Hunter named Kat and gives us a very different view of Ashwood and it s hunter academy This story is a true romance and we get our HEA or at the very least a HFN Kat is a strong, fierce independent female hunter who catches the eye of Darius a social incubus Both Kat and Darius have some communication issues and misunderstandings and it was immensely entertaining to watch their relationship growing pains I laughed, I yelled and I was constantly on the edge of my seat.Characters from the BeMo series show up throughout the book I love a good cross over where I get to see my favorite series characters play a role in the spin off So of course I bounce in my seat and squeal with glee when Tarrick makes several appearances view spoiler We again get to see Tarricks softer side, aww we know he has one especially if you ve read Stone Sentinel loved that short story hide spoiler

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    Disclaimer I have received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for a review The dark of night is an M f novel which is a part of ashwood red series The main characters of the novel are kat and Darius Kat is the character that had initially appeared in sire of BeMO just one scene Spoiler below The Novel starts of with a bang We see Kat s parents dying in front of her eyes as her father sucks the life out of her mother.We get to see a New side of vampire which is cruel and dark The way the pale vampire robbed Kat s dad away from her We get to see why most hunters hate vampires I realised that its not just incubus who has the capacity to be cruel but also vampires.Kat unlike a normal teen of her age did not get scared of vampires once she got her memory back, instead she desired to get revenge against the vampire who killed her parents She is fearlessWe get to see a new side of Lock the way he looks after wellbeng of kat and literally becomes her mentor guardian Kat on other hand, unlike silva and other hunters is not disciplined there are many instances where she has been reckless and stubborn Kat is a type if person who makes decisions on her impulse unlike other hunter cops like silva, Prescott or hiroto for ex when kat was asked to stake a vampire and she had see her father caged and unconscious for the first time after that fateful night made her leave that place on impulse when she was overwhelmed with emotions Darius and kat love story was cliche I personally felt that the she fell in love too soon even after trying to control her lust at start Darius on the other hand is a social incubus who is 71 years old He has insecurities at times and feels ashamed for not being a warrior vampire.In short kat is a reckless and impulsive hunter and can be un disciplined yet she is fearless when faced with danger and stubborn My fav character in this novel has been Darius

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