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  • Kindle Edition
  • 298 pages
  • 30 Days (30 Days, #1)
  • Em Wolf
  • English
  • 06 July 2019

10 thoughts on “30 Days (30 Days, #1)

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    This was worth the wait It was even better than I expected, and I was expecting a lot since Tangled is one of my favorite romance books ever If I m honest, I was hoping for a variation of that book, but I got something different that proves this author to have a much grander and varied imagination than I anticipated Everything is on a bigger scale in this book, and I was transported into Layla s lifestyle of excess Then it all got whittled away as her world narrowed to the bare essentials in a fascinating turn of events I thought I knew what I was getting into when I read the blurb, but it was so much than the guy turning the tables on the heroine If there is a type I like better than the hot jerk, it is the cold, enigmatic love interest Keegan is still mostly an enigma by the end of this thrilling book, and I can t wait for the next one Layla went through a huge character development, probably than any other heroine I can recall reading about The progression was believable and made sense in the context of the story The circumstances inexorably pushed her toward emotional maturity It was extremely well written as a gradual change caused by experiences and realizations.I m so excited to read by this author

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    I CAN T FIND IT ANYWHERE.I guess I ll order it online then knowing the greek mail system it ll never arrive oooooh this sounds sooo good I hope we see a release date soon I just read Tangled and I am in LOVE Seriously wow I can t wait for another steamy and character driven read Kudos Ms Wolf.

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    To be continued When Oh when This is a slow building mystery that took such a turn I thought I might have changed books Then there is the simmering of the draw between these characters that seems so right but is it I don t know when the next part will be released but I am anxious to get my hands on it

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    This book was so great With amazing character development during the book and a twist that will make you gasp, I suggest you download this immediately if you loved Tangled or well done angsty romance.

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    This book was sort of boring in the middle, but was good at the end go figure.Ultimately, I m unsure whether I want to read the second book or not

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    So mad I waited to read this Very well done.

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30 Days (30 Days, #1) characters 30 Days (30 Days, #1) , audiobook 30 Days (30 Days, #1) , files book 30 Days (30 Days, #1) , today 30 Days (30 Days, #1) , 30 Days (30 Days, #1) 1e95d I Don T Always Fuck Up But When I Do, Shit Always Hits The FanThis Time A Sex Tape Shouldn T Be A Big Deal, Right But When Your Father Owns A Multi Billion Dollar Company And The Shares Start Tanking, It Makes Things A Little Complicated My Punishment Help Convert A Decrepit Plantation Manor Into A Community Youth Center For No Life Having, Snot Nosed Brats Or Be Disinherited Fine I D Do My Part To Fix Up This Shanty Home, But As Soon As I Returned To My Former Glory, I D Burn This Bitch Down And Backstroke In Its AshesThe Issue My Father S Right Hand Man And Acting Overseer Of This Deranged, Social Experiment, Keegan Fucking McCarthy Or What His Cat Green Eyes Patronized Me You Ll Tell Your Father Sorry, Baby, But Daddy Doesn T Care His Days Of Bailing You Out Are Over And Do You Know Why He Asked, The Rich, Modulated Pitch Of His Voice Like Chocolate Drizzled RazorbladesI Simmered In Smothered RageKeegan Moved Closer, And In A Gesture That Caught Me Completely Off Guard, Nuzzled The Sensitive Skin Below My Left Ear Lobe Because You Re Mine Houston, We Have A Problem Due To Layla S Potty Mouth And Alcoholic Tendencies, A Bit Of Drug Abuse, And Some Sexual Situations, Definitely Not Intended For Readers Under The Age OfPartOfIn Series

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