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The Blackest Heart explained The Blackest Heart, review The Blackest Heart, trailer The Blackest Heart, box office The Blackest Heart, analysis The Blackest Heart, The Blackest Heart 2046 Gladiator Assassin Thief Princess And The Slave The Five Warrior Angels Have Been Revealed, One By One The Mystical Weapons They Once Wielded Are Being Found, And An Ancient Prophecy Is Finally Being FulfilledOr Is It For When It Comes To Recorded History, Much Is Intended To Manipulate And DeceiveReturning To The Kingdom Of Gul Kana, Princess Jondralyn Has Suffered A Devastating Loss, Discovering That Not All Prophecy Is To Be Assumed, Not All Scripture To Be Trusted At The Same Time, Her Younger Sister, Tala, Has Found Faith Within Herself While Facing Off Against Villains, Who Are Using Her For Their DevicesHawkwood, The Former Bloodwood Assassin, Is Captured And The Knight, Gault, Betrayed By The Angel Prince, Can Only Wonder Of The Fate Of His Daughter Who Has Fallen Into Terrible HandsAll While Nail Embarks Upon The Deadliest Quest The Five Isles Has Ever Known

  • Kindle Edition
  • 960 pages
  • The Blackest Heart
  • Brian Lee Durfee
  • English
  • 05 October 2018

