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Ally (On the Bones of Gods Book 3) chapter 1 Ally (On the Bones of Gods Book 3) , meaning Ally (On the Bones of Gods Book 3) , genre Ally (On the Bones of Gods Book 3) , book cover Ally (On the Bones of Gods Book 3) , flies Ally (On the Bones of Gods Book 3) , Ally (On the Bones of Gods Book 3) 642f9756aab02 The City Of Illharek Teeters On The Edge Of War Rival Godsworn Battle In Both The Suburban Streets And The Senate Chambers And In The Fields And Forests, A Taliri Army Plots Its AttackWhen A Rebel Faction Of Taliri Offers To Help Defeat Tal Shik, Dekklis Sends Snow And Her Partner, Veiko, North To Cardik S Ruins The Taliri Say That Tal Shik S Avatar Lives In The Ruins, And They Want Snow And Veiko To Kill Her Instead, They Discover A City Full Of Angry Dead, Betrayal, And An Unexpected AllyMeanwhile, Dekklis, Now A Senator, Tries To Keep The Peace In Illharek By Making Allies Of The Powerful Academy And Enlisting The Laughing God S Help To Control The Suburba But When A Godsworn Assassin Tries To Kill Her, The Fragile Peace Shatters, And The Suburba Erupts Into ViolenceAs Dekklis Restores Order On The Tip Of A Legion Sword, Snow And Veiko Concoct A Plan To Defeat Tal Shik But As The Taliri Army Bears Down On Illharek, Their Alliance And Friendship Starts To Crack Because This Isn T A Battle For Illharek S Streets, It S A Battle For Illharek S Soul And Some Costs Might Be Too High

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    This series is so good, and ALLY is a perfect closing volume When the first two books came out I couldn t wait for the third, so when I got offered an early copy by my agent, I jumped at it It was everything I hoped it would be My only disappointment with this series is that it s over Hell and damn Looking forward to whatever comes next from K Eason.

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    Look, it s hard to write a truly original fantasy novel series There are clearly elements of this trilogy that are reflections of other work that has come before it, especially this third book was the dragon really necessary That said, I was impressed by the level of originality here and there was a lot to like 1 Both of the female protagonists are POC That is incredibly uncommon in fantasy books They are also both complicated characters that are neither heroes nor anti heroes which is also refreshing 2 the storyline here is pretty complicated You have the two gods and their adherents, but then you also have the Dvergiri, Taliri and Alviri societies and the two groups do not match up precisely so there are a lot of factions to keep straight Mostly Eason trusts the reader to keep track of everything which I appreciate , although there are some exposition dumps especially towards the end There is not really a clear right or wrong faction and the book touches on themes of racism, sexism and what it means to be a colonizing group and how those factors have led to the creation of all of these different factions 3 The writing is stylistically the same as the first two books with lots of cursing, and internal thoughts in choppy sentences and italics It was difficult to get into with the first book but I fell right back into the rhythm of reading it here The emphasis on the internal dialogue continues to make the main characters very distinct with clear differences in their points of view And lastly 4 How refreshing to have a depiction of partnerships between men and women that appear to be based on mutual respect I thoroughly enjoyed these and I am glad that Eason self published this last volume so all of us who had come this far could have some closure Really this is 4.5 stars.

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    Spoilers I remember thinking as I started reading, The gang s all back I ve been eagerly awaiting this final installment, and Eason s story is as unique and awesome as ever I love her writing I love all the badassary Plus SNOW AND VEIKO I know I m alone in how much I care about this, but I have been rooting for those two since the first book and gosh, I was smiling like an idiot when it finally happened My only disappointment was how rushed the end was felt like a cheat and how I didn t actually understand how the end ended I thought Tsabrak killed Snow on the ghost roads, but then I found out later that he actually saved her Which is touching and so beautiful, but I wish I d known when it was actually happening Also, it wasn t clear that Dek had died I ended up having to find all this out after the fact as Snow was explaining it to Bel, which was too bad Would have felt powerful if all of that was clear But besides that, I m a huge fan of these novels and think this was a great end to the series.

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    A SIMPLE MAN S REVIEW Snow, Veiko, Logi, and Briel what a team I love the world the author created and, as the last book in the trilogy, we get to walk a bit down memory lane as Snow and Veiko are forced to travel from Illhari to Cardik and back again It s helpful when books do a bit of this since it feels like ages since I read Enemy and Outlaw This book is a proper culmination of everything that as happened up until this point Snow and Veiko s relationship, Tal Shik versus The Laughing God, Dekklis and her desires for Illhari Plus, the story adds depth to the existing mythology within the series and we finally get to see an actual dragon If you ve read the first two book, obviously you re going to read this last one But, if you have not started this series yet, and are, for some reason, reading a review for the last book, pick up Enemy and read it now You will fall in love with this world and its characters, especially the animals.Read it

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    4.5 starsWhile I still loved this book I feel that it lacked a little in the areas of characters perspective and in the way the plot was laid out In the first two books Eason really did a terrific job of showing us the story through the characters eyes and unveiling the plot through their understanding in this book of the plot seems to get revealed to the reader after the fact without that, it just gets plopped into the readers lap in a kind of second handed way which was a little disappointing compared to the first two books I also didn t care for the cliff hanger at the end, either wrap it up nicely or let us know if the story is going to continue. Seriously though this is probably my favorite fantasy trilogy I ve ever read, it s witty with just the right amount of dry humor and imaginative in ways that I couldn t have fathomed prior to reading it Fantastic stuff, read it

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    The end Excellent read Thrilling, full of action and, surprisingly, romance Godmagic, conjuring and noidghes are at the center of it all The characters evolve and are given a somewhat satisfying send off The story also reaches a nice satisfying conclusion, while also leaving room for a sequel Overall the writing is good, but there are the occasional plot items that are not fully explained, something that even the characters acknowledge Overall though, great story and definitely worth the read, especially in the context of the series Would like to see novels set in this universe.

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    Exceptional fantasyI read a lot of fantasy and sci fi, or I should say, I start a lot of fantasy and sci fi These days I have no patience with the mediocre ones but the goods one are hard to find This is a good one Gritty, to be sure, also real, passionate, and surprisingly compassionate The relationships are handled deftly and the reader really cares about some diverse and difficult characters Think a nasty Paksenarrion with swearing and you ll have an idea Anyone that I can compare in any way to Elizabeth Moon is going to be very good It s a trilogy, not a saga so it can end here but I will expect and read by this author.

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    A solid end to a really underrated series The characters from the first novels continue to grow and I appreciated the political aspect of the novel introduced through Dekklis story line You won t find machinations on the level of Game of Thrones, but it s a refreshing break from the skullduggery and noidghe aspects that are central to other characters Eason also does a good job continuing to build the lore of the world while leaving some things to mystery and without turning Ally into an encyclopedia.

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    AWESOME Book, a new favorite for me When I read the first book in the series I actually listened to it, which was difficult to follow I hung in there and have learned to LOVE Eason s unique style Really got me into the entire story The development of the relationship between main characters, Snow and Veiko, was perfect and based on trust, rather than just physical attraction like so many fantasy books I ve read Ill be reading this series again

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    Well, well worth the wait Same rhythm, same vernacular Same characters and developed No rushed ending where you can tell the publishing deadline changed the course of what could have been a good ending Here, just a good ending I loved the whole series Skilled and smart women rule in this world Men are respectful A darn good story, well crafted to the last word.

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