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Exodus (Dark Matters Trilogy #3) pdf Exodus (Dark Matters Trilogy #3) , ebook Exodus (Dark Matters Trilogy #3) , epub Exodus (Dark Matters Trilogy #3) , doc Exodus (Dark Matters Trilogy #3) , e-pub Exodus (Dark Matters Trilogy #3) , Exodus (Dark Matters Trilogy #3) 2b45cddfc7e When We Finally Unravel The Mystery Of Dark Matter, Will It Save Our World Or Destroy ItAn Epic Journey To A Not So Distant Future, Controlled By A Handful Of The Ber Elite Where Wealth, Science, And The Human Spirit Get One Last Chance To Determine Humanity S Ultimate Destiny The Final Chapter In The Award Winning Dark Matters Trilogy Several Months Have Passed Since The Shocking Events In Ramsar Monique And Jonas Remain Locked Away In An Iranian Prison Billions Watch As The World S Leaders Continue To Debate Their Fate Meanwhile, The Hanssen Asteroid Is Fast Approaching Earth S Orbit At Last, The Consortium S End Game Is At Hand Will Rudy Uncover The Truth Behind The Chairman S Unimaginable Plan, Before It S Too Late Will Pax Find A Way To Rescue Monique And Redeem Himself Or Will Monique And Jonas Finally Unravel The Mystery Of Dark Matter Setting Humanity On A Course That Even They Never Could Have Predicted The Consortium Will Stop At Nothing To Achieve Their Decades Old Objective With The Fate Of The Humanity Hanging In The Balance, Rudy Must Find A Way To Topple The Chairman S Plans, Without Exposing Himself And Putting His Family At Risk The Adventure Concludes In Book Three Of The Award Winning Dark Matters Trilogy

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    Outstanding SciFi with a great sense of humor Was so excited for the final book is this fast paced trilogy and it did not disappoint The Dark Matters story is a cautionary tale of the wealthiest controlling technological advancement and how this could lead to the end of Earth as we know it It should not be surprising that genetics and space travel will cause ethical dilemmas in our near future Exodus takes us into a breathtaking race against time for a diverse group of characters to not only figure out how to prevent an astroid from colliding with Earth but to decide the fate of billions of souls on an overpopulated planet The twists and turns of family history are unraveled as the clock ticks on humanity Most definitely the best book in the series If you haven t read book one what are you waiting for

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    A satisfying conclusion to Mike Dow s trilogy about an amoral class of trillionaires and their control of the earth in the near future With thoughts on macroeconomics, particle physics, meditation, the multiverse and inter dimensional aliens, I found much to learn in this book along with a fast paced plot that pulled me along.

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    Next StepThis trilogy was a good read Lots of interesting characters The idea of an entire majority of people moving on to a new level of consciousness was a nice twist.

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