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    Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.I m absolutely stunned by this 960 pages marvel.Seriously, The Forgetting Moon was awesome already, but The Blackest Heart triumphed over its predecessor in every possible way I don t even have words to express how grateful I am that the author sent me these two books, which weren t even on my radar, to review it s truly serendipitous that I found a new ongoing favorite series because of it.Picture My signed copy of The Blackest Heart The Blackest Heart is the second book in The Five Warrior Angels series by Brian Lee Durfee Taking place two weeks after the end of The Forgetting Moon, the identities of the five warrior angels have been fully revealed Or have they If you think the prophecies trope will only give away the main story, you better reconsider that notion immediately Unpredictability was actually one of the strongest factors of the plot what I thought was going to be simple ended up becoming complex due to insane text manipulation and deception Upon finishing this book, I honestly have no idea who or which prophecies to believe Durfee deftly implemented how brutal, complex, and dangerous the differences in faith and religion can be The result 960 pages of glorious epic fantasy With their faith in confliction religions, humans will someday prey upon themselves, ravish and tear and eat one another alive, like uncontrollable beasts of the underworld The Book of the Betrayer The first book took its time with providing the necessary groundwork for the series Although I loved and consider The Forgetting Moon one of the strongest first installments to an epic fantasy series I ve come across, there were admittedly a few moments in it where the pacing felt a bit too slow that s not the case with The Blackest Heart In this massive sequel, I was so completely addicted, hooked, and captivated by every single character s POV that taking a break from reading it became a challenge Durfee has put the pedal to the metal regarding every single factor to create an outstanding sequel that grew in complexities, tensions, and characterizations One of the methods that Durfee used to achieve this stunning improvement was by including a new perilous quest undertaken by the Company of Nine, an obvious nod to The Fellowship of the Rings that put a smile upon my face No need to worry about it being a copycat, the Company of Nine and their quest were of a great tribute to quest based fantasy Durfee has input than enough originality to make this specific quest his own unique take on it In the ebbing fires of our smoldering souls, we all of us offer up secrecy and deceit to protect ourselves, to protect our cause We all of us offer up only partial versions of ourselves and beliefs to the world The Way and Truth of Laijon It wasn t only the story and world that grew larger in scope The number of characters in the series received the same treatment there were around 130 character names in the glossary However, don t be intimidated by this fact, because Durfee has done a spectacular job of making sure that they were easy to remember by focusing the storytelling on several central characters rather than every single character The learning curve of this series isn t like reading Malazan Book of the Fallen if you re good with A Song of Ice and Fire you should be good with this series The characterizations were simply fantastic The majority of each character s development was unpredictable Let s take one of the side character, Liz Hen, as an example I despised Liz Hen so much in The Forgetting Moon and the first half of The Blackest Heart little did I know that Durfee s talent for characterizations would shine through the most through her character development, and she doesn t even have a POV chapter Then there s Beer Mug, another amazing character who didn t even have any dialogue because he s a loyal dog, but my god, the things he did in the name of loyalty and friendship should earn him the treats of gods Also, excluding new POV chapters, Gault and the Bronachell s POV received the most improvement.Because of the terrific characterizations, the brutality and struggles the characters faced became palpable I feel like it s getting rarer for me to find an author that tortures their characters this much The pain and wounds inflicted upon them were written extremely well the groundwork laid for them in the first book totally worked I feel like I ve come to know them as real people and beings, and I felt their pain, sadness, fury, and fear Although I wouldn t categorize this series as grimdark, the characters do retain their morally grey traits and the story did go in darker directions in this novel there were close to zero moments of happiness or solace to be found here Sure, there was some comic relief situations that made me laugh, and the friendship formed between the Company of Nine was heartwarming, but that s pretty much it That being said, the morally grey characters were able to light the flame of my empathy and I honestly believe that Durfee has spectacularly struck a fine balance between heroic and grimdark fantasy with The Blackest Heart The Triumphant hero of any story should be neither wholly good nor wholly innocent, but should be full of both strength and weakness, righteousness and sin, truth and guilt, for contradictions are most interesting in the human soul The Chivalric Illumination of Raijael The action scenes were also improved as the violent and macabre battles have increased in magnitude The quest that the Company of Nine embarked upon was brutally perilous, the conflict caused by blind beliefs of different faiths was devastating, and the large scale war that occurred near the end of the book was exhilarating and imaginative in every sense of the word there s always a bigger fish that colored the azure sea scarlet As if I was watching a cinematic dance of death, the harsh wounds inflicted both physically and mentally to the bloodstained warriors and victimized innocents due to the terror of war were empathizing and brimming with intensity Durfee unsheathed the blades of chaos to cut the angelic wings of peace through the continuation of S r Sevier s ravaging invasion the multiple factions deadly race to attain the divine weapons became another factor that enhanced the action sequences Reading about a war that caused colossal casualties being waged in the name of religions resonated with me seeing the well written characters fight against each other with grim determination to uphold what they think is right, or maybe just for the sake of survival, made for an enthralling reading experience Strip faith from the most faithful, belief from the heartless believer, and what are you left with The angriest and most dangerous of enemies The Angel Stone Codex Contrary to some reader s apprehensions regarding prophecies they say it made the story easy to guess in fantasy these days, I found that the multiple prophecies and visions in this series heightened the unpredictability as not everything is what they seem to be Which one are truth and justice Which one is lies and betrayal Which of the prophecies are real Who, indeed, are the real Five Warrior Angels returned Full of surprises, revelations, and unpredictability, this is an epic fantasy with a prophecy trope done right Plus, I loved Durfee s prose His writings were remarkably vivid, immersive, and flowed really well Every page left an atmospheric trail that automatically engraved the passing scenes into my memory Thus, my greatest fear cometh that the writings of the Last Warrior Angels will eclipse the word of mouth stories Indeed, they will eclipse the ancient symbols once scratched into standing stones, totems, and altars Words on a scrolled parchment carry import Words on a page within a bound book carry the weight of a world The Angel Stone Codex The distribution of talent was spread equally into factors of importance that tightened and amplified the quality of the novel and series itself with a savage burst of brilliance in every word, I m astonished by Durfee s imagination and its vivid translation to the pages of this tome The Blackest Heart won my utmost admiration Durfee has created a majestic sequel that exhibited his gleaming crystallization of pure storytelling skill The Blackest Heart will definitely be included in my annual Best Books of the Year list it deserves a crowning achievement for character driven epic fantasy The Five Warrior Angels has now been stamped with permanent ink into my list of favorite ongoing series, and it has all the strength to stand tall among other critically acclaimed epic fantasy series I sincerely hope epic fantasy readers will give this series a go because right now it s criminally underrated I have no idea how Durfee will top this book and I wait for the arrival of the next book, The Lonesome Crown, with inhuman anticipation.You can order the book from UK US Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

