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Emma, der Faun und das vergessene Buch pdf Emma, der Faun und das vergessene Buch, ebook Emma, der Faun und das vergessene Buch, epub Emma, der Faun und das vergessene Buch, doc Emma, der Faun und das vergessene Buch, e-pub Emma, der Faun und das vergessene Buch, Emma, der Faun und das vergessene Buch 10d96e43e77 Emma Is Used To Things Going Her Way Her Father Is Headmaster Of Her Prestigious Boarding School, Her Friends Take Her Advice As Gospel, And She S Convinced That A Relationship With Her Long Time Crush Is On The HorizonAs It Turns Out, Emma Hasn T Seen Anything Yet When She Finds An Old Book In An Abandoned Library, Things Really Start Going Emma S Way Anything She Writes In The Book Comes TrueBut The Power Of The Book Is Not Without Consequences, And Emma Soon Realizes That She Isn T The Only One Who Knows About It Someone Is Determined To Take It From Her And They Ll Stop At Nothing To SucceedA New Boy In School The Arrogant, Aloof, And Irritatingly Handsome Darcy De Winter Becomes Emma S Unlikely Ally As Secrets Are Revealed And Danger Creeps Ever Closer

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    This cover is an actual gift to the world and blessing to my eyeballs ok ok but cover judging aside, this was a really nice magical story I didn t realise it was also a Pride and Prejudice retelling because 1 I haven t READ PP but I ve watched the Lizzie Bennet Diaries vlogs so that probably is the same thing, and 2 the protagonist s name is Emmawhich made me wonder if this was an Emma retelling But the dude is Darcy So I have actually no idea if it s close to PP or takes liberties, but the romance between surly antisocial boy x the hardworking bright and kind girl is there.notable things german setting it s actually translated which is lovely set in an old castle boarding school which is epic i love this creepy woods behind the school where people go missing yeah parents aren t concerned about this but like whatever kids will be kids Emma is sweet and direct and quite winning reads like youngerish YA lots of lovely female friendships tooI do have to mention the romance is pretty creepy I don t get the original Darcy Elizabeth thing anyway like if you re rude to a girl it means you love her but this just sat awfully for me because Darcy de Winters is 20 and Emma is 16 and that is gross and unacceptable They weren t madly in love or passionately making out the whole book, but I m just 0% here for this It s not even legal.It was a fun read but the romance was unsettling to me THE COVER THOUGH ajfkslda I love it.

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    I ve been desperately trying not to think about you all the time But it s no good DarcyEver since I watched the 2005 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Mr Darcy and Elizabeth have been one of my favorite couples to root for It even came to a point that I watched it after every exam week in college as a means of refreshing myself Basically, Pride and Prejudice holds a special place in my heart, so I am wary about reading its modern retellings.Unfortunately, when I requested this book from the publisher, I didn t expect it to be an actual retelling of Pride and Prejudice The name of the male protagonist should ve been a red flag I previously enjoyed The Book Jumper, so I was excited to enjoy another unique and wonderful novel Little did I know that I would be burdened by jadedness after each chapter of The Forgotten Book it was frustratingly easy to predict the plot, particularly the outcome of Emma and Darcy s relationship and the identity of the villain.To be fair, this book was not a complete replica of Pride and Prejudice in that its main conflict revolved around a magical book diary that supposedly made Darcy s beloved sister disappear without a trace Also, the German setting was vivid, endearing, and quite reminiscent of Hogwarts I bet it would be so much fun to study in a castle surrounded by such beautiful nature I didn t care a lot about the characters in The Forgotten Book In retrospect, Darcy and Emma paled in comparison to the original Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet The miscommunication between them was kinda shallow, and their romance blossomed instantaneously I honestly wouldn t have minded if Darcy and Emma had hated each other throughout the book because their love was so unconvincing All in all, the recycled plot points in The Forgotten Book were unsuccessful because they didn t evoke the giddy feelings that I had had when I watched read Pride and Prejudice.I m sorry, but it s hard not to make comparisons because this book is indeed a retelling Looking at the bright side, I guess people who haven t read nor watched Pride and Prejudice would find this book enjoyable and hard to predict Also, it s whimsical plot and writing style might appeal to fans of middle grade fiction.To conclude, 15 year old me who couldn t understand Pride and Prejudice would have given The Forgotten Book a higher rating I wish that it had done justice to dear Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, but it s futile to cry over spilled milk I wouldn t be surprised if this book became literally forgotten someday.

