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Serenissima aka Shylock's Daughter quotes Serenissima aka Shylock's Daughter, litcharts Serenissima aka Shylock's Daughter, symbolism Serenissima aka Shylock's Daughter, summary shmoop Serenissima aka Shylock's Daughter, Serenissima aka Shylock's Daughter b4fe6f0e Jessica Pruitt Is One Of The Most Beautiful Women In The World And One Of The Screen S Most Admired Actresses, Though Her Personal Life Is An Unromantic Shambles She Has Come To Venice, Her Favorite City, To Star In A Film Based On The Merchant Of Venice While Wandering The Twisted Alleys Of The Ancient Jewish Ghetto, She Is Suddenly Transported Back In Time To The Thriving City Of Venice In The Th Century, Where She Becomes Jessica, The Jewish Heroine Of The Play There, She Encounters A Young Will Shakepeare, With All Of His Plays And Triumphs Still Ahead Of Him Their Attraction Is Instantaneous, Their Passion Uncontrolled And Before Their Breathtaking Affair Ends, Each Will Have Discovered The Love Of A Soul Mate And The Greatest Inspiration Of Their Lives

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    Interestingly, when I took this out of the library, there was a piece of paper taped on the inside jacket titled readers comments Here s what anonymous guest critics had to say Great fun Enjoyed every minute Unfortunately, rather boring Waste of time Read and returned book Extravagant and too fevered, but wonderful, too Well, I wasn t too fazed by the mixed reviews because I know Jong is not for everybody But she s always been high on my list of favorites and the story sounded interesting, so I took it out.Holy crap, what a disappointment I mean, it wasn t pathologically boring, but it wasn t the Jong I know and love Usually I can t put her work down I had to press to keep going with this one I think she got a little over her head She s so earthy in her writing, that once she delved into the Elizabethan speech of the 16th century, it sounded ridiculous and clich.As Simon says, it s a no from me My two favorite Jong books remain Any Woman s Blues A Novel of Obsession and Parachutes Kisses.

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    Ugh When I was 19, I read Erica Jong s famous book the Fear of Flying An incurable bookworm, I read widely back then but nothing could have prepared me to how icky some writing can be This was a book, I found lying out on a table in a hostel in Vienna, where I was staying a few days, en route home from India Totally out of money, I would have read anything these were the days before the Internet, when people did read books a lot Anyway, I was nearly traumatized by the purple prose I made a pledge to never read anything by this writer again.Fast forward thirty years here we go again I couldn t resist both because of the time travel theme and , because I m currently reading the most fascinating book by Shakespeare expert at UC Santa Cruz about the Italian plays on the theme of embarrassment That book is highly recommended.This book was not as awful as the other one First person novels are always tough because the books somehow live and die by that first person character and in this case the first person protagonist is tediously uninteresting Is anyone really sympathetic to heiresses who struggle emotionally And sadly while the heiress is described in painfully naturalistic details, everybody else is a cardboard cut out caricature It was a different age, of course this book was written in the late 80s but still the Italians are so Italian and wealthy widows are off getting plastic surgery and drinking champagne with their young lovers it goes on and on like this.I quite liked her descriptions of Venice but maybe that is because I don t know Venice As far as her descriptions of Los Angeles, they were completely unrecognizable to me, even though I was born and raised there She calls it La La Land and I suppose that s a real term but I don t think I ve ever heard it used by somebody who lives there Like calling is Cali I never hear that term by anyone here Anyway, her descriptions of plastic women with implants and the beaches dotted with William Morris agents was bizarre I was in LA during the 80s and feel I should recognize something But I did not Classic sentence, unbeknownst to me, he had hired a detective to document my sexual life for the past two years Not that it was lewd by Lala land standards three leading man, one Texas oil billionaire, one exercise instructor in his 20s Book is made up exclusively as sentences like this.I have to hand it to the author I did love her descriptions of the Jewish ghetto and the history of the synagogues and she was great on Shakespeare She s definitely of the school who believed there was a man from Stratford who was Williams Shakespeare Note to self, do not read anything by Erica Jong again Life is too short I listened on Audible and narrator even seemed to be cringing.

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    There s a common misconception that the reason to read an Erica Jong book is for its pornographic qualities I just skimmed through looking for the dirty parts, and I was disappointed, as a friend once dismissed this novel Serenissima in fact is a free wheeling now becomes then fantasy involving a Shakespearean actress and Shakespeare himself Jong is a good writer, a knowledgable writer, a strong writer who tackles this in a very entertaining and enlightening way.Her first novel, Fear of Flying, was notorious for its treatment of casual sex, but then in the 1970s, so was Cosmopolitan magazine Time has passed since then.

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    This book definitely provided some entertainment and a carrying away effect, which was fun However, the main character, Jessica, didn t develop as deeply as I kept anticipating she would It s a light hearted story, and an adventure into the past where she meets up with Shakespeare himself I found this an interesting and unexpected aspect of the story Jessica lives a very privileged life, but like many of us, makes decisions that don t allow her to fully realize her potential and connect with those she loves

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    This was my first Erica Jong book I enjoyed it, although the untranslated Italian words were a tiny bit annoying I m not sure why she s considered so sexually controversial, although maybe Fear of Flying is intense Or maybe I ve just read too many smutty romance novels I d put this at 3 stars for writing style and initial impression, but the whole parallel Shakespeare universe thing bumps it up to 4 stars for me Plus, there s probably some deep meaning in there somewhere that will occur to me a month from now.

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    A beautifully written story of an actress who attends a film festival in Venice, then heads into the past to meet young Will As she studies for the part of Jessica, Shylock s daughter in the The Merchant of Venice, a witch casts a spell that brings the past and present together.

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    My favourite Erica Jong s novel I haven t read this in many years but the memories are good ones I loved the timelessness of the storytelling, the out of time, out of body experience, Shakespeare in Venice and how the heroine slips into Jessica s persona trying to live up to what she knows of the play s history I m definitely gonna reread it this year.

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    Originally published as Serenissima, this is the erotic tale of an actress who goes to Venice to film The Merchant of Venice She beomes infatuated with the ancient city and teeters between dreamworld and reality Are these people she meets real or part of a fantasycould she be falling for Shakespeare himself

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    Awful The main character spends most of the time talking about her designer 80s clothes Also annoying rambling on and on and using strings of multiple adjectives when only one is needed The lack of conciseness got old after 20 pages.

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    Imaginative, rewarding fast read with something to think about afterward The leading characters are a mature actress and the city of Venice.

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