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    Love of god is not always equal to the love of good The Angel Stone Codex The Blackest Heart is another amazing installment in Brian Lee Durfee s The Five Warrior Angels series I wasn t sure it could be done, but he has managed to surpass the greatness of the first book, which is also a stunning read How did he do this you ask Well, Durfee writes with a passion and unpredictability that I have rarely experienced There are so many fantasy writers out there now, that I m sure it s hard to be original without being compared to someone else I can think of a couple of fantasy writers he reminds me of with his style, but I wouldn t dare compare him to them No sir Durfee has a unique style of his own and it really stands out in his characters personalities, his ability to keep the reader guessing, and how creative he is with each characters storyline It is what we do with out own selves that defines us Not where we came from Or who gave us birth. At 960 pages, this is a behemoth of a book But don t let that scare you away at all Every word, page, and chapter are worth your time and attention This is a very detailed world, with a rich history in both war and religion This history is the real driving force of the series It is molded into almost every fabric of the story, and the attention to detail Durfee put into this is really second to none You may think that such a huge book, with a detailed world, and a slew of characters would be hard to follow But that is not the case at all The flow of the story was well thought out and it s not like you have 20 characters, in 10 different places The storylines tend to weave around each other and intersect at times A lot of these characters are interacting with each other You just get new perspectives from a different POV Well, I believe I have managed to convey how much I love these books without giving a trace of anything away This series is seriously underrated My goal was to show the passion I have for these books to hopefully influence my fellow fantasy lovers to give them a try If you enjoy Epic fantasy, or fantasy at all for that matter, you won t be disappointed For me, this is right up there with The Stormlight Archive as most anticipated series going forward for the next few years So, let that sink in all you Sanderson fans out there The triumphant hero of any story should be neither wholly good nor wholly innocent, but should be full of both strength and weakness, righteousness and sin, truth and guilt, for contradiction are most interesting in the human soul The Chivalric Illuminations of RaijaelActual Rating 5 stars

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    I went straight from book 1 of this series into the second and I was pleasently surprised to find that the second one is even ambitious and exciting than the first Whereas the first feels like it s an introduction to the world and the characters, this one is really just the continuation of all of their adventures and I have to say it s got a LOT happening TRIGGER WARNINGS Rape, Gore, Death, Mutilation, Murder, Violence and a whole lot It s basically one of the darker fantasy books I have read.Some of the characters who are most vital to the story are below I won t go into too much detail on their plot as I think it s best to get to know them yourself as you go, but as the third book is not yet out and I do want to remember who is who when I get to it I think a small guide would be helpful Crystalwood A Blackwood assassin in training, daughter of Gault The addition of this storyline to the second book was definitely exciting and I think it added some political implications and also a very dark dynamic This is what kicks off the book and it s a pretty brutal storyline.Nail Our main character from book 1, a typical orphan with a destiny I have to say this one wasn t as impactful as in book 1 for me, but I still enjoyed seeing what happened.Gault Aulbrek Part of the invading army and a renowned fighter Somewhat softer than expected for a fighting brute character as he has feelings for Ava Shay.Tala Bronachell A young princess caught in the traps, lies and game of a Bloodwood assassin in order to help her cousin.Jondralyn Bronachell The older princess who is hoping to work with the brotherhood to uncover the moonscrolls secrets and all the magical items and in time Constantly at battle with her brother who is an absolute brute Ava Shay A young girl who is abducted by the leader of the invaders, she spends a lot of the book being raped drunk or not knowing what to do in such horrible circumstances I find her frustrating as I hate seeing her go through things and not fighting back, but I have hope she may gradually learn how to defend herself and move forward.Lindholf Le Graven A young man and cousin to Tala and Jondralyn He is in training to become a thief and he is also part of the prophecies.The plot for this story spans a lot of time, and many adventures which all connect I found the plot fairly fast in this one and although it took me a while to finish it up as I was audiobooking and had limited time, I really do think it was captivating when I listened.Overall, I think this was a very solid continuation and I am looking forward to continuing the series when the next one comes out 4 s

