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Power Play files Power Play , read online Power Play , free Power Play , free Power Play , Power Play ffaddf853 If Fifty Is The New Thirty, Then Nina Sullivan Is Today S Pin Up Girl Blessed With Good Genes, She S Keeping The Crow S Feet And Laugh Lines At Bay, Maximizing Her Youthful Appearance But, Factor In Her Lackluster Sex Life And She S Pushing A Hundred In The Early Years Of Their Marriage, Nina And Sully Consumed Each Other With Raw, Carnal Passion And Then One By One, Year By Year, Their Children Snuffed Out The Burning Flames Now That The Kids Have Flown The Nest, Nina Is Ready To Douse The Simmering Embers Of Her Marriage With Her Naughty Fantasies And A Little Kink

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    I was so excited to find my way to Juniper Court, and with Lainie Suzanne at the helm, I knew I was in good hands Nina and Sully have been married for 25 years and have had 3 kids Like most marriages, life has happened and has slowed down the gasoline type fire that burned between the two from long ago Nina, a now empty nester, has decided she has to do something about this.I loved watching this couple find their way through their world of BDSM what works for them and what doesn t with a cameo involving Lainie s own Nexus club In the end we learn there is no right or wrong wayjust your way.

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    Lainie Suzanne is diving into a new series, and I m loving it Nina is a fifty year old woman She s married to her high school sweetheart, Sully Their kids are grown and out of the house, so Nina s been feeling a bit restless Determined to get the spark back in their bedroom, Nina tries to introduce a little Kink w Sully No spoilers, but this is where the fun really begins.I really enjoyed this story, because Nina and Sully are so relatable For those of us that have been married for a long time, things weren t quite the same sexually when we first got married Now, there s all kinds of exposure to a lot of things that just a few years ago would have been totally out of my realm of thought With the start of Fifty and subsequent books, kink isn t quite as taboo, and curiosity leads to trying new things Nina and Sully are curious, and are exploring what they like and don t like There s plenty of heat, a few laughs, and a great story.This was a great intro into the new Juniper Court series, which is a series written by different authors representing one of the homes on Juniper Court I can t wait to see what the neighbors are up to.I absolutely love Lainie Suzanne because she writes about grown ass, curvy, flawed people That s taking nothing away from the heat and love her characters are filled with.

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    Nina and Sully are without a doubt a fun couple and great pair of neighbors But, the empty nest syndrome has crept in and Nina realizes it s time for a change Bringing sexy back into life is something many of us strive to attain at a certain age and the way Lainie Suzanne has written Nina s story had me laughing out loud and even taking notes I adore this couple and wish they were my neighbors Even now, looking back at my notes in the book for this review, I was laughing out loud The dialogue between Nina and Sully is priceless If certain scenes from Power Play happened in real life, I d say you can t write this h , but Lainie Suzanne has done just that, and she s done it brilliantly.For me, this book was almost telling my story, save the children A long time married couple in a rut, looking for new ways to spice things up Yep, been there Lainie has managed to turn the mid marriage crisis into a fun and sexy ride I want so much to tell you , because I truly did enjoy my stay with the Sullivan s, but instead, I invite you to have a visit with them yourself If, like me, you enjoy a book with true to life characters and storylines full of sexy and hilarious bits, then I strongly suggest you read this book I, for one, loved Power Play and getting to know the neighbor s at 39 Juniper Court.

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    FUN, WITTY, ALLURING This is the first book I have read by Lainie Suzanne, and let me just say her writing had me flipping the pages on this sensual, entertaining book faster then I expected going in Sully and Nina are a great power couple Their chemistry, and backstory had me glued to my kindle Their adventure into the BDSM lifestyle is not to be missed If your looking for a quick read, that s full of entertainment and sexy fun, I highly recommend picking this gem up Another great addition to the Juniper Court series ARC RECEIVED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW

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    Five Amazing StarsTo Make a Big ChangeI was absolutely thrilled to read this next most fabulous serious series, from the Jupiter Court Series Such an exciting about Ageing Nina with her husband Sully Sullivan I completely loved and adored this marvellous and entertaining book Nina Sullivan stood drinking her warm drink of joe, she was indeed so happy Waking her up for the start of today Seeing her huge, dignified dog staring out from the front yard of their home Max, who thought he was their protector of their yard Nina spent her time watching the neighbours carry on their own lives Watching these neighbour brought back memories from both her, and her husbands past Most of which she envied.Looking out at her gorgeous most beautiful plant she has It was called the Orange Bird of Paradise Nina has grew since only a small growth, She hoped one day it will finally bloom As Nina looked out across the road she saw her neighbours who making out without a shame in the world They weren t embarrassed about it at all.Where as both Nina and Sully were both older They had been married much longer Their three kids had all ready grown and moved home already It seems now it was all in the past Maybe now they had both lost strong sexual emotions all together.As Nina looks at her self now she only wished that Sully still loved her Was he bored Or maybe sick of her already Did Sully still think she was beautiful Did he like the clothes she wore Nina wanted to make him fall in love with her once I simply adored this most wonderful magnificent exciting book I loved the enjoyable kinky sexual humour I completely loved all these marvellous romantic characters Such a sensational book from start until the end Congratulations to the author, Lainie Suzanne I recommend this book to everyone

