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    Nah, doesn t work for me What happens in Puerto Vallarta, stays in Puerto Vallarta, right Yeah, no The book centers around the software developer, Jesse Morgan 23 and his best friend s dad, Eric Westright 42 , a bigwig corporate entrepreneur They instantly connect when they meet on vacation in P.V and though they try to keep away from each other, they just can t However, their relationship isn t easy as one of them is hunted by a horrible past Overall, this book was not for me The insta lust was just too much for me, it felt like insta love, which I hate As we embrace, locking our lips together, feeling our hands up and down one another, I truly appreciate knowing that for the first time in my life, I m not alone. I felt zero connection to the characters, nor did I feel anything towards the story Sure, it probably had some potential, but, yeah, I didn t like it I do like the concept though the best friend of the son and the father relationship This one just didn t do it for me Also I didn t like how when a man view spoiler Eric hide spoiler

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    TO BE CONTINUEDfuuuuuuuuck you.Have I written here about how I don t deal well with series No Facts about me 1 I m suuuuper impatient.2 I don t do delayed gratification.3 I have trust issues looking at you fantasy authors who create beautiful, magnificent worlds and stories and get us all hooked andSo realizing that this is the start to a series after I Day 1 downloaded it anger face all the anger face Was the book good Yes, it fucking was, and that s why I m mad.It was a titch too long I got pretty ambivalent somewhere around the very unnecessarily detailed stop to Wendy s spoiler alert, they love chicken nuggets Don t get me wrong, I too love Wendy s chicken nuggets what I really loved were the spicy chicken nuggets, but they discontinued them, those cheesy bastards Now I have to get the spicy chicken sandwich, which is fine, but not the same I just didn t really care Luckily, the ambivalence only lasted for a few scenes and then I was right back in it.If you ve read McCormack s other stuff, this is closer in tone to Between These Sheets than some of the lighter stuff he s done with other authors like the Metropolis series There are some heavy things in the book and they re dealt with well Plus, where Between These Sheets was way too long To the point where I didn t give a shit about a full quarter of the book or , BFF is a tighter, better written novel.Highly recommend, but if you re a series phobe like me, consider waiting until it s done.PS He s still using precum as a verb I got the majority of the way through and thought, maybe he won t this time, but no such luck You re precumming dammit fingers crossed Please don t let this become a thing.

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    Just finished this book and loved every word The growth of the relationship between Jesse and Eric was realistically progressive and not an overnight fall into love The angst over how their actions would affect Ty, Eric s son and Jesse s best friend, were very real At what point do you love and live for yourselves without consideration for others feelings The clues that there was trauma in Eric s past were very pointed and the trigger warning always appreciated From beginning to end I thoroughly enjoyed this read as I usual with this author.Warning, cliffhanger

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    I didn t mind this book, but I didn t love it It didn t grab me as I d expected but hey, maybe I wasn t in the zone It lacked an element of depth and while the characters shared some of their issues, I couldn t feel the emotion Never mind I shall move on

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    DNF 30%I wanted to can but I can t The writing is not holding me and I have a slew of kindle notes about grammar errors 3s a crowd.

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    Full review to come soon.Righty, here we go This book is pure Devon McCormack, so if you don t like steaming hot men getting into it all over the place, while offering up a light angsty narrative with a bit of an open ending, this book isn t for you.If, however, you like age gaps, MCs who do their best to avoid falling for each other because they don t want to hurt someone else, who have an emotional connection which jumps off the page and who burn up the sheets like the world is about to end, you ll love this.Jesse and Eric are a brilliant pair, they complement each other perfectly, Eric s age and experience acting as a guide to Jesse s younger but no less mature spirit.Their mutual attraction isn t straightforward though, Eric s son Ty is Jesse s best friend and his relationship with his dad isn t the best I loved that there was genuine, honest conflict in this book over their feelings for each other and for Ty.Neither man has had it easy, Jesse growing up in foster homes, Eric with a mostly absentee father and an incident in his teenage years which has coloured his life ever since.But there is a genuine connection between them, it s not just lust, although there s a healthy dose of that too and some seriously sexy scenes when they finally give in to the passion.This isn t a 5 read for me simply because of the end, where the reader is left with a strong HFN but with added complications which will be continued It s not a cliffhanger as such, but it did make me curse a bit As an aside The cover is ex Rugby League international Stuart Reardon, who has carved out a successful post playing career as a model and fitness expert.As I knew him when I covered the game as a journalist when he was just starting out in his early 20s with shaven head and attitude it always gives me a bit of a chuckle to see him now as a major sex symbol.In this book though, he s a perfect representation for Eric and it s great to see him doing so well outside of the sport he had success in ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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    I could only make it to 20%.

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    I found this story was dragging until around 85% mark, there s nothing except sex, a lot of sex.I didn t mind the sex, but I didn t found this sexy I don t know, I just couldn t get into it.And Eric s son, Ty was annoying little shit I didn t liked him I liked Jesse though He s mature for his age, even wiser that Eric Well, ended as a cliffhanger, I ll probably would still read the second book to fulfill my curiosity.

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    2.5 stars Going in, I had super high expectations because the blurb sounded great I thought there would be some angst and emotions running around BFF Best Friend s Father had the potential to be so much in my opinion But it was disappointing to say the least Maybe I m in the minority here but I just wasn t feeling it There was too much repetitiveness for my taste, I wasn t the biggest fan of the way the book was written and I needed of a connection between the characters And unless there s another book coming out for this, I absolutely hated that ending Because as far as I knew, I thought this was a standalone Not a series.

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    I saw a lot of hype before going into this book and I think that set me up with much higher expectations I also knew the story would continue in the second book so that didn t affect my reading The first half of the story was a bit of a tough go for me It felt repetitive as both Eric and Jesse dance around whether they should or shouldn t and what a bad idea it will be because of Ty s feelings I actually put the book down for a couple of days to read something else and then came back to it later The story did pick up for me in the second half, when we get to know the guys , but that s where it also gets a bit heavier as one of the men has a traumatic event in his past that is triggered when they re having sex, and he keeps quiet about it for way too long Throughout the story the younger Jesse reads as mature than Eric much of the time as well.I m kind of ambivalent about it I think a lot of the repetitive thoughts in the first half took away from time where I could have been learning about the characters, and then all of the real development and conflict was packed into the last part of the story.

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