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    THE BLACKEST HEART is the second novel of a planned five volume series, The Five Warrior Angels, by Brian Lee Durfee The first volume, THE FORGETTING MOON, was released in 2017.Many classic fantasy novels and series employ the prophesy trope Sometimes, as in Robert Jordan s The Wheel of Time series, the prophecy could apply to several characters, and serves to push them along their paths Other times, like in David Eddings s Belgariad series, there are competing prophecies representing the goals of Good and Evil Durfee turns prophesying on its head In the Five Warrior Angels world, there are three main prophesies, representing the three schisms of a religion based on the historic savior Laijon, his wife Mia, and their son, the Angel Prince, Raijael There are also two banned prophesies, plus conflicting prophesies from the non human religions of the world the dwarves, the cold elvish Vall , the Skulls of deep history, and the blood sucking oghuls Importantly for the human characters, it is not at all clear whether the Vall and oghul prophesies account for any survival of the human race beyond the coming war.Followers of Laijon believe that the five warrior angels, the Thief, the Slave, the Princess, the Gladiator, and the Assassin, will return to the world to fight against demons But there are several characters who would fit these titles, and not all of them survive The supposed protagonist of the first novel, an orphan bastard boy named Nail, actually has less screen time in the second novel Is he the son of kings Or is his twin sister the prophesied savior Or are they both merely anonymous kidnapped children drawing attention away from the actual royal twins of prophesy Has Nail s entire life been a lie, steering him into fulfilling someone else s destiny or dying in someone else s place For both the characters and the reader, it is wise to follow these bits of advice from prophecy Be wary of belief, cautious of faith For one s identity can only be killed from within We become what we think The Angel Stone Codex, and For even the vainness, frailties, and foolishness of dishonest men can fulfill prophecy and make cursed things blessed The Way and Truth of LaijonIf you like sprawling, bloody, epic fantasy of the style of George R.R Martin s A Song of Ice and Fire Game of Thrones series or Brian Staveley s Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne series, you ll like Durfee s books The point of view shifts among many characters, blurring the line between bad guys and good guys The expansive, richly populated, epic fantasy will also appeal to fans of Robert Jordan s The Wheel of Time series and Brandon Sanderson s Stormlight Archive series, although Durfee s books are significantly bloodier and gorier than Jordan s or Sanderson s The books are not appropriate for a younger reader.

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    Read this book right now Have you been looking for that deep, rich, adult epic fantasy series to quench your post Malazan, post Wheel of Time, post Game of Thrones fire If so, look no further than The Five Warrior Angels series by Brian Lee Durfee.Two books in, with The Blackest Heart, and the trajectory is through the roof a multifaceted tail of multiple perspectives complete with a revisitation of some Nail, Tala, etc from book 1, as well as new ones Stefan, Bishop Goodwyn this mammoth tome shreds through its volume at a pace of early Jordan or, perhaps, Martin s classic Storm of Sword.Want multiple epic set pieces glaciers, mines, oceans Got itWant hints of existential crises of faith Got itWant subverted expectations that are acceptably logical and not season 8 Game of Thrones Hot Garbage You bet.Want gripping combat YepIs this book perfect No I caught at least one typo also,a case can be made that the plot moved so swiftly that some character arcs were inferential at the end Nail I am looking at you.As with a certain character in the mines who questions whether anything is real, the author deftly and successfully leaves the reader questioning if the 5 warrior angels are real And who they may be Whether destiny is real or Prophecy is bullsh t Or whether maybe, just maybe, we control the life we live in our circumstances even if we don t control them.Marvelous and fantastic More people need to read this book And promote this author Now.Finally Liz Hen Oh Liz Hen And Beer Mug FTW.

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    Oh, man, what wouldn t I give for a peek at Mr Durfee s storyboard D It should be a thing to behold Well, I already read the second book too, so in as few words as possible it s ambitious, large, and multi layered Slightly derivative, but what isn t nowadays I m excited for the next installment, that s for sure.