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    Let me explain a little about the Juniper Court Series This is a series of books, written by indie authors who write in different sub genres along the romance spectrum These include Romance, M nage, Romantic Comedy, Gay Romance and BDSM The series of books take place on one street, with each house having its own unique story The occupants of the houses would interact, giving readers a glimpse into the neighbors lives, but each book would offer up its own standalone romance as well Thanks Lainie for the description for Juniper Court Series Power Play is part of the Juniper Court Series and as far as I am concerned it is a MUST read Power Play is Sully and Nina Sullivan s story by Lainie Suzanne.I love how Nina and Sully met in High School 33 years ago They have been married for 29 years and things have gotten stale Nina introduces Sully to the world of BDSM through her romance books I love how it opens up their marriage to new things And, OMG the cinnamon oil scene was LOL funny Of course, I am sure it wasn t to them.Lainie Suzanne writes about realistic people Her characters are in their early 50 s Their bodies aren t perfect They have flaws and, they are easily relatable characters.Just so you know that this is a short book to read Goodreads says 111 pages.These are the books inThe Juniper Court SeriesProject Paradise by Phoebe Alexanderwww.phoebe alexander.comThe New Neighbor by Isabelle Petersonwww.isabellepeterson.comThen Again by Sylvie Stewartwww.sylviestewartauthor.comPower Play by Lainie Suzannewww.lainiesuzanne.comRelationship Resuscitation by Jennifer Theriotwww.jennifertheriot.comThe Knock by Emme Burtonemmeburton.comUnexpected Love by Vicki Greenvickigreen3.wixsite.com vickigreenauthor7 Houses7 Authors7 Different Storieshttps www.junipercourtseries.comI love that these books don t have to be read in any certain order Power Play is the first book that I have read from the Juniper Court Series I HIGHLY enjoyed it and recommend it If you haven t already discovered Lainie Suzanne now is the time to I give it 5 stars Love the book, Love the author, Love the start for me of this new series.

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    Power Play 39 Juniper Court The Juniper Court Series by Lainie Suzanne is part of The Juniper Court series These books are written by an awesome group of authors that will take you on a journey through Juniper Court I highly suggest reading all of the books in this series, you won t regret picking them up This is my first book by this author and I loved it I can t wait to see what else she has for me to read Her writing style is easy flowing and engaging Her attention to details made me feel as if I was right there with the characters Her characters are lovable and connectable They took me on a journey of hot steamy romance, laughter and compassion I couldn t put their story down until the last page In this installment we get to see Nina and Sully s story Now that the children have left to their own lives, Nina feels like she wants to get back what her and Sully had before the children She feels that they need a little spicing up in their relationship so she does some research to do just that Will they find that kink that is missing since they had their children I love these two characters Sully made me laugh a few times with his attitude and behavior I felt bad for Nina, she tries so hard to get something put back in her relationship They do have a great relationship and they have great chemistry together Without giving to much away with this book, I highly recommend you read Nina and Sully s story You don t want to miss it Find out if they are able to find their kink back

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    Power Play 39 Juniper Court The Juniper Court Series by Lainie Suzanne is a grown folks tale of a couple who has lost thier sexual magic This a relatable story that many couples experience Once real life takes hold of most marriages after having kids, both people working and general life issues that sex life they use to experience has been long gone Many women no longer pay attention to thier personal appearance and they seem to be in a rut It isn t intentional It s just life Nina and Sully is that couple Nina is still a good looking woman but she knows she has let herself go as far as her clothing and her and her husband s sex life is close to non existent She is determined to bring that spice back She knows the love is still there between her and Sully This is thier story What Nina does to bring sexy back was something else I loved it This story at times was very informational but was funny as hell I could really relate to this story I even picked up a few pointer I look forward to what else will be happening at Juniper Court I give this book 4 stars.

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    This book is one of 7 in a new series Seven amazing authors each writing a book about a neighbor living in Juniper Court Power Play is the first of the books I have read in this series but I already have plans to read the rest As for Power Play, this is an amazing love story about a recent empty nesters and the need to spice their love life back up Their journey to try new things will have you laughing, rooting them on and getting hot and turned on all at the same time This is a page turn that will leave you breathless A must read can be read as a stand alone or with all the other books on Juniper Court.

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    I cannot tell a lie I would read anything Lainie Suzanne wrote That s because I have loved everything she has ever written Power Play is no exception Lainie s characters are real and lovable They aren t worshiped for their bank accounts, high powered positions or lineage Nothing wrong with that But, it s great to have characters who you can relate to Good family, hard working, fun to be around But they shop, for themselves, at the same super market and off the same clothing racks that you do Nina and Sully are the perfect couple Anybody would be proud to be their friend, family, or colleague They ve been madly in love since high school But, find themselves in a mid life rut Nina explores ways to re ignite their red hot pre offspring romance Together, they find their passion again It s fun to see them explore BDSM as newbies It s awesome that Lainie was able to tie in her beloved Nexus series We get to meet many of their neighbors on Juniper Court, and I can t wait to read about them in the other installments in this project.

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