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    I give this book 4 out of 5 Magical Stars I really enjoyed this book First off, the cover is absolutely GORGEOUS This was slow at first but once I got into it, I couldn t get enough of its magic This book was a retelling of not one but two Jane Austen books and I couldn t help myself but to try and figure out who was compared to whom at certain points When I first saw this book on NetGalley, I crossed my fingers and toes that I would get approved for this title I mean what bibliophile wouldn t be allured by a story with a magical book, throw in some romance,and have a setting of a beautiful castle I loved the characterisationin this book besides I felt a couple characters were underdeveloped I loved the subtle mystery and definitely loved the setting I am definitely looking forward to what this author has in store for us next To find the rest of this review and others please visit touchmyspinebookreviews.com

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    Yeah, I ll read it These covers are stunning, and also, I quite liked The Book Jumper.

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    Updated January 4, 2018 with full review My reaction I was on the fence for the first 5 or 6 chapters of this book, but really ended up enjoying it and polishing it off in a day Initially I kept trying to figure out which character was supposed to represent which Austen character as I knew the book was Austen inspired and I was seeing all the parallels This was kind of distracting for me, especially considering that it pulled from both Emma and Pride Prejudice, which seemed discordant, since it wasn t following one story or the other, but a mishmash.However, once the magical book was introduced, this became its own story just with elements of Austen Best aspect The fantastical, magical aspect of the story The premise of a book that makes whatever is written in it come true was explored in interesting and sometimes bittersweet ways I loved the connection to fairy tales and folklore, and the messages in this story about the power of words, and the danger of trying to make wishes come true that could end up having unforeseen consequences It certainly showed magic to be a double edged sword Plus, the whole idea of this magical book totally gave me Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets vibes If I could change something I d flesh out some of the side characters Charlotte and Hannah seemed very similar to me, and apart from their alignment with their Jane Austen counterparts view spoiler Charlotte as Jane from PP, Hannah as Harriet from Emma hide spoiler

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    This was definitely a new twist on Pride and Prejudice for me I ve seen zombies, but I ve never seen magical books Emma discovers an ancient tome in her boarding school s abandoned library and soon finds that everything written in it comes true Whether she likes it or not, the things she writes can t be un written believe her, she s tried to cross them out , and while some situations she finds herself in are unbelievable like the lion in the middle of the forest in Germany , some are very gruesome When a flip comment affects the health of those around her she starts to take it seriously Darcy is in this one, and while Emma doesn t have any siblings, she does have best friends at boarding school that fill the Jane and Charlotte roles Emma is a great character, and the main flaws I found with her were in her maturity I ll chalk that up to the fact that I m not 16, and she definitely acts her age It s also important to remember that they re in Germany, and the drinking dating ages are different than they are in America Certain situations Darcy s age, for example could be a little uncomfortable otherwise I wish he was maybe 17 or 18

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway 3.5 5 When I read the summary for this book, I was super excited to read it a magical book and a boarding school in Europe, what could be better I had a really hard time getting into it at the beginning Emma came off as a shallow, whiny teenager at the beginning and I hated her voice, but as the book got plot heavy, I either got used to her voice or she got less annoying All in all, I think this is one of those 2017 reads you shouldn t miss.

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    3.5Roommate Pride and Prejudice Me Say no reads synopsis Just kidding Say What Despite the slightly odd description, I gave this book a try and found it rather charming It reminded me of a Kerstin Gier book, minus Gier s super immature heroines Yay Is it just the nature of German YA to sound similar IDK, GO READ THE BOOK AND TELL ME I loved the heroine, Emma She s spunky sunny and somehow breaks the usual YA heroine mold She felt like a real extrovert She also uses her brain and figures things out fairly fast I love her relationship with her friends I m always going to be a sucker for strong female friendships and with her Dad Pretty cute The fairy tale fantasy element also added immensely to the story It took a bit to get going but, especially as the book neared its climax, it really developed things Very creative and imaginative Yet the very imaginative and creative nature of the faun and the book leaves me extra frustrated with the thing that drew me to The Forgotten Book in the first placethe PP retelling Or the Jane Austen references in general They weren t needed This author has plenty of originality to tell her own story No Darcy needed Copying the romance from PP just made things predictable I like the way author tweaked his first proposal That seemed realistic.but still kind of stupid and unlikely Darcy and Frederick echoed their literary counterparts too closely They lost the originality of the other characters I will keep an eye out for from this author Thank you for sharing, Michelle

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    This book was so good and nearly as good as its companion novel The book is so magical and whimsical and I ll definitely be looking out for books by this author.

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    Like the synopsis, love the cover, therefore, I am sold

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