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    I read an advance reader copy of this book And it is epic Not just because it belongs to the epic fantasy genre, but because there are so many characters and scenes, and plot lines even, that are huge and epic This second installment is even better than the first Great characters, incredibly well thought out world, great drama and pathos, and some of the best, bloodiest combat scenes I ve ever read I eagerly await the next installment And unlike many other writers in this genre, Durfee is actually producing.Content warning this book is very dark and gritty, though brightened with some honest to goodness good guys It s very violent and it has very foul language stuff that made me cringe though I m an admitted prude Thankfully, it has none of the sex scenes that so many other authors are writing nowadays Martin, Weeks, etc

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    I gave the first volume five stars Easy This second one however I found to be better Much better Now, how do you rate such a book

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    Well, that went straight to hell in the best way possible.First things first I had a blast with The Forgetting Moon, the first volume of Brian Lee Durfee s Five Warrior Angels series a little over two years ago It was a big, bold epic fantasy with enjoyable characters and a sprawling world in which I was than content to wander for a few thousand pages Sure, Durfee leaned into some of the classic tropes of the genre, but when done well, tropes can be delightful, and he always did so with a twist and a wink.And now The Blackest Heart comes around, and I ve realized basically all my assumptions about where this series was going were wrong Awesome.I ll keep talk of plot vague Jondralynn Bronachell returns to Amadon, let s say a little worse for wear after the end of the first book, but she s ready to patch up her plans and assume what she s certain will be her role in the events to come Tala continues her game of cat and mouse with a Blackwood assassin, and finds herself at a personal crossroads Lindholf Le Graven continues to sneak around and gets himself into way trouble than he bargained for Gault Aulbrek is brought to the stronghold of the enemy in chains, but he won t go down without a fight Ava Shay well, poor Ava Shay And Nail and the Gallows Haven posse are swept along in an attempt to find the remaining legendary weapons before the invading Sor Sevier armies snatch them up and deliver them to Aeros.It s like the old saying men plan, god laughs Oh, you thought you knew who our five main players would end up becoming Nope Durfee seems to wring great enjoyment out of throwing a wrench into everyone s assumptions about the direction of the series Characters you might assume are safe for a while aren t, sudden horrifying turns of fortune plague our heroes, and setpieces that in another author s hands might be melodramatic, drawn out affairs meet with swift, brutal ends There s no room for anyone to get comfortable in this book s 928 pages minus appendix , and that keeps the pages whizzing by It s book two, and I m already wondering where we re even going to go with this story.All the stuff I loved about The Forgetting Moon is still true Durfee is able to write characters you love to hate, characters you can t help but root for, characters you want to yell at to get it together, and characters you can t predict There s no POV character, including the new ones added in this volume, who bores me The action is well drawn, bloody, and tense that climax Also, and this is pretty specific, Durfee knows how to write bone chilling cold so well you can feel it.If The Forgetting Moon was infatuation, The Blackest Heart is true love It s a story that s easy to lose yourself in, written by an author who knows how to surprise, and the nearly 1000 pages flew by The Five Warrior Angels is now one of my favorite ongoing fantasy epics, it s well worth your time and I can only hope The Lonesome Crown is even longer.

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    Dark Violent Bloody Brilliant I rarely see Durfee mentioned with the likes of Sanderson, Gwynee Martin etc His Five Warrior Angels series can go toe to toe with any series out there I read Forgetting Moon and enjoyed everything about it I thought it was by far the best debut of 2016 I pestered Brian relentlessly to please mail me a Blackest Heart ARC.I opened the mail box and was over joyed by finding a box addressed to me I tore the box open and found my hidden treasure An almost thousand page tome I started reading it immediately devouring ever page as if it was my favorite dinner Heart break, Cruelty, Treachery Here is one of my favorite lines, Soft, blood dripping silence of death I loved this story but hated the ending cliffhanger not really I now await The Lonesome Crown with bated breath This is a grim dark fantasy, but really a must read for any avid Fantasy fan I loved it loved it

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